Was I being too demanding with my girlfriend?

I am 29, and my girlfriend is 26. We are each other's very first serious relationship. We met on New Years Eve, dated, and we officially became boyfriend/girlfriend at the beginning of February. Not long ago, I took her virginity.

Moments ago, I just had a conversation with her on the phone. I raised concerns that I hardly get to see her. On average, we see each other once a week for a few hours. I have yet to really interact much with her family. I only saw her mom once on New Years Eve when I first met my girlfriend. I met her brother once. And I have only had a few brief conversations with her dad when I pick her up at her house. I have been expressing for a while now how I want to get to know her family. I haven't been invited into her house beyond the foyer when I pick her up.

Meanwhile, I moved out of my mom's house a few weeks ago and leased an apartment in hopes my girlfriend would see me more. So far, that hasn't really worked.

The thing is, she doesn't really conversate well on the phone. She even expressed that herself.

I finally told her today that while I am giving her the benefit of the doubt now, eventually it is going to be a red flag.

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Was I being too demanding with my girlfriend?
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