Why is it never the guy's fault for women's bad experiences with men?

Every time a woman speaks on her bad experiences with men than people are so quick to tell her "all men aren't the same", "you're choosing the wrong men", "stop chasing fuck boys" or "choose better men" as if we are intentionally thinking of an ideal mate like "I want a guy who is cruel to me and who cheats on me and lie to me and leads me on and don't return my calls or texts I would love that in a man" when men are HIGHLY NOTORIOUS for these typical behavioral patterns when dating women yet when we call them out on it, then we are "bitter".

Women get blamed for everything if we are sexually harassed it's because we're "playing games" or "teasing them" if a woman gets raped, then it's because she was dressing provocatively or she was "at the wrong place at the wrong time" if we get cheated on it's because we nag too much or we pushed him to do it or we "let ourselves go" it's like men are the only group of men whose behavior are always justified and ignored and are never held to any sort of accountability while we as women are constantly blamed for everything especially when we are being the woman that they claim to want.

Men: "if you want to keep your man then you need to cook, clean and maintain your looks EVERYDAY, be faithful and be EXTRA good in bed and submissive"

Women: *does exactly what is being asked of men*

Men: *still sleeping with ex's, co-workers and friends with benefits and still get told that men aren't obligated to monogamy and to accept it *

If we're looking for love, then we're lonely. If we're looking for sex only with no strings attached, then we're sluts. And if we want marriage, kids and monogamy, then we're desperate.

If we give it up too soon then we're "easy" and get ghosted. But if we make him wait for it, then we're dick teasing and playing games.

But I never hear these talking points the other way around regarding men whenever men or poorly mistreated by women then it's always excused. What is it with the double standards?
Why is it never the guy's fault for women's bad experiences with men?
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