Guys, do you find it hard to date women while trying to find one with a good personality?

My whole life I was just driven blindly by blind attraction. But blind attraction doesn't find you a girl who is actually entertaining to talk to and be around long term.

I feel like I don't want to be around most people like that in such a long term way.

It's like now I need a woman who is like that and now I feel like I'll just be alone for the rest of my life.

Even if I was gay, it would be hard to find someone like that. But at least with male friends, it's a little easier to find people that you can talk to time and time again.

I almost never have that experience with women. The odds of finding a woman who is actually like, capable of talking about anything, is pretty rare.

And I had accepted that as a man. Hey, we are different genders different sexes. Women like their hair and their energy crystals. And men like whatever it is we like that makes it so much easier to be friends with men than with women.

And I have tons of female friends. But none of them, no matter how long we are friends, can be as good friends as a male. friend that I knew for 2 weeks who was really cool.

Ya know? So I feel some despair at the realization that 99% of women no matter how much I socialize and I like these women and I love my female friends, I rarely see a woman as someone I want to settle down with and talk to every day.

That kind of woman is so rare I don't know if she exists at all.

I have seen some on say, YouTube. There's a couple youtubers I really respect and love to see them interacting with people. They're smart, they are capable of speaking on ANY topic. They gave that confident energy, their jokes are natural and flow freely and are actually funny.

Yhats the worst part. Most girls who try to be funny try too hard. I hate when any girl tries too hard and I find most do that in most things.

I want a girl that's got that free flowing intelligent energy.
Guys, do you find it hard to date women while trying to find one with a good personality?
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