Why foolish people are not so foolish when you try to understand them

Why foolish people are not so foolish when you try to understand them

I was tempted to reject one of my friends multiple times because she would eat and eat and eat and weighed 350 pounds and then spent her money on make up and clothes to convince herself she was beautiful but would not spend her money on nutritious food, also the fact she was would text her friends for 8-11 hours a day but not read a book because she said reading tired her out, I thought 6 year old children and 4 year old children read books but this full grown 26 year old adult is too lazy to read a book on how to solve her problems and chooses to hide them instead of attempting to solve them.

But then I realized her issue wasn’t low intelligence, her issue was she did not understand that life was about serving and producing and creating and giving, she thought that life was about experiencing and celebrating and rejoicing and tasting, so the issue with her was that she did not have a correct understanding of the purpose and meaning of life, not that she was not intelligent enough to know that ice cream makes people fat, and it’s normal for somebody to not understand that service is more satisfying than material things or emotional comforts, I made the same mistake when I was in my mid 20’s, so I will say that foolish people don’t seem so foolish when you understand their behaviour is based on ignorance and not malicious intent.

Why foolish people are not so foolish when you try to understand them
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  • Adam1978
    I am not convinced. Keep doing what doesn't work is dumb, it doesn't matter how you angle it. If you can't reflect on your own actions your not smart either. This would only be valid if they didn't bring harm or problems to their lives.
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  • Vikkrram
    I appreciate the fact of urs at least u try to understood it , See basically what we see as life is not actually a life from others point of view. So we have to make a balance between all those people we meet.
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  • demonics
    Sounds like a feminist living a life of excess, and debauchery and not living for any sort of purpose. Everyday is a mad dash for dopamine, be it male attention, drugs, alcohol, trashy tv shows... I have an acquaintance like this... just 2 seconds of silence drives her insane. She HAS to be texting, smoking, fiddling with her piercings, she's got dozens of dudes in rotation and always looking for more. Gen z is pretty effed if the grid ever went down.
  • he-takes-a-part
    The matter was of your impatience to understand not their foolishness ever
  • Abdulwahh
    Thats reality people dont respect each other much generally
  • Marhaban-1
    It depends on the foolish person to be honest
  • roy_ricky09
    Because someone advertised them as foolish