Is he an addict?

Hi guys. I’ve something that’s been plaguing me since I broke up with my boyfriend last week. I’ve been sober 10 years (recovered alcoholic). In that time I spent 7 years with another recovered alcoholic and have no vices now apart from my vape.
I was dating a guy for a few months we were really into each other even told me he loved me. I specified at the start that I’m a non drinker/smoker and told him I’m in recovery. He told me he rarely drinks but that he smokes the occasional joint. I was fine with that. We even smoked the odd one together.
As we got closer I spent more time with him snd stayed over at his house. I began to notice he was smoking a lot. I mean first thing in the morning then joint after joint. He would even smoke as he worked (works from home) snd would sneak off to the shed for one when his kids were around.
I talked to him about it and he said he doesn’t normally smoke so much and usually goes months without any. I told him regular smoking like this was a dealbreaker for me snd he reassured me he would finish what he had then that would be it for a long time. I wasn’t convinced but gave him benefit of the doubt. Weeks went by and his supply ran out and he said he was taking a break now.
Not even a week later he was complaining about a pain in his back and suggesting buying more pot. I knew then this was going to be the way things would always be and I stared before I just can’t be with someone who smokes that heavily. So I told him do what he needs to do we’re just not going to be compatible. He kept trying to persuade me he won’t do it around me etc but I’m convinced it’s not healthy the amount he smokes and asked him if he could moderate to maybe a few at weekends as I wouldn’t have sn issue with that.
He wouldn’t answer that and kept saying I wouldn’t accept him for who he was as he’d done for me. I hoped we could leave things on a nicer note but unfortunately it got nasty with him telling me he was an idiot to think so highly of me 🙈
Is he an addict?
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