Why Jesus might not always give you what you want when you ask for it

I chose a picture of grapes to represent our human desires, especially because they were so widely used in Athenian lifestyle art
I chose a picture of grapes to represent our human desires, especially because they were so widely used in Athenian lifestyle art

I learned when I was 19, that sometimes God would rather change your desires than grant you your desires. Like you might pray for a good looking football player to be your husband at 15 and at 40, pray for a doctor to be your husband instead.

Maybe when your 12; you pray to be a Victoria secret model and at age 20, you pray to be a teacher for city youth. Maybe at 20 you pray to be wealthy to impress men and at 40, you pray to be wise to serve woman like yourself.

I’m not saying God does not answer superficial desires such as a chiselled jaw or a fit body, but God wants you to be willing to put His interests above your own so when your willing to help those who are hurting and in need instead of partying while the church is volunteering, God will be willing to help you find a respectful and loving guy with a six pack stomach and a chiseled jaw line.

Why Jesus might not always give you what you want when you ask for it
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  • TellTinker
    The biblical answer is, unless you believe, you will not see miracles. Jesus said, I did not heal you, your faith healed you. There are miracles all around us, and prayers are answered. when they do happen we often dismiss them by rationalizing them, or chalking them up to coincidence or to some unknown reason

    Then there are times when God says "Not Now". And later down the road, we see why, as even some of the saddest things we wished for that did not come true, end up being blessings. So many examples if we look at them differently, as a loss of a loved one, but as a result, that sad happening changed everything because of timelines. My father passed when I was 11 and I prayed and cried he would make it, he did not. But if he had I would never of had my son one of my greatest gifts in this life.

    So God wears a different wristwatch than we do. And we have to believe and understand today we are living in a faithless world more and more. No better time than to have faith and know prayers are answered sometimes in ways we are yet to understand.
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  • legalboxers
    isn't it a supposed "test"
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  • ilovesunnydays
    I see your posts often about religion and spirituality. I want some help, Im not Christian, but I respect it, how do I begin to get involved in my religion? I start and try, but normally I get strayed again and again, I honestly dont enjoy it very much. I sometimes watch adult videos for pleasure and dont have guts to go face Almighty. And so my train breaks again and again. How to enjoy praying?
  • Dinosaursandanime65
    I find it somewhat repulsive to pray for things like that. Like, asking him to get rid of your sadness after grandma died is understandable. Praying for something like a Lamborghini is just….. it’s like telling your kids Santa is real
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  • slatyb
    There's a much simpler and more sensible explanation: Prayer doesn't work. Whether we pray or not, sometimes we get a fortunate outcome, sometimes we don't
  • 9317421151
    God has answered all my prayers every time hardly without any weight I only pray for good health the only pay my bills and I never asked for money new cars anything like this I would like to have a beautiful girlfriend but I don't think God want me to have that 0
  • Manuel2
    Jesus or God or anyone should give you what you need and ignore what you want.

    Like Charles Dickens said in A Christmas Carol that WANT and IGNORANCE are the biggest sins of people
  • globetrotter22
    I had the most ironic answer to my prayer a few days ago.
  • jefferson765
    Some times are not right to acquire some certain things in your life
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  • najekim
    Sorry. That'll be the same as asking Santa or the Great Pumpkin for something.
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  • PeterSmith1983
    I pray each day to win the lottery but the basterd never delivered!!!
  • FunkyMonkee
    I know why! Because it doesn't exist!! Never did!!
  • AndrésC64
    Or, he doesn't exist.
  • emperor90
    I dont think he would