Revisiting a Teaching God gave me in a dream - details here

Revisiting a Teaching God gave me in a dream - details here

This image can be both a stairwell or an escalator depending on whether the manufacturer chooses to activate the electricity grid beneath it. In the same way, some of our goals are conquered by stair climbing up obstacles and difficulties and some of our goals are gained by effortlessly ascending escalators that bring us within reach with no work at all on our part other than to show up. So how do you know whether your going to climb stairs or escalators: whether God will ask you to plant your own crops, or whether he will give you a free gift certificate for at home food deliveries from wal mart? I believe God answered this in a dream that I had: In my dream God told me if worry about the things in my life that I can control, that God will then worry about the things in my life I can’t control. God came to me in another dream and told me if I trust in Him, He will take the ugliness in my life and he will make it beautiful.

When your tired but still trying to be productive, the exhaustion is emotionally ugly. When your family and you do not see eye to eye and arguments ensue, the conflict is ugly. When your friends avoid you or demote you due to gossip and lies, the anger and isolation is ugly and when you are a few pounds overweight from not having time to exercise or money to buy healthy food or time to eat, the fatness can get ugly. But God said in my dream, He would take the ugliness of tiredness, of rejection, of conflict, of small weight gains, and make it beautiful by restoring what I was meant to have and what I was supposed to be rather than what I have or am now.

As for the dream about God fixing things you cannot control, I think it means, if you see your child trying to reach a cookie she or he cannot reach because they are too short, you as the loving and compassionate parent, will use your tall stature to grab the cookie for your child and than lower yourself to their level so that they can reach it because you want to train your child to pursue there dreams, even if they seem impossible and giving them what they seek is way to encourage goal setting behaviours in them. So the two dreams have similar meanings of not the exact same meaning.

Revisiting a Teaching God gave me in a dream - details here
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  • jerdanro
    I believe if you are a person of faith all you can do is your best and trust your god with the outcome.
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  • alance99
    Very nice mytake
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  • Jjpayne
    Those are very insightful and Inspiring interpretations
  • ryancg
    And all the dreams I have are typically nightmares pertaining to my car wreck and everything in the hospital following it.
  • ThePolishKnight37
    Put everything in his hands and put effort towards each and He will help you accomplish it, if it helps you grow or benefits others.
  • surfßupup
    The pursuit of ones dreams or aspirations is not of God it distracts from faith. Dream1 . God is calling you into covenant with Him. What are the stairs doing? Leading to heaven!. You can only serve God with the worship that he wants and thats in covenant only.

    Dream 2 God is calling you to covenant. He says lay down your aspirations and walk by faith. Covenant faith. When we use the sanctified tools of the second covenant we Rest in the Lord from our vain persuits of aspirations.

    God is clearly saying seek him through covenant faith
  • Sublime45
  • collie22
    God still speak to us through dreams
  • zinox07
    Thank youLord
  • Anonymous
    That's all accomplish ed in prayer and worship..