HELP! I love my boyfriend, but he's not very smart :/

I’ve been with my boyfriend for 4 years. I love him dearly. He loves me and makes me very happy. And we’re at a point in our life where we need to make some big decisions. (We are originally from different countries- I’ve been living with him in USA but now I need to go back to my country and he’s planning to move there with me, and we’re talking about marriage.

The problem is he is not very intelligent. I am someone who values knowledge and education - I’m in my 20s and I’ve just finished my masters at a prestigious university, he didn’t go to university- he’s in his 30s and currently works as a retail assistant. I didn’t think that this would matter but then I started noticing small things like he can't say what 3x8 is, he thinks WWII happened in the 60s, pretty sure he can’t place more than 5 countries on the map.. etc. and these kinda things really bother me. I’ve been trying to encourage him to learn more to work harder but no major changes have happened.

Worst, sometimes I feel attracted to other guys I meet whom I find intelligent.

I don’t know what should be my priority. Should I try to ignore these things as our differences, or should I take these as a sign and move away before it’s too late. I’m constantly having this dilemma. On the one hand I can see myself having a family with him and being happy, and on the other I see myself constantly being irritated by these things..

HELP! I love my boyfriend, but he's not very smart :/
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