47 year old guy looks much younger, fit; do mid-thirties to early 40s women still find such a man attractive?


I'm a 47 year-old guy in the unfortunate position of looking for a life partner after the loss of a serious six year relationship. I feel a bit out of place, and for the first time, a bit unsure of myself. Reason is, I'm extremely fit & I've always looked considerably younger than my age. At 40, most people thought I was maybe 35. At 47, people usually assume I'm 40 to 43. But I am looking older, as is inevitable. So I see these lines under my eyes, going across and down my lean cheeks, those high cheekbones standing out, and I think...am I looking old? I look maybe ruggedly handsome, but it looks like youth is slipping. Fair enough, it's gotta' go sometime. I don't want to look like I'm in my 20s. You just tend to look more serious, or tired, if you're a lean athlete in your mid 40s.

My dilemma is not that I seek younger women per se; I seek the right partner; she just pretty much has to be fit and young-ish in appearance. It's not superficiality; it's just my need to be truly physically as well as spiritually attracted to give my all to a woman. If I compromise, I can't be sincere. My last relationship was with a woman 12 years my junior. It's not a status thing. I'm about substance and love. I often wait a long time in between relationships, because I can't fake it. I don't try people out, in the hopes that they'll become attractive, physically or spiritually.

I wonder if women I'd like to meet think I'm just too mature (old) looking. I'd hate to be the unwelcome older guy...I have the general social awareness to know if that's the case, but this is a time of loss and change in my life, and, well, I'm just insecure about it. Not ready to move on to being "middle aged," as that's where so many people just get frumpy.

I'm more fit than most 20 year-olds. It's sad, but it's real hard to find a 40-something woman who's fit, attractive, childless, intelligent & educated. (Just being honest, I don't want to join a prefab family that someone else started!) It's a rare breed. So that leaves me, by default, mostly hoping to meet a woman about 10 years younger. (Believe me, if I could find a 45 year old woman that fits the bill, I'd be delighted; usually they're married).How do women ages 35 or so feel about guys like me?

47 year old guy looks much younger, fit; do mid-thirties to early 40s women still find such a man attractive?
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