When a guy stops calling you everyday?

I mean, I started talking to this guy on messenger then we finally starting talking on the phone almost every single day for hours. We never even meet yet. Then about a week ago, the phone calls got lesser and lesser, and when we do get to talk, he doesn't want to stay on the phone all day like he used to. One time he called me and I answered and said whats up and all of a sudden, it sounded like he hung up on me.

What? I wanted to think maybe we lost connection or something cause why would he call then hang up. but He didn't even call back. I only said on thing. Anyways, idk, he's just acting different lately. Do you know what this could mean? we seemed to have great chemistry on the phone and now he doesn't seem to be so eager to call me as much anymore. I'm so confused.

Surprisingly, about a couple of days later he emails me on myspace saying he misses talkin 2 me but obviously I told him not too much if ur not callin. he didn't respond 2 that. then he contacted me on messenger twice. Guess I was wrong. calls stop tho.


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  • HES LOST INTEREST or is losing it. there's nothing more or less to it. and we men have pretty simple minds. you keep us interested, and entertained.... were with u. let us start using our imaginations, and we get in trouble. talking on the phone for guys isn't as appealing as it is to you girls. yeah we love to chop it up, but when necessary. he saw it necessary to give you that extra attention, but now its going nowhere, he's just bored. men are conquerors, we need things to work toward and triumph. you just talking on the phone to this dude, he's walking on a flat road. he needs to walk up a hill, and see whats at the top. and don't pour all your info out on the phone and thru instant msgs !!! leave a little mystery there. something for him to wonder about. if his imagination is focused on you, then he doesn't have time to focus it anywhere else. always remember mens minds are simple. you have to find a way to keep us guessing. be spontaneous, be a little mysterious. and throw us a bone every now and then, but don't overfeed us,because we won't chase it. and again, when we feel there's nothing else to work for.... that imagination will take over.

    • Well. now he just message me on my myspace asking how I was doing. I was surprised. he said he missed talking to me cause he usually called ME everyday. then he got on messenger with me again and asked if he could call, he's having girl issue which is y

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  • Did he suggested that you two should meet?

    I guy acts like that, not because he has lost interest, but because he needs feedback from you and a little risk. If you haven't met, I'm surprised considering you seem to have good chemistry on the phone.

    As a seduction technique, some guys tend to stop communication in order to create the feeling that you miss him and you take the next step.

    Try to call him, ask to meet and If he insists on the attitude let him be by himself. He's NOT worth the time and energy, move on. But be sure not to act desperate, as It'd only be reassuring his little game.

    Best of luck :-)

  • He hasn't necessarily lost interest in you. I do this. I would text/phone the girl a lot and then die down a bit because I have less things to talk about and want to get on with a busy life. But I still want to see that girl.

    I think that's what your going through and I believe a fair few of the guys out there do that too.

  • Simply it means he lost interest.

  • Ya well heres your answer, when you talk to someone on the phone who you really don't even know, they have nothing to talk about with bc they talk about everything and then when they talk about everything going on in their life, they have no daily activities in common with you. so whats the point of calling you and talking about nothing when there's nothing to talk about.


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  • Hey girl,

    Well I can only give you a bit of advice from my own experience. Firstly all I have to say, is I know how much it sucks to be getting lots of attention from a guy and then all of a sudden out of the blue he stops calling so much and seems to be losing interest! With that said I'm going to give you a couple of reason as to why he isn't calling so much and then some solutions to this delicate problem.

    So the first reason why he may be doing this is because he has lost interest in you or is losing interest in you. Plain and simple. I know it sucks to hear it and I know that we can go through this whole denial thing, of maybe he just got busy. But at some point you have to stop kidding yourself.

    The one thing that I know about guys, is that you can tell how interested more by how they act rather than what they say. Girls on the other hand, say a lot about how they feel and talk a hell of a lot. Thats how we communicate our feelings. On the other hand, guys show how they feel. So if a guy is calling you all the time, msging you all the time and wanting to spend time with you, then he is interested in you. Full Stop. If it is the opposite of that, he's not calling you and not wanting to hang out, its simply because he doesn't want to.

    The second reason that kind of goes along with that, is that guys usually have this cooling off period. Despite what they say, guys love the chase. And the chase becomes too easy if you become too available. I.e. answering all of his calls, being all the time. So by him taking a breather it could just be him wanting to distance himself a bit so that he feels like he can pursue you again.

    The best thing that you can do in this situation is to not punish him when he comes back from essentially coming out of his cave. Welcome him, with open arms and act like you've been busy that entire time and hardly noticed that he stopped calling. That will get him in the mode of crap I need to get back to work and start pursuing this chick again.

    With that said, you are a wonderful girl I'm sure and you know what you deserve. So my suggestion would to go out and have fun. Spending time on yourself and going out with your girlfriends. Lead a full and busy life so that you don't even notice the time that you are not spending with this guy.

    Then if he does start calling again, he will pick up that you do just fine without him and that will probably be more appealing to him. If he doesn't get the msg, well then he just isn't worth your time neways and I'm sure there are plenty of other guys who will want to make those phone calls to you =)

    All the best

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    • Thank you so much, girl, and ur right I need to focus myself on other things so I won't care so much.

    • Nice one........this helped me also.......thnq dudeeeeee

  • My fiance has been the SAME way lately he would call me everyday for hours since he lives an hour away and it's really starting to tick me off since we just got engaged not even a month ago. I asked him what his problem was after a whole week of not calling me and his reply "damn it was only a week chill out" psh!!!!! CHILL OUT!?!? What a complete jerk. I know what you're going through and you are deff not alone! Any updates from the guy you are talking to please let me know. Maybe both of our guys are jerks!

    • No. not yet. I would call him but I have no minutes on my phone and he knows that. its like he stop thinking about me or something. maybe they're bored with us?? idk. besides, we're not together. we just hit it off really good on the phone & it stop

  • Perhaps he got his phone bill...