How do I live more for myself? Is there something wrong with me?


To explain more after doing some reflection I have realized that most if not all of what I do is for others and not myself. When I am in a relationship I am always asking myself what she wants or how can I make her happy and this is a good quality to have but I realize I don't ask myself what I really want in fact I don't even think I know.

Even now I am working towards a better career by being in higher education again but the truth is I am doing it in the hopes I can become a husband and start a family. The idea of raising kids and coming home to my wife's smiling face just makes my heart swell so much. I feel that is a good goal but is that enough? I mean right now I am in my education to make others happy and I don't hate it but its not my dream end all passion. Is that normal?

If I told a girl I was in a relationship in that's the truth of why I do anything and truth is I don't need much or haven't thought about that too deeply would she think that's bizarre? If I said to me one career is not too different from another if I seek a better paying job or one that offers better benefits or both I do it with the intention of being able to support a family not really for myself.

Sorry if this is a confusing question but I guess I want to know if this is a normal outlook? And if it is a bit odd how do I live or do some things that are more for myself if that makes sense. Appreciate any input or thoughts on the matter!

How do I live more for myself? Is there something wrong with me?
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