Why Jesus prayed over night in Luke 6:12 of the Bible

Why Jesus prayed over night in Luke 6:12 of the Bible

In the bible Jesus went to a mountainside to pray and spent the entire night in prayer to God

In the morning he gathered his disciples together and chose 12 of them to be his apostles - one of which betrayed him

So why did Jesus who is God Himself have to do a mental 12 hour sleep fast to discern God’s will?

The 12 figures of God or the 12 powers of God or 12 voices of God or 12 moral foundations of God cannot be discovered without combining the deepest of delta wave meditations with the alertness of wakeful alpha meditations

Delta wave meditations are the types of waves you emit when you are deep in the trenches of spiritual governance and meditation and fasting

Beta waves and Alpha waves are the type of waves you emit during wakefulness

Only in the deepest realms of Cosmic mental fasting and meditation are you able to access the principles you need to achieve ultimate enlightenment and discernment

In the bible you have surface riddles and deeper mysterious riddles

The deeper riddles recover more involvement in the trenches of self deprivation to unfasten and discover

In the same way that bigger muscles require heavier weight training to develop

This shows the benefits of deeper meditation and worship or fasting in the quest for enlightenment

For those of you interested in deep meditation I recommend a depressing worship song or a delta wave meditation track

Make sure your going for delta wave sounds and not beta wave tracks by the company delta wave

Why Jesus prayed over night in Luke 6:12 of the Bible
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