Why Bad things might happen to very lucky people

Why Bad things might happen to very lucky people

This is a Mexican Restaurant I visited in 2019 during a very happy vacation to the South Dakota area.

I had a child hood that came with many benefits like decorated lunch boxes and pencil cases, very high academic ability, endless toys and books and high popularity before age 9, along with friends and family that cherished me, but I had problems too.

Despite my beauty, I was anorexic, despite my intelligence, I was anxious about school, despite my friends, I was desperately lonely, and my over controlling parents made me desperate for acceptance, and I was anxious and scared every day, because my dad would always scream at me for flawed social or intellectual performance. I know happiness is expensive if it does not include God inside it.

I hear about YouTube sensations dying of cancer after making millions as a professional gamer, I hear about fashion designers dying of cancer before age 50 after making millions and getting respect and blissful lives, to me this is not a coincidence.

Rabbi Manis Friedman says God knew Adam and Eve would eat the forbidden tree, and I will add my own idea to this: I believe God wants us to live in a world where we earn everything we have, in both this life and in the next, and that is why God allowed death and pain to enter the world, because without struggle we won’t work, and without work, we cannot be worthy of heaven or of the blissful experiences of the next life.

Happy people suffer early deaths because they never integrated God’s kingdom into their lives, and without God’s kingdom, your not worthy of God’s blessing and favour. I’m not celebrating the deaths of rich celebrities, I’m warning ordinary people not to covet a life with no responsibility or sacrifice or pain or problems or work, if somebody had that, they would lose the Will to live, because their life would have no meaning, and meaning is the currency of spiritual satisfaction.

Why Bad things might happen to very lucky people
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