Girlfriend problems?

It will be 2 years together, I (27M) work almost all day, even weekends, so my girlfriend (27F) plays with her friends most of the time since she's unemployed right now.

I found this (portraying her and her friends) and some other things that makes me feel uneasy.
She has changed all her social media pictures in which we were together and don't leave me alone for more than 3 minutes with her PC or phone.

Now she's thinking of bringing her computer to my house (we date long distance) in the festive season, in which she will stay for no longer than 2 weeks.

She says she's faithful and that she puts a strong line between her friends, but seeing this even though it's a game, makes me feel uneasy

Should I be worried? what should I do/say to her?
Girlfriend problems?
Girlfriend problems?
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