Does my friend have a right to feel this way?

My friend 25, just left her boyfriend because she found out he was cheating on her via social media, she said he had a ton of female friends which I SEE as a red flag because he’s not valuing her and he has these other women as an option, anything can be going on behind closed doors let’s be real it’s 2023 as well and social media and meeting more people is endless it’s actually scary and sad.. although people should have self control and respect, some people just are pathetic and total pieces of shit. She found out he was cheating with a so called”female friend” and he stopped giving her attention, he would take hours to reply, and he was putting her down for her features. I don’t have any guy friends in my relationship because I don’t see the point, I just find it weird and disrespectful especially because men are always looking for that “right time” to make a move, and I’ve had men in the past try to get with me while I had a boyfriend and I would never ever cheat on my fiancé, my fiancé also agrees with not having female friends because I know how women are as well. Thoughts?

9 mo
We both see this as a red flag but she told me she felt uncomfortable that he had more female friends than male which that’s like something fuck boys do.
Does my friend have a right to feel this way?
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