Ok guys help me out I'm getting the slow fade break up!

Hello gentlemen I met a guy 6 months ago on a date site. we hit it off great. We met in person two months ago. Last 3 weeks he is giving me the slow fade breakup. help me say something to end things get my closure first.

The thing is he is going to be sorry later. I already know it always happens. I have a strong bubbly personality. I am 5 foot one 102 pounds ballerina and former gymnast. I speak fluent Italian etc etc. I am educated BFA in fashion design well traveled blah blah. I'm a not a take my self seriously girl AT ALL !. guys fall in love fast then something happens I am either too sweet or whatever.

I usually get your beautiful and very nice and in great shape wow great personality and then bam all the promises never follow through.

I am starting to think I date very insecure men. anyway this particular relationship really hurt. This guy really hurting me because in a long distance relationship like this we had opened p about many things. I told him much about my life and my two younf children. He knows how much he means to me. I have told him and we are two grown adults and after spending time with him in his home town I get the slow fade a month later?

Look when its not fate but give me a break and some respect and just say what it is. anyway I really need a great lasting impression to knock him off socks and break up with him. I don't want to sound upset or angry but just give me a good one to say! please help!
Ok guys help me out I'm getting the slow fade break up!
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