10 Tips to help with keeping the Ten Commandments

10 Tips to help with keeping the Ten Commandments

The first rule:

Trust the spiritual universe and not the material or social or sexual or physical universe to provide you with all your needs and take care of your emotions and protect your interests and give you mean

The second rule:

See the value in everybody by looking at the socially rejected with compassion and avoid thinking critical or negative or unnecessarily judgmental views on others but encourage and embrace people instead

The third rule:

Do not abandon your devotion to God or to the well being of those around you or your family duties or your professional duties or your social duties and always strive to give your best effort

The fourth rule:

Practice a life of gratitude and patience and acceptance and self care and faith without resorting to fighting or negative thinking and acting when expectations are not met

The fifth rule:

Serve your family and all those in authority over you with practical kindness and social commitment either by rejoicing with God your family is heaven bound or crying out to God to save them from hell - serve them to preserve family structure and not to repay them for raising you or to show affection to those responsible for showing you affection

The sixth rule:

Respect bodies and try to prevent physical suffering

The seventh rule:

Respect social intimacy and try to prevent relational suffering

The eighth rule:

Respect property and try to prevent financial suffering

The ninth rule:

Respect the reputation and try to prevent psychological humiliation suffering

The tenth rule:

Respect the freedom and try to prevent cultural constraint suffering

In other words

1. Guard your ideology

2. Guard your gratitude

3. Guard your diligence

4. Guard your peace and comfort

5. Guard your acceptance And tolerance

6. Guard your actions

7. Guard your dignity and integrity

8. Guard your property

9. Guard your freedom

10. Guard your purity

10 Tips to help with keeping the Ten Commandments
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  • Jjpayne
    I love this! Well thought out! Thank you!
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  • Lucifer_666
    I agree with some of these
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  • Gedaria
    Unless you are Jewish , there are no ten commandments.
    Jesus got rid of all them. He left us with just two
    One, love your God with all your whole heart and your whole soul and your whole mind.
    The second you must love your neighbour as yourself
    Matthew 22:37-39..
  • mfate76
    We can't be wise all the time and our guards will drop there is no disputing that especially when we have been raised on modern self fulfilling values. Judaism in all its glory is not an easy religion or lifestyle to adhere to. 613 Mitzvah and the complicated brachots prior to food consumption is no easy journey towards pleasing LORD ALL MIGHTY.
  • wizardofaahz
    I do believe that I will print this and post it on my bedroom wall... with your permission. :)
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  • OddBeMe
    What about the other 600 Jewish laws?