How could he deceive two people for a year like this?

I was in a relationship with a man who had been my boyfriend the past year. We met at a sandwich shop near my workplace. When we met, he said he was single and I didn’t see a wedding ring. We dated and he asked me to be his girlfriend by the 3rd month. He filled a jar up full of love notes he wrote of things he loves about me.. He’s always been there when I’ve needed him. He’s done sweet things like gifting me his favorite sweater because he knew I loved how soft it was.

I won tickets at work to a basketball game for this weekend, I really wanted us to go together (he loves basketball and I thought he’d be happy to go). He said he had to visit his mom in Houston. I ended up gifting the tickets to my brother and sister in-law instead. I ended up having a night out with my mom. There’s a steakhouse I’ve always wanted to try but my boyfriend complains that it’s too expensive (even when I offer to pay) so I’ve never been. My mom and I ended up going to that steakhouse I’ve been wanting to try. While we were there.. Guess who we bump into while waiting to be seated? My boyfriend, who I then find out is actually married and has 2 small children! I didn’t want to make a scene because of the kids (they have no fault their father is a sleaze). My mom was in disbelief as well, as this is the man who she met, the man who’s had multiple dinners over at her house. We left and I blocked his number. He is dead to me.

My question is, why would a man deceive someone and his wife like this for an entire year? Why would he deprive me of finding true happiness with someone that could give me more? :’(

I’m so angry right now, yet can’t stop crying.
How could he deceive two people for a year like this?
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