Valentine's Day for Non-Believers

Valentine's Day for Non-Believers

Single or Taken, Valentine's Day can be a pain in the buns.

For those of us not necessarily feeling the love. I offer some alternatives.

Single people see Valentine's Day as : SINGLES AWARENESS DAY. A soul crushing reminder of how lonely you are. As a former single person I can vouch for this. Some good ways to get around this are:

- Host an anti valentines party: make broken heart cookies, bring all your single friends, if you have a bit of romantic inclination play match making games like spin the bottle. Get drunk. Play anti love songs [break up songs?]

- Have a girls or guys night. Go to a bar hit on dudes or chicks. Just be safe of course.

- Go see a good movie: good ones this year are Deadpool or How to be single.

- If you are financial sound and respondible and are looking for a gentler love, adopt a pet. Animals need V-Day love too.

If you're taken: chances are one or both of you see Valentine's Day as a money milking hallmark card day.

Some alternatives to typical "fancy dinner" "fancy presents" "flowers romance" type dates could be.

- A trip to the gun range: lets be honest. Nothing is more romantic than letting some steam off shooting the crap outta things.

- Stay home: the best and cheapest opition. Take a page from my book. Incorporate love in a bit and make some heart shaped pizzas, watch The Walking Dead [zombies are romantic] and take a load off.

- Go to the movies: See Deadpool! See Star Wars! See the least romatic movies possible. Don't give in to corporate "The Choice" romantic movie BS.

Whatever your situation having a nice Valentine's Day is possible if your single. Make sure you have good company. Friends or a new fur baby seem like the best ideas to me. And having a nice Valentine's if your taken doesn't have to be a rose ladden, engagement ring and $300 dinner fiasco. It really just needs to be about you and your mate doing something you both love. If that's the above mentioned things cool. But if its simpler than that don't feel as if you have to give into all that to show "true love". You do you.

Anyways. Thats all I got.

A few words from someone who dislikes Hallmark Holidays! See you on Sweetest Day!

Valentine's Day for Non-Believers
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  • zagor

    Or, if you're single, just do whatever you normally would do that day of the week. It is actually pretty easy to avoid.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Anonymous

    Me, on Valentine's Day:

    Oh God! Ohh God!! Oohh GOD!!! Ooohhh MY GOD!!!

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  • dwiller943

    No one one ever wants to be my Valentine. My own boyfriend didn't even ask me nor do anything special for me on this day. So I'm single again.

  • LegateLanius

    When I get a girlfriend, I plan on going dates and giving her flowers all the time.

  • Bluemax

    Thanks for inspiring my next question.

  • Anonymous

    What are you doing to your poor dog's ear?

    • LilWeezey

      Giving it a good nom.
      Establishing dominance like in that Sled Dogs movie

    • Hahaha alright.