What my Buddhist cousin taught me about life

What my Buddhist cousin taught me about life

Years ago, I was having a conversation with my cousin when I was trying to deny some unpleasant facts that I didn’t want to acknowledge and my cousin warned me very sternly saying “Don’t ever, ever, ever lie to yourself.” The biggest liars that I know are not always the ones who lie to other people, they are the ones who lie to themselves.

This fall I thought my debt was manageable and got depressed when I tried counting how much I was spending and how much I owed and than how much income I would earn, I realized at the rate I was going, it would take multiple months of balance transfers to avoid paying interest on my credit card and at first I tried to pretend I did not have debt and made a few more purchases that I thought were harmless and small, but when I counted the additional debt, I realized I had dug myself into an even bigger hole than I was already in, so I realized, there was only one way out, I had to live a life of discipline and deprivation and avoid indulgence until my debt was paid, I could not afford to lie to myself by pretending the debt would erase itself. I needed to stop lying to myself.

I knew a woman who gained around 300 pounds from eating too much and instead of acknowledging she was fat and going on a diet, she ate whatever she wanted to kill her misery and than bought make up to make herself beautiful because lying to the self about her own health condition was easier than giving up cake and ice cream, which was her drug of choice when people bullied her for her weight, so by lying to herself, she is now in danger of premature death due to obesity related causes.

My dad has been putting up with abuse by my mom for almost 40 years because he thinks lying to himself about the type of woman he chose to marry is easier than risking half his assets in a divorce and he does not want to acknowledge the woman he has lived with for almost 40 years hates him and is just using him for money, so he is stuck in a toxic marriage that I consider just as bad as death, and he refuses to get out.

This is why it’s essential you do not lie to yourself about the consequences of your actions, you must strive for self improvement and forward movement, no matter how boring or difficult or slow or painful it is, just imagine if I continued to spend recklessly and ended up bankrupt after 2 years!

Everybody is tempted but you cannot lie to yourself, you must acknowledge the truth, even when it’s ugly.

What my Buddhist cousin taught me about life
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  • raven6933
    Sad that this the way of life. Now on another note maybe someone could help your father out and find someone for his wife to cheat with. Document the extramarital affair. Chances are she already has. Judges usually don't take kind to cheaters.
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    • @kidanoy I checked it out. Home Profit System is a scam. Good thing I checked it before giving in.

  • Jamie05rhs
    This is some real sh*t right here. Best Take I've read in a while. Thank you, Jennifer. This was on point. Well done.
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  • Craftsman
    Most eloquently and excellently stated.
    You get as many thumbs up as I can muster.
  • Pogi-Paddy-2
    This is the best myTake I have read in a while. I will add that the teachings of the Buddha are filled with looking inwards about most things that we have within yourself.
  • PoliteSpeaker
    Faith without works is deadhttps://www.youtube.com/embed/9fHZCHCm5qc
  • EssenceOfLight
    I agree with your take and there is another side of this same coin. People do always what seems to be the easiest way from their perspective. Deepening your debt was easier than to pay it back, for the obese person was it easier to eat two meals instead to renounce just one. For your parents it was easier to condone their mutual toxic behavior than losing some financial assets.
    People do not necessarily lie to themselves, they displace reality or create new virtual one where they are winners of the situation. A liar knows it's a lie, most people in such situations don't even know that.
    People are like electric current, they take always the way of lowest resistance if they find one. However those ways are often traps set by banks, food industry or even a government that uses marriage as distribution of wealth to avoid financially self-insufficient people drain social systems too much.
  • stucker88
    Dam... if u need me ill be rethinking a lot of my life
  • attractminds44
    Would love to learn more 🧘🏻‍♀️
  • Anonymous
    Ye I’m a very cut throat truthful person. I call a spade a spade even to myself. Some people consider it mean and or heartless I don’t care it is what it is and In the long run I believe I help people. Those that don’t like it, it’s tough.

    My mother is the forever victim of my fathers abuse they have been together 45 years. Whenever he’s mean to her I say she should have left him ages ago.

    I took a low paid job because I wanted to see my family more. My boss was complaining about her work load and not having enough time at home. I told her she chose money over that. She quit her job and moved into a lower position because of me.

    The truth hurts or it helps some people.