What I like the most about faith and religion and church

What I like the most about faith and religion and church

One of the reasons nearly all my friends are religious is that I prefer to socialize at church cause church people are less likely to worship culture idols. Like I once had an atheist yell at me for making light chewing noises when I ate my food because the way my jaw was shaped, it was hard for me to chew lettuce without making a noise. A Christian would never vilify you for making barely audible chewing noises when your eating your food.

My aunt and uncle hated me because they respected my cousin for her good looks and I said I thought she looked just like everybody else. My dad and aunt and uncle and all my cousins thought I was jealous of her because I suggested she was no more beautiful nor ugly than anybody else on the street and based on that they said I was a liar who made stuff up. A person who worships God, would not think your mentally ill if you look at a popular woman and do not care about how much or notice at all that she looks good by popular consensus.

My dad also talks about me like I’m a serial killer or drug dealer because I committed the crime of making a lower wage at my job and had the selfishness to only get a bachelors degree in university. In my family, an educated rapist gets invited to more parties than a God fearing Christian who only has a bachelors degree. My family socialized far more with a wealthy man who raped his 10 year old niece than they did with me because the rapist was rich and educated.

What I like the most about faith and religion and church
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  • PuNishant
    Human behaviour of enforcing our views on other is reason of all Chaos in the world.
    There was time when people were forced to believe and now are the time when you will be abused because you believe.
    But in India we don't have that. We never give a f about what's other belive. Just like There can be different ways to solve a mathematical problem.
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  • alance99
    Nice Mytake
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  • ElizaPam
    Atheists can be some of the best people. I don't have anything against them until they're saying a bunch of insulting things about God. It's funny because when an atheist talks trash about God they sound as silly to me as they say I do to them. I hate talking about God just for an atheist to randomly pull up to be disrespectful. I don't care if you think God ain't real but just popping up to tell me that is disrespectful as fuck.
  • YoMan1
    First of all, all of your examples are case by case, so they all depend on the situation. Like the one with the chewing, the person was just mean, not because they were an atheist. I consider myself agnostic meaning I don't believe in anything of the supernatural, but I also don't ignore the possibility of it existing. I would never be mean to someone else and I don't base that on some belief system (Yes atheism is a belief). You get what I mean?
  • Julious0202
    So why don't you go to convert, read about the Christian faith, about the Saints?
  • MJtheCoach
    Why the chairs are so hard?
    • Pete671

      Punishment for unclean thoughts mate,