Is it ok for my boyfriend being mean and disrespectful to me? what should I do?

We've been in relnship for 1.5yrs now. He's somewhat been mean to me from the beginning He's said I'm stupid , I'm average looking he used to shower me with compliments earlier in relnship but he stopped it after some time n started praising his ex's , female frns body parts n dresses in front of me I caught him flirting behind my back with 4/5 girls online (saying hi cutie beautiful) he told they were his frns but he'd never talked about them to me I cried a lot but he laughed n said I'm too weak , sensitive he didn even say sorryhe too said he'll be okay wid or without me on my face my trust for him started decreasing frm there

After a mnth again he started being suspicious n fearful about his phone like he would never let me touch it even for clicking pictures I asked about his behavior n he told he feared coz I will find sth on his phlne he didn stop acting suspicious knowing it's disturbi ng me mentally as I could not stop thinking what might be there i told him I can never understand him being for so long in relnship n he said 'you need to be more intelligent'. He's insulted me many times , made me feel inferior about myself he pressured me for being physical to prove my trust n love for him , acts selfish on bed doesn't stop even when I say its hurting me

He never communicates about imp things Of relnship like if he upset about sth today he will express it after a year I have to guess what's inside his heart or mind And whenever I'm talking about my feelings he says I'm being mean to him , he would rather choose to ignore it and not reply properly He rarely comforts me, encourage me whenever I feel low he says I love him more than he does

I confronted him I couldn't trust him anymore , I felt unwanted and unloved but he didn seem to care and win back my trust He says he'll love me slowly (even after a year of relnship) his way of talking doesn't give me the vibes like he is that into me even though he talks about future what should I do guys please suggest

Is it ok for my boyfriend being mean and disrespectful to me? what should I do?
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