I confessed my feelings to him and he hasn't replied back?

I have been casually dating a guy for nearly 5 months now (we live a distance away). At first I was okay with taking things slow and waiting to see if he transferred for work or not before we made things exclusive (he swears he is not dating or looking for anyone else, but wants to make sure he is staying before we start making future plans, because I can't move out of state).

The other night he canceled plans on me and really I was fine with it because I knew he was getting sick, so wasn't too surprised that he left work early to go home and sleep because he felt ill. I realized though that I had a lot deeper feelings for him than I should though at that moment and told him that I think we should know by now if we want to keep dating or not, that Id rather not wait a few more months for his work decision.

Later that night he apologized for canceling plans which I told him wasn't the issue and he apologized for hurting me in anyway. he didn't address teh subject I wanted and so I told him that I am sorry but I have deeper feelings than I originally thought and want a long term relationship and if he doesn't want that than we are not on the same page. He replied with that its not true that he does want a relationship but I need to understand that right now I need to wait for it until he knows what's going on.

Logically I understand why he wants to wait but its extremely hard. I replied back with a text explaining that I normally don't fall this fast and I had not planned on falling for him and I thought I would be okay not dating seriously but I can't deny how I feel and I have deeper feelings than I planned on for him and that if he wanted to look for someone else that he thought he could have a relationship with right now I would be okay with that but I can't deny how I feel. Since than I haven't gotten a return text which is not too odd since he sometimes waits 24 hours to return texts, but I find it odd that he just didn't reply at all. Do you think he is taking some time to think things over? He knows I am a very honest person and honest about my emotions becasue I have confessed other things to him in the past. Should I just wait it out and see what he says or does? I'm stuck in limbo and don't know what to do.

well he just texted happy 4th and hope your day was good. but that's it... not sure what to take from it


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  • he won't reply back for valid reasons: "As of my Personal Experiences"

    1. Not ready yet for commitment. I had this feeling of confusion when a girl texts or even says over the phone "I love you... etc..." it's that moment of unsure. if is this the girl I really want or not?

    2. he loves you, but he has no plan yet of being with you. like yes, you two love each other, but it's not yet the time. soon.

    3. he is busy. with works, or as you said, he's sick and he can't think straight.

    4. he's not yet into you, for me, I still look for other girls to be socialize, even if I love my girl,

    5. Don't wait, if you have time, go to his house or find him, then talk to him, again, don't release your feelings in a text, show it, face to face, and straight to the point. :-)

    God Bless

    • I didn't say I love you because I don't love him, way too soon for that but I did tell him I have deeper feelings than just casual dating. As for talk face to face I won't be up in that area for another week so it will have to wait till then. I just think after 5 months of dating he should know if he wants to only date me, and I know he said he is not looking and has not gone on anyother dates but after this long he should know if he wants to pursue things more

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  • Your situation reminds me of my own at the moment. If he doesn't respond in a while, send a follow up text, just something basic, or even call him. Have a normal conversation then ask him about the text you sent him about your feelings. And then talk to him about it... if he dodges it again, he may just be unsure about his feelings at the moment. I wish I took initiative and told the guy I'm interested in everything I felt the other day when he asked. I wish you the best of luck.

    • Thanks, I don't believe in games and believe if you feel something you should say it and I felt like I cared too much for casual dating, not love but I am getting strong feelings and needed to know there is something happening before I give fully in. I am just stuck now because I hear from him daily and not hearing from him after that was out of character... and now all I can do is wait and see if he calls or texts tonight because he normally does late at night when he gets off. I have that

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    • just drop off the things I borrowed next week when I'm in his city and maybe ill see him or maybe not at that time.

    • Just continue with a normal conversation and then ask him if he got your other message.