If I Was Elected President...

If I Was Elected President...

If I was running, these would be what I brought to the table. (Most of these are serious.)

1. Just give NASA a yearly budget of 20 billion dollars and tell them to go nuts

If I Was Elected President...

Seriously, think of the awesome and amazing shit they will do. There really isn't a better idea than just throwing 20 billion a year at NASA. That way it'll be like, oh Mr. President, the moon colony is ready. Then we like have a moon colony and that'd be AWESOME.

2. Universal Healthcare

If I Was Elected President...

Also with this would come free mental healthcare as well. Its the 21st century, we can have this and we don't have to let innocent people die from lack of treatment because of greed.

3. Make College Affordable and encourage interest in the sciences

If I Was Elected President...

Science motherfuckers lets have some in this country. This will mean we keep our edge.


If I Was Elected President...

After creating a practical laser pistol every American over the age of 18 will be given one by the Government. This will vastly increase the amount of awesome in the country with everyone walking around with laser guns no aliens will fuck with humanity. Why do we want this, come on do we need a reason for laser guns, no, laser guns are awesome enough that laser guns are enough reason for laser guns.

5. No more of this corporations are people bullshit

If I Was Elected President...
I'll accept that Corporations are people when I see grieving family members till then, don't say that corporations are people.

6. Pulling out of the Middle East, I'm fucking tired of war

If I Was Elected President...

I'm fucking tired of war. There is no reason we should be there. This would also mean we cut the military budget a HUGE amount. There is no reason for it to be that high.


If I Was Elected President...
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  • Other_Tommy_Wiseau
    I could do without some of these. Especially the NASA thingy. I love NASA. My aunt, apparently, is some important person there, but they get contacted out anyways

    As for the laser thing, look up DARPA. I still can't wait until they have soldiers with hud with exo suits, jetpacks, kangaroo stilts and arm canons... Which also can turn you invisible... 4/6 of those things exist and there's a prototype for the jetpack 😏
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  • FallOutBoy2001
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    • I like the NASA budget the best, as well as the "pulling out of the Middle East" I'm done with war

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  • QuestionMan
    As someone that lives in a country with socialized medicine (Canada) I think I should inform you that all it does is create longer wait times which result in many deaths each year and doctors and nurses being underpaid. Sure it's great if you need health care you can get it but there needs to be a private system available as an alternative for people that can afford insurance.
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    • WhereAmI

      So you'll potentially die waiting on a transplant? (i. e. liver)

      I'm curious how Canada stacks up against France and Italy which are rated #1 and #2 according to the WHO (world health organization).

    • @WhereAmI Canada is actually near the bottom.
      It is only a few spots above the US.

    • Blonde401

      I'm not sure why you don't have the option for private? The U. K. Has plenty of private healthcare as well as the NHS

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  • Zorax
    You'd be the best president ever, I would definitely vote for you :)

  • SvetlanaSavachenko
    And where will all of this money come from?
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    • Waffles731

      Taxes but thats the price we pay for a moon colony and laser guns

    • Waffles731

      possibly spoils of war from a war with aliens

    • The object especially in this election is to cut government spending as taxes are too high as it is. Our debt is such that it will most likely take several hundred years to pay it all off. A tax increase could start a revolution.

      Born free.
      Taxed to death!

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  • Dred1614returns
    1,000 times better than Killary.
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  • crimsonqueen
    You had me at the moon
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  • Sounds good
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  • anonman32
    Yeah man that would be cool.
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  • lazermazer
    everything was ok back in the schoo; days
  • Anonymous
    Giving NASA extra money is great idea. Also investing more in outer space industries will create new types of jobs. Pulling out of Middle East makes sense nothing but trouble. Free college could be a big help. As for Laser guns for everyone they might work against a organic based alien civilization that is not too far ahead of the human Race but alien civilizations thousands of years or more ahead of us will be immune to anything we can throw at them. However I like the picture of the laser gun.
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  • Anonymous
    All of this is going to cost a lot of money, considering the states are in debt already, it's going to be impossible to pay for all this.
    And you're laser gun statement I hope that's a joke. But then again politicians aren't allowed to make jokes are they (Donald Trump gets hit every time he makes a joke).
    And also why did you quote Pocahontas?
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  • Anonymous
    You would make a cool president
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