Why is my girlfriend being mean to me?

My girlfriend is really mad at me this is what happened ( by the way I am 21 and she is 18)

Last night I asked my girlfriend if I could come over. she said not tonight but tomorrow night you can cause I am busy tonight.Well I kept demanding that I get to come over and I told her I'm coming over now what time should I pick you up.she was like not tonight and I kept saying yes tonight.Well then

I messaged her best friend on facebook (I have never met her friend before but I just knew her from my girlfriend telling me about her! ).well I told told her friend that me and my girlfriend were no longer together that for her to give me her number so I could call and explain what happened.Well

I told her friend that my girlfriend was immature , not My type , that she asked too many questions and all this other stuff.and then I guess my girlfriends friend told her what I said cause my girlfriend called me all mad and I told my girlfriend I don't know why your acting this way . I also asked her friend if she wanted to hangout with me and told her friend that she was pretty and nice to talk to. I guess my girlfriend found out about that too

Well then I asked my girlfriend is she would forgive me , and she told me she needed to think about things first , and well the next day she told me she was willing to work things out if I was and I told her idkk.. and she told me well then that's a no and I said its a I don't know and she said I need to know if you want to work things out by tomorrow , and well I never gave her an answer and just now I tried to text her and she is ignoring me!

Why is my girlfriend being mean to me? will she ever talk to me again?.now my girlfriends mom doesn't like me cause of how I treated her daughter and I told my girlfriend that her mom needed to apologize to me for not liking me or that me and her would never ever work things out.I told her that if her mom didn't like me that we would never date again.
Why is my girlfriend being mean to me?
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