I encouraged my girlfriends weight gain and now she’s overweight?

I encouraged my girlfriends weight gain and now she’s overweight

My girlfriend was in pretty good shape when we met. She put on like 10 lbs shortly after we moved in and during sex I started noticing her belly jiggling... And it was a huge turn on!

So since then, I’ve been encouraging her eating habits. Always have snacks and ice cream available, get her seconds for dinner and so on... Over the past few months I’ve watched my girlfriends once-flat stomach gradually turn into this gut that can barely be contained inside her jeans... Also her thighs have become thicker, her butt is bigger and there is some cellulite now, her upper arms have become squishy and chubby. Her boobs have grown a cup size too. Basically she is hot as hell!

She’s noticed it too, and she doesn't mind it. She says that she has noticed that she's getting out of breath easier when walking up the stairs or riding me during sex, and it is harder for her to run and such things, but generally she likes how her body looks and feels now.

But she had a doctors appointment yesterday. Doctor told her she was overweight and needed to lose about 25 lbs to be in the healthy range for her height. So basically she need to lose all the weight she has gained sine we moved in together...

So we were laying in bed after sex and was rubbing her belly and she said “do you like my belly better now or when it was flat?” I honestly told her "now". She said something to the effect of “good, I'm kinda liking it too”.

Now I’m worried because she’s overweight and while I really enjoy how sexy she looks, I don’t want her health to be at risk either. I don’t want her to become obese or anything. Just some extra cushion... a jiggly belly and a girl who isn’t afraid to show it off, that’s all I want.

Any advice?
I encouraged my girlfriends weight gain and now she’s overweight?
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