Why doesn't my boyfriend make plans with me?

invite me anywhere, involve me in his plans?

I've been with my boyfriend for nearly 2 1/2 years. We constantly argue about the fact that he will make plans with his friends and family and not tell me about it or talk to me about. He will mention it at some point just in passing. He says, "well of course you're welcome to come along," but it's really not the same as being invited. To me it feels like he could care less whether I'm there or not. Last Christmas I asked him if we could make plans for new year's eve and he told me he already had plans and that I was welcome to come but that's what he was doing. It's not something I wanted to be doing, so I didn't go with him. He would not compromise. He spent new year's with his best friend and his wife (in addition to spending the entire week prior to new year's eve with them as well - I didn't see him at all). Just recently I asked him if we could plan a trip this summer and he didn't seem that interested and said he didn't know when he'd be able to go (he's leaving in July for 3 months to go to OK for job training). The next day he casually mentioned that he had made plans with friends for memorial day weekend. I was not invited. Basically he never makes an effort to make plans for things we can do together, nor does he specifically invite me to do things with him. It has always been the case that if I want to spend time with him I have to initiate a conversation about it and hope that he hasn't made any other plans yet. I don't think he thinks about setting aside time to do things with me that might be special or meaningful. I think he thinks it's good enough that we live togehter and see each other everyday. The thing is though; we really only see each other 4 days a week for any significant amount of time (because of my work schedule)and that's if he doesn't have plans to go anywhere, which he does more often than not. I had hoped that we would get married one day, but he acts like I just don't mean that much to him. He gets excited about doing things with other people, but not with me. I don't wish that he would spend all his time with me or shouldn't ever get to do anything with his friends; it just seems like he doesn't seem to care whether we spend time together or not. He also used to ditch me a lot to go drinking with his friends and recently we had plans to spend the evening together but he decided to go to a friend's house to drink instead. At the time he promised me he would give up a ten day trip to africa if I let him go out that night. I said okay, but he went to Africa anyway and broke his promise. Our therapist says I shouldn't be surprised by this behavior because he's an alcoholic, but that's only part of the problem I think. Am I wasting my time with this person, or am I acting spoiled and needy?
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I really appreciate the feedback so far. I think we do need to break up mainly because he doesn't care about my wants and needs. It's just hard to leave someone you love and wanted to marry.. but I guess I'm living a fantasy and I need to move on.
Why doesn't my boyfriend make plans with me?
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