Should I give our relationship another chance or end things?


I'll cut short in points

Been together since 7.5 years

He has always been careless, emotionally immature kind of person. I always thought he'll get better with time. Since He grew up in super protected environment.

He didn't even do bare minimum efforts and didn't treated me properly , my fault being i never complained and expressed and so he thought its okay to be like that. (And i was waiting that things come from his side itself without me asking)

I used to suffer without letting him know much, me being a hopeless romantic n sensitive person.

Now he's asking me to teach him how to treat girls so that he can do better. I feel its not my place to do. Its something his parents / friends/ himself should have taught him.

As a person he is very pure of heart, honest, and all. But he's superr dumbo and kinda avoid difficult conversations.

Tbh its kinda difficult for me and maybe I'm getting emotional since i have spent soo much time and energy for this guy.

I really wish things worked out but i dont want to lose myself in the process too.

One part of me is like.. should give another chance

Another being let it go. Things might not get better in future as well.

Another is just be friends. I help him develop as a person as a supportive friend. And if things work out or we feel we can try. Otherwise just friends.

Another chance
Break up
Be friends for now
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Should I give our relationship another chance or end things?
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