Reality check for men?

If women will always cheat physically or emotionally when she finds her man is boring or going through bad phase or finds much another interesting man.

Then why do men keep trying to impress or date or marry women , whereas he has options to hire some girl for good time?

I'm saying this because the bloody truth is the women whom a man loves genuinely will cheat physically or emotionally sooner or later with other men and women is bad in nature and can never truly love a man unless he's rich , wealthy , lots of connections and handsome.

Not all man can't have it all. Not all man is created handsome by god , rich because of external circumstances

Besides man always love his chosen women with the core of the heart without having backup partner in mind , but women always does have backup partner even that women loves his man. So what kind of relationship is this?

Hypergamy, women always marry men who's upper than her (eg better connection, high status, education,) . But why men can't marry the woman he loves if the woman is rich.

Why women doesn't feel guilty when cheat physically or emotionally with other men, when on the other side his man is trying to create a world for her or loves her.

Finally let me tell something, if a man cheats he will do it only for physical needs , but when a woman cheats she does these things to satisfy other men who will just make her his whore , when she cheats she involves or create emotional bonding with her new lover. So that's why no man forgives that woman even if she was a heart for that man.

Dear women , as a man let me tell you there are still many good guys are available , please try to understand their heart.

If these cheating continues, no women will find husband material guy again for upcoming generation. Please do comment your thoughts, I think I'm right.

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Reality check for men?
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