Why Jesus prayed over night in Luke 6:12 of the Bible

Why Jesus prayed over night in Luke 6:12 of the Bible

In the bible Jesus went to a mountainside to pray and spent the entire night in prayer to God

In the morning he gathered his disciples together and chose 12 of them to be his apostles - one of which betrayed him

So why did Jesus who is God Himself have to do a mental 12 hour sleep fast to discern God’s will?

The 12 figures of God or the 12 powers of God or 12 voices of God or 12 moral foundations of God cannot be discovered without combining the deepest of delta wave meditations with the alertness of wakeful alpha meditations

Delta wave meditations are the types of waves you emit when you are deep in the trenches of spiritual governance and meditation and fasting

Beta waves and Alpha waves are the type of waves you emit during wakefulness

Only in the deepest realms of Cosmic mental fasting and meditation are you able to access the principles you need to achieve ultimate enlightenment and discernment

In the bible you have surface riddles and deeper mysterious riddles

The deeper riddles recover more involvement in the trenches of self deprivation to unfasten and discover

In the same way that bigger muscles require heavier weight training to develop

This shows the benefits of deeper meditation and worship or fasting in the quest for enlightenment

For those of you interested in deep meditation I recommend a depressing worship song or a delta wave meditation track

Make sure your going for delta wave sounds and not beta wave tracks by the company delta wave

Why Jesus prayed over night in Luke 6:12 of the Bible
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  • Jjpayne
    Delta wave meditations... sounds interesting
    For me, Jesus praying over night makes me think of how much we should spend time alone with God, If Jesus, the son of God, who was God in flesh, was praying, how much more should we? It's an interesting thought to think about
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  • purplepoppy
    Rather a difficult chap to get hold of this god isn't he. You'd think someone of his power could set up an easier communication system than having to alter your brainwave patterns, kinda makes normal church praying pointless if you can't get through.
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  • Gedaria
    How can Jesus be God , then pray 120hours to discern God's will.
    No where in the Bible does it say Jesus is God...
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  • DrMath
    Jesus was not a god nor was he a son of God. Jesus had a twin brother Thomas who died for him on the cross so he could continue to spread the message of love and freedom.

    When Jesus heard about what his brother had done he grieved and felt deeply ashamed so he continued being Thomas but when he heard what Saul and the rest of his people interpreted into the crossing he came out and they realized who he was they were in believe it was a miracle.

    That was it Jesus started travelling around the known world and tried to do the best he could to honour his brothers sacrifice.

    In the years that followed the message perverted eventually into today's church. I can tell you if he would've known what came out of it he would never started it.
    • DavidHart

      i never heard Mary gave birth to a twin.

  • Your question has nothing to do with what you're saying that is not at all why Jesus went and prayed overnight
  • Cryptic-Game
    Jesus wanted to make sure He always pleased the Father and did His Will.
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  • Aydgeway
    You know... I don't need to go to church to talk to my God. When I need to talk to God, he listens where ever I am.
    I don't need to tell everyone around that I talk to God - unless they strike up a convo and wish to speak.
    I do not push the church upon anyone - I allow the forces of God and his powers inspire someone unbelieving to change.
    I don't base every decision I make on God himself - I have allowed God's teachings and lessons to inspire my actions in the most positive and meaningful way possible.
    I listen for God's voice and feel his presence - for sometimes it is not me who wishes or needs to talk - sometimes, it is God who wishes to talk to me - or through me - to someone God believes effort will not be wasted on.
    I don't push religion, but I am faithful.
  • egykimo
    How can a god pray to another God?
    • In Christianity God is a Trinitarian god

    • egykimo

      I know that God is a trinitatian God in Christianity

      The point is how a God invokes and pray to another God? God is independent and dont need to pray to any other entity

      It has nothing yo fo with jesus being son of God tho

  • knight2468
    Because he is not a God.
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  • Anonymous
    That still doesn't answer the question because surely God is already enlightened?
    • Anonymous

      And those benefits are for humans, not for God who us already supposedly perfect

    • Jesus took on the form of humanity and experienced the vulnerabilities of humanity to redeem humanity and even if he knew - he still had to go through the process as an example and substitute for us

    • Anonymous

      Why did he have to do that when he's already God. Couldn't he just redeem humanity from Heaven and not bother with the whole crucifixion thing?

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