My Top 15 Gospel Songs Right Now!

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Hi Everyone! Some of you may already know that I don't listen to secular music anymore.The reason why I no longer listen to secular music anymore is for personal reasons. So I just listen to gospel music now. To be completely honest, a couple of years ago I couldn't imagine myself giving up all my secular music but I love gospel music so much now to the point where I rather listen to gospel anyways. There's just something about gospel music that other genres of music can't provide for me. So here are my top 15 gospel songs right now. I hope that you're able to get something out of this Mytake and if you like gospel music, please feel free to share a song or two! :)

1. Break Every Chain -- Tasha Cobbs

2. His Eye Is On The Sparrow -- The Mississippi Children's Choir

3. Holy -- Juanita Bynum

4. Blessed & Highly Favored -- The Clark Sisters

5. Ain't No Need To Worry -- Anita Baker & The Winans

6. For Your Glory -- Tasha Cobbs

7. Praise Is What I Do -- William Murphy

8. When I Rose This Morning -- Mississippi Mass Choir

9. War -- Charles Jenkins

10. I've Been In The Storm Too Long -- Aretha Franklin

11. Alpha & Omega -- Israel Houghton

12. Your Spirit -- Tasha Cobbs

13. In The Midst Of It All -- Yolanda Adams

14. Oh Lord Remember Me -- Albertina Walker

15. You Are The Living Word -- Fred Hammond


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  • Great take. My dad was a big fan of the Staple Singers and Mahalia Jackson and others so I grew up with a lot of Gospel music in the house.

    • Thanks and I've never heard of them b4. I'll have to check it out!

    • The Staple Singers started out as Gospel and became the voice of the Civil Rights Movement. Big influence on the Winans. BeBe and CeCe Winans covered the Staple Singers' hit "I'll Take You There."

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