One trap that might force Christians into a lifestyle of anger and bitterness

One trap that might force Christians into a lifestyle of anger and bitterness

Jesus says you cannot serve both money and God

I’ve discussed this before but today I learned something new.

God is saying you cannot serve both possession and ownership and bless and gratitude at the same time.

People claim possession of their romantic partners where they try to control what they wear, what they say, how they speak, how they sit or stand, who they are friends with, how often they buy groceries, or how they treat their children. This is wrong: Mutual service to the family based on volunteered labour and relational fidelity are the only type of demand that is reasonable unless you are in a situation of urgent need or trying to defend the rights of others to health and existence and dignity.

People claim ownership over their social status. They try to humiliate those who compete with them and destroy those who misinterpret their behaviour in a negative way or unfairly accuse them. They play vindictive games of cat and mouse where they try to arrange retribution towards those who wound their pride instead of graciously forgiving the person and stomaching the insult without backlash and aggressive rebuttal.

Both of these habits originate from the desire to elevate and monetize and objectify the self or the others and to centralize absolute control for yourself over your life when God wants you to surrender control of your life to God.

Surrender and trust and blessing and gratitude and generosity are needed to drive out what is bad. Rather than trying to elevate yourself at the expense of others, you must try to elevate others, even at the expense of your time or happiness.

If you don’t consistently and proactively pursue Grace and kindness, you will become bound to the slavery of vindictiveness and hate.

One trap that might force Christians into a lifestyle of anger and bitterness
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    by becoming a Jehovah witness no holidays no birthdays no nothing no friends only Jehovah's witnesses only bo association with family or relatives only if there a Jehovah witness

  • whtguy1986

    Maybe your money can serve Jesus.