I asked my boyfriend to move in with me but he's holding back?

I (26F) have been dating my boyfriend (29M) for 2.5 years. We love each other a lot, but in the past year he has really struggled with reconciling his priorities. He wants to level up his career and has begun applying to jobs out of state. He also moved back home with his mom to save up on $$, and has told me that in the long term, he wants to live as close to his family as possible.

I live a 2 hr drive away from his mom's house. We've been semi-long distance for almost a year now. I told him that something needs to change if we want the relationship to progress, and offered that we move in together. I live in a big city with job opportunities, not very far from his family, and he would save on rent. So it sounded like a really viable option (to me at least). He is currently living in a suburb with far less job opportunities, albeit he does get to see his family every day.

He initially turned this down since it's at odds with his plans to get a better paying job out of state (he is currently applying to tech gigs in seattle, utah, etc), and also at odds with his goal to be close to his family (he sees 2 hrs as too far). I was having a hard time understanding his willingness to move across the country for a job, give up his relationship, and move even farther away from his family.

After a few days, told me he doesn't want to lose me and that he would seriously consider my suggestion. We're coming up on 2 weeks since that convo and he said he needs another 3-4 weeks to think it through. I want to give him his space but I feel very confused about his priorities, and confused that he loves me enough to 'consider' it, but also not committed enough to choose me/our life together over moving away from me (and his family) for a hypothetical job. He seems very confused and unable to commit. All I can do is wait and give him his time to think, but it sucks feeling like we're not even giving the next step a fair chance.

I asked my boyfriend to move in with me but he's holding back?
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