Guys, My boyfriend called called a girl love, should I be worried?


I know it doesn’t seem like that much, but I caught him the other day hiding talking to this girl who used to be a thing back in hs. I got suspicious because anytime she texts him he never answers her when I’m looking or when I ask who is it he gave me short answers and didn’t sit right with me. I know this is wrong and I had a talk with him but I looked through their convo and back during the summer she sent him explicit stuff and they were saved. When asked he said it was on accident which I honestly don’t buy, but he told me he never sent anything back and told her he was dating. He’s kind of a block head and doesn’t understand certain things within a relationship, but he texted her during the time I wasn’t with him that day and called her love. And it’s just been really bothering me. He doesn’t typically call his female friends love often and it’s super rare. And he typically tells me when I ask who said female is and like even if something went on between them or not.

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For those wondering the convo went kinda like she texted him early when I was there, he continued to ignore it, she then tried ft him on snap and he decline when I asked he said basicaly that he didn’t know why, not to be worried or bothered it’s nothing. But like no girls that are close with him ft or call him unless in trouble, or what not. But when they did talk she asked what he was doing and how he was and he answer like “sorry love I didn’t talk to you, been busy, hanging out with roomies
Guys, My boyfriend called called a girl love, should I be worried?
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