How I understand biblical meekness

How I understand biblical meekness

The bible says blessed are the meek for they will inherit the earth

To me meekness is not cowardliness or self hatred or moral failure in the face of adversity

Its a willingness to minimize your demands on others and the world

An egocentric person expects to eat steak and lobster

A meek person is grateful when you buy them carrots

A meek person will hug you after telling you they failed a test

A proud person will avoid you for one meek and mock your successes after you find out they failed

A meek person loves to babysit children

An arrogant person expects waiters to work 20 times harder for them then they do for others

A meek person happily helps the homeless when he sees a hungry person on the street

A judgmental person will talk about how disgustingly lazy and drug addicted the homeless guy is

A meek person obeys their boss without complaining

A treacherous person bad mouths the leaders to the other co workers

To be meek is to be innocent like a lamb

A meek person is happy with themselves, happy with others, happy with life and happy with God

They proudly wear their Walmart poppy and continue to wear their coffee stained shirt knowing their grandmother made it just for them

While the self important will only allow themselves to be seen in Liz Claiborne

How I understand biblical meekness
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  • Jjpayne

    I recently posted this

    How I understand biblical meeknessHow I understand biblical meekness

    Tiny Tim here at the sight of that plate and the knowledge of all the people at the table said, "look at all the wonderful things to eat" he said that not just for him but I'm sure for the others too, in fact it shows him trying to share his portion with his dad.

    That is the kind of thing that warms my heart and makes me want to be a better person, to see people like that. They are out there but in today's society it does not happen as often as it did, to want to share and to truly be grateful for what we have

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  • Anonymous

    Oyy mini lamb 😊😊

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  • Grond21

    A common way that meekness was understood during the times when Jesus said that was as follows.

    Being meek means to have a sword, to know how to use it, but to keep it sheathed.

  • Tentia

    I'll finish reading after I ask this, but how do I write a MyTake...

  • ramchandra9971

    I can see one meek in your thoughts too...😇😊😉🙃👀

  • Luckycharms12

    It says a lot of things. Just story's main thing it wants if for people to be kind to one another. And im not even in to religion but that's my take.

  • coolhandroo

    To me meek is fine. Its all that bible shit that turns me off

  • anewme

    Agreed. to me its more like God was lonely so be humble and share...

  • MyBigMystery

    Yes and that's why fake religious people shall be among the first, you are worshiping the devil.

  • Maraneva

    Good points.

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  • WhiteGlaze

    I get that