Getting Drunk Is YOUR Fault and Yes, There Are Consequences


It's simple: unless someone holds you down and forces a bottle of vodka down your throat, you are by your own volition choosing to hinder your sense of judgement. If you get knocked up while you're drunk, well, maybe you should've thought about that before you went and got sauced.

If someone takes advantage of you because you're drunk, yes they are a piece of shit who should rot in jail, but you're also an idiot. Oh wait I'm sorry, you were just "having fun" and no one should obstruct your right to "have fun," should they? You should be able to get as drunk as you like wherever you like without having to worry about those pesky bad people out there right?

Getting Drunk Is YOUR Fault and Yes, There Are Consequences

I'm sure it'd be nice to be able to do whatever the fuck you like with no thought of personal safety, but this real life. This isn't Care Bear Fun Land where you can leave your doors unlocked or walk down any dark alley and act like there's nothing that could possibly go wrong. But some people think like that, they think, "oh I'll be a moron and then cry when it blows up in my face and no one has the right to judge me."

Getting Drunk Is YOUR Fault and Yes, There Are Consequences

I will judge you and I'm not the villain for doing so. I'm the voice of common sense trying desperately to permeate this victim complex and abject disinterest in personal responsibility. When you decide to get plastered as fuck and it ends up with you getting fucked while you're unconscious, you know what? You're an idiot. No you didn't deserve it; yes the rapist is still a rapist and that's bad, but if you just hadn't made such stupid choices, you know what else? It wouldn't have even happened. Imagine that.

Look, this applies to alcohol, it applies to drugs, it applies to all the moronic things people do that get themselves hurt.

Poor choices people. That's all it is. Poor choices that lead to terrible outcomes. Being drunk just makes you more prone to them and that part is YOUR fault.

it doesn't take a brain surgeon to realize that in ALL circumstances, your actions have consequences and you need to take responsibility for your safety. Because the world outside your home is not your safe space where you can throw caution to the wind.

Getting Drunk Is YOUR Fault and Yes, There Are Consequences
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  • bbch25
    Yes, I say this!

    While I don't condone anyting a bad person does, and it shouldn't take away any of their punishment because you gave them the "means" to do it by being unconscious on the ground.
    When I go out and leave the door unlocked, if someone goes in and steals something people will say how that sucks, I'll probably get some compensation but I'll still get told off for not locking the door.

    My SOs motorbike insurance mandates that it needs to be chained up, if it's not and it's stolen they don't have to pay. It being stolen isn't his fault. Him PREVENTING it being stolen is.

    Crime PREVENTION is as important as for offenders as it is for victims. I walk down a lit street. I avoid night time walks alone in bad areas. Always make sure I'm out with a charged phone just in case. Lock my car/house doors. I don't drink unless I know how I am getting home/where I am staying and who I am out with. That's me preventing bad outcomes.

    If something still happens, then at least I tried to keep myself safe.

    Does the girl who's unconscious deserve it? No. That person should've picked her up and taken her to cops, or called the cops, or an ambo whatever. But if my SO breaks his arm riding a bike, would you not think to yourself "well, if you had of worn that armour or not chosen a dangerous hobby, you wouldn't have gotten hurt".

    We need to take responsibility for OURSELVES too, like we do our possessions. It doesn't mean we aren't allowed sympathy or people to feel for us after what happens though.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • RationalMale
    Nice take and agree.

    If I get drunk and get in a brawl... my fault.

    if I get drunk and drive... my fault.

    If I get drunk and knock a girl up... my fault.

    Likewise, if a girl gets drunk and goes home with some guy for drunk sex... her fault.
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  • Bandit74
    I look at it like this:t here is the rape and the situation that lead to the rape.

    The person who got drunk is never at fault foe the actual rape but they are someyimes at fault for making a series of dumb decisions that resulted in them being in a vulnerable position. Her being drunk doesn't mean she deserved to be raped or that the rapist was justified but she undeniably put herself in a scenario that made it more likely to happen.

    However, the rapist is 100% at fault of taking advantage of them while they were in that vulnerable position. The rapist is ALWAYS at fault for the actual rape but the victim is sometimes at fault for putting themselves in a position that makes them an easier target for rape.

    Like if I leave a convertible parked in a shitty neighborhood, that doesn't mean I deserve to have my car stolen just because the keys are left in it but most people would agree I was foolish to have left the keys and parked it in a shady neighborhood. We live in an imperfect world and its in our best interest to analyze risk and avoid it where possible.

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    • Callieeee


    • I live in the hood, and a nice car is a lot less likely to get robbed than a carcacha

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  • DodgersGM
    This take is a really bad take.

    You can try and paint it however you want, but really you're just shifting blame from rapists onto their victims.

    "if she'd never gotten drunk, I'd never have been able to rape her. God, she's such an irresponsible idiot!"
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    • zagor

      BS. So 14 year old girls should feel free to hitchhike alone at night, because it is their right to freely move about without fear. After all, they are not responsible for the actions of the evil predators out there and shouldn't have to adjust their behavior to account for the actions of criminals.

  • Library
    So this means that people shouldn't drink anymore because if they get raped then it will be their fault no matter what... Like what if someone roofied you? Does that still mean it's YOUR Fault? Damn why the fuck was this myTake promoted? smh
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    • Yea just like you should be able to drink and go driving, and not be blamed for anything because being drunk is an excuse for everything! You want to run over a pedestrian, I was drunk so it doesn't count! Oh wait...

  • krash2002
    I've sadly had more than enough friends go through the horrible experience of being raped, and it is terrifyingly sad ordeal.

    This take is great in response to be aware, and I've read a lot of both the male and female responses. Both make valid points. On one side, those who are drunk and get raped should not have been drinking so much. On the other side, someone should be free to get drunk with friends and not worry about being raped.

    The big variable here is safety. Going out to a bar by yourself, or getting separated from your friends while being drunk can put you in harms way. Can this be avoided to some degree; yes. Should it have to be avoided or is it fair; absolutely not.

    I think the OP is speaking from the ideology of those victims that drank to the point of not being conscious to make accurate decisions and were not within the confines of a safe environment. This thought process of victim's being informed that they put themselves in harm's way is a difficult thing to swallow. There are often time's too many variables to pinpoint that one specific mistake that could have caused the entire situation to have been bypassed, but in retrospect. Removing yourself from being drunk around those you know won't have your best interest at heart by the nights end. Is putting yourself in danger. Whether it be drunk driving, getting mugged, raped, or even falling down a flight of steep stairs when there was an elevator near by.

    Situation's like those mentioned above can be avoided by making sure that you're cushioned with safety measure's that can help alleviate yourself from a bad scenario.

    In general, I see the disasters of getting drunk kind of like swimming across a very large lake. Do you have to do it? No. Should you train to prepare yourself for it? Of course. Would stretching before hand help remove possible cramps? Absolutely. Does having a friend with a boat or jet ski near by just in case something goes wrong be beneficial? You betcha.

    I don't think blaming victim's is the right course of action, but educating people on what to avoid is a better one. Such as be aware of your surrounding's at all time, and make sure to never go anywhere alone. If someone is raped while being drunk. Then that's a horrible ordeal and the rapist is at fault. The only but in this situation is to try to avoid being put into a situation as best as one can.
  • HeWhoPonders
    Careful darlin. It's this kind of logic that got me in trouble in another take. I'm not saying I don't agree and that this isn't a really good take (because I am and it is) but be prepared for the leftists to kick down your door and shove a sharp poll up your rectum.
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  • Pyrofox
    Life is full of choices, of course no one is going to make them for you. So I applaud the MyTake. As its brutal and honest.

    I mean yea you can feel bad for someones bad mistakes but in the end of the day it was their choice. They had the option to quit. I mean addicts dont stop their addiction unless they actually want to stop it.
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  • BuchitaBuchys
    The fact that so many men agree with this is troubling. You don't realize it, but you're actually victim blaming.

    Let's take it further shall we?
    Women in the middle east, you looked at a man who wasn't a your relative or husband? It's YOUR fault! Take responsibility! Kids who were preyed upon by priests? We can't teach them this "victim" complex right? Let's teach them while they're young, it's YOUR fault! You would not have gotten raped had you not spent time with that priest.
    Disabled people? Fuck it, no one is a "real" victim, they probably could have done more to prevent their abuse too. Take responsibility you bastards!

    *in case the sarcasm isn't obvious. I don't actually agree with this. But it sounds as ridiculous to hear this, as to tell girls who were roofied or taken advantage of while unconscious that it's their fault.
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    • Kylesar

      Funny, because not only did she say if she was raped, it's the rapist's fault, but the cases are CLEARLY different

      In your first analogy, you use a plance where women are heavily oppressed
      In the second AND third, you use someone defenseless who aren't CAPABLE of handling their own

      Of course if she's taken advantage of, it's not her fault, but it could've been avoided. If there's a dark alley and you KNOW there's a risk of you getting hurt, if you walk down it, sure it's not your fault that you got attacked and mugged, but it could've been avoided

      It's on no one to ensure your safety but yourself.

      You can't teach a rapist to not rape, so you have to teach preventative measures. If telling someone to take control of their own safety is victim blaming, then we live in a doomed world

      If we can't tell people to not do shit that'll put them in a dangerous situation, we're doomed

    • @Kylesar all rape cases are clearly different. Funny.

      And no, you actually are supporting rapists when you say "there are preventative measures". You say 'it's not your fault, but had you not drank you wouldn't have been raped". They hear "it's her fault I took advantage of her (if they even think they're wrong that is, many don't because oh gee, saying things like "you shouldn't have done this" sure makes it seem like you're placing the onus of responsibility to prevent rape on victims.
      Whether you like it or not, you're contributing to this mindset that only certain victims are "truly" blameless.

      Also, you're not stopping rape. You're just stopping HER from getting raped. Because like it or not, alcohol wasn't the reason she got abused. It was because of her rapist. You're changing the victims behavior, but not the rapist, so he will just get the next unlucky victim.

    • Dimmu

      mentioning middle east just to feel better about yourself and look sophisticated just shows how isolated you are
      i am in middle ease, and my ex wife was bisexual and cheated on me with a man, this is not the image you are giving about the middle east you know nothing about

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  • DiogoRibeiro
    Irresponsible behavior is not the same and does not attenuate a criminal behavior in any way.

    But yeah, I understand where you're coming from... It's our responsibility as parents to teach our kids to be safe in this world. And that includes dealing with alcohol and drugs.
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    • To be fair I think she stated that a couple of times:

      "If someone takes advantage of you because you're drunk, yes they are a piece of shit who should rot in jail..."

      "No you didn't deserve it; yes the rapist is still a rapist and that's bad,..."


    • @genuinlysensitive I know. I just feel this point cannot be stressed enough. ;)

  • Hidden_P
    Considering the tone of this myTake I don't feel the need to apologise first for this statement.

    Have you been living in a cave of stupidity or were you born this retarded? Don't lump everyone in one boat.

    "You had a drink, you are responsible for being raped" no!! People can slip things, and you shouldn't have to constantly watch your actions for other people being bad people.
    "Well, you weren't mature, you deserved to be abused as a child" is a similar argument to what you are proposing.

    This "take" is offensive, generalistic and lacks any insight other than the words of an unintelligent, close minded individual. You should be ashamed.
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    • "You had a drink, you are responsible for being raped" Nowhere in the take was this said, or even paraphrased. Good job committing libel, in an attempt to generate false outrage, because you didn't agree with something someone said!

    • zagor

      "You had a drink, you are responsible for being raped" . The take says nothing of the sort! She isn't talking about girls who were roofied, she is talking about deliberately getting so trashed that one can't physically and mentally take common precautions. If I go to the worst part of the city deadass drunk and wake up beaten and robbed, how much sympathy do I deserve? Yeah, someone else committed a criminal act, but who enabled them to do so?

  • anonman32
    yeah, i always gamble my money away in casinos but i am always so angry because i keep losing my money, people tell me its my own fault for losing all my money but thats not true, they are victim shaming me. casinos should not make me lose my money because i want to have fun. they totally take advantage of me.
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  • posted
    Yeah you can really only control yourself bitching about rapists won't change anything. Yes it's extremely fucked up, it's really not going to accomplish anything. It's illegal and everyone knows it's morally wrong. But when you basically drink so fucking much you don't know whats going on or you pass out, you're really doing some stupid shit.
  • fuqthegovt
    It's not that we're mostly morons with the IQ of a piece of moldy cheese and can't think 24 hours ahead. It's more like that we simply don't care. Consequences be dammed. No risk, no reward. As far as getting drunk, it's fun, even if the puking and hang over (and maybe rape kit and morning after pill) the next day isn't. Same with unprotected sex, extreme sports, and 100 other things.
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  • TripleAce
    Part of the blame does of course fall on the women. But legally its not structured that way to protect from moral hazard
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  • genericname85

    this had to be said by a woman at least once!
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  • Thisperson98
    I agree. People shouldn't be raped, but people shouldn't be idiots and allow themselves to be put into those situations.
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    • How about the women in the middle east who are covered head to toe, don't drink nor smoke, but still get raped. What stupid choices are they making that led to their rape?

    • @BuchitaBuchys Did you actually read this or just skim it? Seriously...

      And as for Middle Eastern women, it is perfectly legal in many Muslim countries that I know (Jordan, Somolia, Sudan, parts of Malaysia, Thailand, Kazakhstan, Turkey, I could go on but you get the idea) of for them to drink and smoke. The religious idea of banning it or it being "haram" is for conservative religious Muslims. Even in places like Egypt where it really is illegal, enforcement is not necessarily strict. Think underage drinking in the US, yes its illegal, but how many people did you know that had drinks before they were 21? Maybe spend 2 or even 3 minuets researching a topic before posting?

  • AwsomeAmy
    I don't think I've EVER agreed more about something... I feel like I've wrote this haha. Well done!
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  • Sojex
    THANK YOU! I've been making this argent my entire adult life! I drink to the point where my friends aren't willing to keep up but I'm always aware of my actions. I never understood how people can just let go and blame their actions on the alcohol
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  • Rissyanne
    I am all for people taking responsibility for their actions...
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  • Ozanne
    Good MyTake :) There is a thing called taking precautionary measures. We do it when we travel to unsafe countries. We do it if we decide we want to take up membership at the rod and gun club. We do things that in some way, puts insurance on what we are about to do. If one chooses to get drunk when they know they are heading in for some bad news - no matter what the situation, the precautionary measure here would be to keep your wits about you (stay sober) and you thumb on the 911 speed-dial.

    It's reasons that you stated that defense lawyers have a field day with [women] who get drunk and put themselves in dangerous situations to begin with. I'm not saying the perpetrators are in the right - but the person who makes the decisions to take a risk should be self-accountable. I choose not to put myself in harm's way of something I don't trust, therefore I choose to do other things where I have more control. It's that easy.
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  • TheDevilInside
    Tell that to this bitchy child with a rage problem... https://www. girlsaskguys. com/guys-behavior/q2105699-how-should-a-female-react-to-a-guy-doing-this
  • Fearless_banana
    Didn't you know that regret is rape? Feminist taking responsibility for their actions? Pshhh lmao.
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    • gukikip

      Lol lets ask feminists the following question "if both of them are drunk and have sex and the next morning both regret does it mean they raped each other"?

  • Other_Tommy_Wiseau
    Can't exactly disagree, but there are some cases if you forget to eat and get way drunker than usual or, God forbid, roofied... But I know what you mean
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    • I didn't drink for a long time and still don't, really, but the first time I got drunk, I literally acted the same, just quieter and sleepy and slightly off balance... But I was still cognizant. I know everyone acts different while drunk, but for the life of me, can't understand when people know when to shut it down or act like a total moron... And I was about 15 shots in of jack Daniel and like 5 beers deep (I hate beer, btw)

  • BeeNee
    Standing ovation. I for one would love to believe I live in a safe neighborhood and can leave my doors unlocked at will, but then I shouldn't be surprised, in the same way drunk people shouldn't be surprised, when bad shiz happens because of an action you knew MIGHT have consequences. At the very least if you know you're the type who can't control themselves around a drink, you bring someone with you that can and can watch your back and first and foremost drive your drunk self home.

    I too have little sympathy for people that try to blame the alcohol as if it drank itself. It shouldn't be a hard choice for someone to decide that they'd rather make it home alive, or not raped, or not killing someone with their car, or not passed out and their wallet stolen with a few smart choices like limiting the amount you drink or going with a buddy or not drinking at all.
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  • BCRanger10
    This is why I simply find it easier to just not go out with the intent of getting drunk.
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  • TheEnd2
    Agree. If you put yourself in a position to become a victim then it's your fault. Your fault for becoming a victim and the other persons fault for making you a victim. People that expect no consequences to their actions are naive and foolish.
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    • Being a rape victim is not 100% a the victim's fault. You cannot say they are.

      I'm sure you've been around enough drunk people in your time, have you sexually assaulted any of them? No because you have this thing called self control, and knowledge that forcing yourself on someone who's barely conscious or in a state to be able to defend themselves is something you don't do.

      You'd really agree with a rapist who stood up in court and said "It's not my fault I raped her/him, they were drunk" really?

    • @AperolSpritz you didn't read the take at all did you?

    • TheEnd2

      The guy is a fault for the actual rape the girl is a fault for making it possible. The root cause is being so drunk you can't defend yourself and make stupid choices. It's foolish and retard to expect nothing bad to happen and everyone be good. The girl doesn't have self control not to get so trashed and put herself in a vulnerable position. Without her putting herself in that position she couldn't have been taken advantage of. Her stupidity is the root cause plus bad people. Be more responsible

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  • Noxifer626
    "but if you just hadn't made such stupid choices, you know what else? It wouldn't have even happened"
    Wrong. It would have happened to someone else.
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    • zagor

      Someone else who DID make stupid choices. Most such crimes are crimes of opportunity. If the rapist did not see someone who would be an easy victim, chances are they would not have upped the risk and gone after a hard target. Most perps are not Ted Bundy's who scheme and plan their crimes.

  • Keepcalm89
    Tottally unrelated but I got to say RIP Gene Wilder.
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  • FakeName123
    When I am drunk and kill someone while driving a car drunk, I sure as hell get the consequences of my actions as well.

    Alcohol does not absolve of consequences. Thus good job on writing the take.
  • Unit1
    It's called being responsible. I like that :)

    Good take! I absolutely agree to that!
    Don't expect those, who play the victim card to understand :P
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  • ladsin
    Sure getting drunk can be a choice (although many people especially at first do not know their limits so I don't think they could be blamed.)
    In addition, your argument is no different from saying that women deserve to get raped for wearing some clothing. That is asinine. No matter what a person does they are not responsible for another person harming them. If I say something mean that does not mean I deserve to be struck. If a person is walking around naked they don't deserve to be raped. If a person gets drunk they are not responsible for another person taking advantage of them etc. you claim to be the voice of reason but I do not see it that way. You are saying that getting drunk could make one more likely to get assaulted, and that may be statistically accurate but that in no way makes them have any responsibility for another persons actions.
    • zagor

      No, but you are responsible for enabling that criminal. If I get shitfaced drunk in a bad part of the city and wake up with a bump on the head and a missing wallet, yeah, I was the victim of crime. But who really set up the whole incident?

    • ladsin

      @zagor you aren't responsible for enabling them. They committed the crime not you.

    • zagor

      But who wound up with the loss? Bad judgement may not be a crime, but it's not going to generate much sympathy.

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  • SovereignessofVamps
    Totally agree!!
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  • BDJohnson
    Good my take. And yes all actions have circumstances.
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  • CancerianMan81
    it's why I don't drink anymore cause I know what it does to your life and I'm sure in the hell ain't going back to it
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  • Alex88F
    i fucked a girl while i was drunk. shittiest fuck i ever had and one of the reasons i dont drink anymore
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  • BeHappy1985
    I have a feeling this shitpost was written by some rapist dude.
  • Ghassan
    Alcohol does more bad than good. That's why I think it should be banned.
  • Relentless_Hippie
    This is amazing. Loved your take.
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  • EllieLexis513
    Did you write this take while drunk?
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  • IntradouchingMyshelf
    Rapists Team: 1
    Victims Team: 0

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    • Another who didn't actually read it.

      Illiterate team 10
      Literate team 0

    • @genuinlysensitive I did read it actually, and I don't agree with it. Doesn't make me "illiterate".

  • dudeman
    shhhhhhhh. you might trigger them
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  • lost_alice
    so let's ban all the alcohol in the world
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    • Yes, because there is no such think as only drinking a little, you can only be sober or completely shitfaced! It is impossible to be anywhere in between ever!

    • lost_alice

      @genuinlysensitive and there is no problem to be drunk, if you aren't going to hurt others

  • Ethrealness
    Someone got cheated on lol
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  • smorgasbord
    you're right. responsibility.
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  • Anonymous
    Absolutely. I domt go out and get so drunk I can't look after myself and do you know why? It's dangerous. I dont want to get taken advantage off even though it wouldn't be my fault. You can't just drink away all responsibilities for having to look after yourself.
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  • Anonymous
    We either drink only with people we trust or we have a non-drinking driver anywhy we trust enough
  • Anonymous
    It's mostly liberals who have this "fantasy world where everything is safe and I shouldn't be blamed for my actions" type of thinking. And feminists.
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  • Anonymous
    Being roofied can look like your drunk. I've been attacked and it was the persons explanation to others of what was wrong. They said "oh she drank too much" when it happened at a club and once when it happened during the day (abusive ex) he said I had taken drugs. I don't do drugs of any sort except those prescribed to me by a doctor for health conditions.(and I take it as prescribed and it doesn't make me look drunk though one helps me sleep) So if you ever see someone acting intoxicated in the sense of floppy, drowsy, slurred speech, problems standing, and people are helping them walk or carrying them and those people both look completely sober. Question the events it might be a roofied situation and you might prevent an assault. Outside of that real drunks do deserve what they get. Though even they don't deserve to be assaulted.
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  • Anonymous
    Harsh, unempathetic & worrisome for the human race,

    Guess what life happens to us all rich/poor, educated/uneducated, good decision/bad decisions, BUT what shapes us as people is good and bad experiences, we learn, grow & evolve from it, that is the very nature of the human race to overcome and survive & thrive.

    When life/destiny, who knows maybe karma, throws a few curve balls your way, despite your "good choices that will never backfire/ensure your safety) & reality hits like a ton of bricks, you will eat your words madam, but let's hope your friends are of a more empathetic & supportive nature than your fine yet rather naive self
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  • Anonymous
    Yes! That is why if you get drunk and go driving, and you hurt someone, guess what? IT'S YOUR FAULT! You will serve time! Being drunk/high is no excuse! The same goes for any other number of actions!

    " I'm the voice of common sense trying desperately to permeate this victim complex and abject disinterest in personal responsibility." You are a poet!
  • Anonymous
    So it's my fault if when i'm drunk, I accidentally cum on the face of a girl who is not my gf?
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    • Harpesian

      ... Yes, totally. Obviously.

    • Lol "accidentally" yea my ex tried to use that one too.

    • @genuinlysensitive No, according to the writer of this take, it'd be either girl's fault, but definitely not yours.

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