He’s seeing other women but he said he will kill me if I did the same?


I’ve been dating a guy 8 months, I’m 3 months pregnant with his child. The past week he has stood me up at night, when I call him his phones off or he hangs up.

I sound crazy and like a conspiracy theory woman but it’s a coincidence the woman I am suspecting he’s sleeping with posted that she can’t wait for her sneaky link appointment tonight.

He disappears on me every Friday and Saturday the days she dosent have her kid. I always bring her up and he yells and screams and calls me childish and horrible, as soon as I bought her up they both unfollowed each other but still like each others posts. He told me he can do what he wants when he wants and if I think about doing what I want he will kill me. I took this as a joke but I saw his ex girlfriend posted a video about how he abused her and threatened to kill her etc.

I feel trapped, I know he’s sleeping with her and I have no proof but I know he’s sleeping with her, Do I have the right to bring this up considering I’m not actually his girlfriend but I’m his baby mom/girl he’s dating? I’m so so hurt and angry. I make him food, I save him food, I put it aside, and every weekend he disappears with her. I don’t even look pregnant right now so I don’t know how he will treat me when I do. He tells me he loves me all the time and he treats me like shit. Am I allowed to call him out on this or can I not since I’m not his offical girlfriend?

He’s seeing other women but he said he will kill me if I did the same?
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