What was the weirdest catfish you ever discovered?


Mine was some weirdo pretending to own a funeral home 'empire'. It all fell apart when this person sent me a photo that had geolocation info and timestamp attached to the image. This moron tried to walk back the story, but it was far too late. The problem is that by the time the catfish figured out what had happened I had already uncovered a bunch of lies.

With the help of a friend, I found that every funeral home director/owner has to have a license from the government. They are also public record. Weirdly (or not, considering the story) this person's name appears nowhere on that registry. A name that the catfish swears is real. So, at the very least, this person lied about the name. Not a good start.

Some friends were already very suspicious of this person. The story all started to unravel with a little due diligence. This person claimed to own three funeral home locations. Unfortunately, no owner in the entire US state is listed (public record) with three locations. Then they claimed the image (of a funeral home car) was on loan to another funeral home because they do not have cremation equipment (lol okay).

Wait? Why would be the largest (if it were true) funeral home business not have cremation services? Either the worst business owner in history or... a liar. I reckon the latter.

So, there is my weirdest I have uncovered. What is yours?

What was the weirdest catfish you ever discovered?
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