Not attracted to white girls anymore, anyone feels the same way?

I'm an Asian male and I used to be obsessed over White girls. I just used to love everything about them. Their eyes, nose, skin and hair. I only saw beauty in them. But non of them liked me back. However, a year ago I started dating ethnic girls - Black girls, Latinas, girls of my own race, and I can truly say that i'm never going back to White girls.

Girls of other races just have personalities that are better geared towards long term relationships, unlike white girls whom have acquired a 'pump and dump' status. They also tend to age like milk which makes them look equivalent to an ethnic girl 10 years younger.

As, a 6'1, 170 pounds which consists of mainly muscle, I can state that white girls go after me like vultures. You don't even have to try. Literally no effort is needed. I think they realize that time is running out for them and this makes them desperate. Some of them even have the cheek to hit on me with my stunning Asian girlfriend. I don't even know how they can think they can be compared to her.
Now, I find 90% of white girls to be unattractive. The rest, although they might be considered 'pretty', I just really don't like their features which i find to be extremely repulsive, a huge change I know. For guys thinking you can't get that hot white chick, don't even bother, when you're older you will find them less attractive and you can just use them for a quick blow.

Anyone else feel the same way?

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Not attracted to white girls anymore, anyone feels the same way?
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