Racism Isn't What You Think...Here's What Racism Really Means


Most people will agree that racism is the discrimination of someone or a group based off of race. This definition is accepted by almost everyone, but there are a few people who label things racist, but they're actually not racist.

Racism Isn't What You Think...Here's What Racism Really Means

Racism and Facts

Some people believe stating a fact that shows a race in a bad light is racism, it is not. For example, black people have a five times higher murder rate than white people. Thus, a black person has a five times higher chance of being murdered than a white person, statistically speaking. Now, if you said something like "All black people or most black people are murders", this would be racist.

Minority verse Majority Racism

Most people do agree that any race can be a target of racism, but there are some people who think otherwise. Some people think only minorities can be the target of racism and this is not true. The definition of racism is the discrimination of a person or a group of people because of their race. Thus, by definition, anyone can be the target of racism. Saying "all white people are racist", even though it is against the majority in America, is still racism.

Racism in Affirmative Action

Affirmative action that solely helps and excludes certain races is racism. Even if it is used to combat racism, it is still discrimination based on race, thus it is racism. A example of this is when a minority that has a worse grades and scores than a person in the majority, but gets into college anyways, while the majority student does not get in. This is racism, as the college is putting one race in front of another.

Racism Isn't What You Think...Here's What Racism Really Means
Racism Isn't What You Think...Here's What Racism Really Means
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  • OlderAndWiser
    Unfortunately, discussions about racism have been turned from a shield into a sword that creates political power. However, that political power has not been exercised to eradicate the effects of racism, because that would put the racism power players out of business.

    Our present welfare state creates a state of perpetual dependency that maintains welfare recipients' allegiance to those who bestow the largesse of the government coffers upon the downtrodden. That keeps a certain class in power. It is similar to a drug dealer giving someone free drugs to get them hooked and then staying in business by selling to the now addicted victim.

    "Racism" will forever be used as a political weapon and, therefore, the real issues of race relations will never be addressed or resolved.
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    • True. Those who chronically accept state giveaways have given themselves over to a "plantation" mentality.

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  • Kirah
    Racism is discrimination based on race.

    Anyone who comes with the "power + prejudice" stuff, is just doing mental gymnastics to try and exclude themselves from being "racist".
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  • BlueCoyote
    I generally agree with all of that... I just feel a little uneasy about this whole affirmative action topic. I think I can understand both sides and their arguments. If America got rid of affirmative action, maybe conservatives should propose an alternative that could ensure that minorities are not suffering from institutionalized racism. The way I see it, the problem lies less with race as it lies with your socio-economic class. Poor people suffer from discrimination in the educational system of America. Now, many African Americans are poor but there are also some rich ones and likewise, there are also poor white people. So perhaps the US should think about adopting a different educational and social system - one that doesn't discriminate against working class people. This system can include a number of policies, such as subsidized tutoring for kids in poor neighborhoods, different educational paths (so that not everyone is forced to go to college to get a decent job) and/or free public colleges. Plus, from my own experience of attending an American high school, I think it would make sense for US high schools to focus more on the important stuff. Having things like "driving class", "creative writing class", "Oceanography class" or "forensic science class" might be lots of fun but these classes take away the time to learn all the basics of a good, classical education, including math and sciences, foreign languages and humanities such as history, geography and possibly philosophy or psychology.

    Finally, if we debate the value of affirmative action, I think we should also debate the value of sport scholarships. As a European, I find it weird that you can suck at academics in America but still get into UCLA or Penn State if you happen to be very skilled at sports. I don't have anything against sports but universities are for smart people who want to study hard. Otherwise, academic degrees completely lose their value because even stupid people can get them. Of course this is an outsider's perspective but I think if I was American, I would be pissed that I studied my ass off to get into a top-notch university while my roommate is good at sports but has the IQ of a sponge and we end up having the same degree.
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  • madhatters4
    don't agree with much here but discrimination and racism are not synonymous

    racism is the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.
    prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior.

    discrimination on the other had is
    the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people or things, especially on the grounds of race, age, or sex.

    so affirmative action isn't, by definition, racism. as it does not discriminate based on the notion that the group they are helping is superior. Affirmative action is definitely however discrimination... but there is a difference between racism and discrimination. there is some overlap but the two words are not synonymous or interchangeable
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    • sorry meant to say "don't DISagree with much here but..."

  • CheerGirl38139
    I can't help man.

    I'm white and from the south.

    #RacistByBirth 🙋

    Sorry. 😔
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    • A lot of people are now calling me racist, they told me to make a post about racism and I did. Now they aren't even going to reply.

    • Haha is that all you've been called?

      I'll make you a list of fucktarded things I've been called and accused of. 😎

    • I was accused of a lot worse, but I just wanted to say that not everything is racist.

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  • RainbowFanGirl
    I'm black.

    I guess that means I hate white people and commit crimes, right?

    Sorry. 😞
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  • Castleguy25
    Leave it to a white person to tell us about racism. (Someone say this racist, but doesn't even fit the textbook definition of racist) oh the irony

    You realize affirmative action is the direct result of people denying people of color jobs, getting into college, etc. YET, white women are the biggest beneficiaries.

    Dr. King was right, we intergrated into the burning house as black people.
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    • Wait, so you are saying I can't talk about racism or my view is invalid because I am white?

    • At what point will you say that the past effects of discrimination have been adequately compensated so that affirmative action and preferential treatments can now be abandoned?

    • Call it what you want. Because, majority of white folks will say that was years ago and act like racist policies have no crippling effect. It's a waste of breath

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  • Nothanks700
    I agree, nothing I could disagree with here. However, I think the majority of the issue really is more about what people think cause those statistics. For example, a black person is more likely to be murdered is a factual statement. However many read that statement, and surmise that black people are naturally violent and prone to crime. That of course, is racist, and completely innacurate. It has more to do with poverty than anything else. And poverty is he direct result of years of oppression. Are black people oppressed anymore? Probably not on a direct and significant basis. But because of years of oppression we all admit happened, it's a bit ludicrous to suggest that black communities have no excuse to be impoverished. That is essentially excusing reason because your perspective is that of a white person. And it is fact, that if you are white, you are more likely to be born in a middle income area, with good schools, and a moderate income yourself. Now, that fact probably offended you, but it's still a fact. So when black people, or even left leaning individuals get upset because you quote facts such as "there is a higher murder rate among blacks" it isn't because they don't believe it's true, it's because that fact is most often cited out of a contempt and racist attitude toward blacks.
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  • RachelBrigs
    What? All you did was give a couple examples of what things that aren't racist in your opinion then something that IS racist in your opinion.

    Again.. what?
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  • NearlyNapping
    Racism is not really about the words or actions. It's about the intent behind them.

    To use your example: "black people have a five times higher murder rate than white people"

    Even if something is factual, if the intent is to make blacks look bad, then it's racism. If the intent is "here's a problem, how do we solve it?", then it's not racism. You see quite a few questions here at GaG that fall into that first category. Whether their statements are factual or not, it's pretty obvious that the intent is to put blacks in a bad light, and generally stir things up.

    I'll add a third scenario. If presented with a negative fact about blacks, some people will either refuse to talk about it, or simply call it racism and pat themselves on the back. They do it out of fear they will be labeled racist themselves if they so much as imply the facts are true. So they never contribute to a solution because they refuse to acknowledge the problem.

    When I was younger the word was "prejudice". That got replaced with racism somewhere along the line. In a way I think prejudice is a better word, to pre-judge. To pre-judge someone based on their skin, without knowing them, is prejudice.

    You can present all the facts and statistics you want about a particular race, nationality, religion, or anything else. But as soon as you apply it to an individual without knowing them, then it becomes prejudice.
  • Luci92
    Very good take. Something I like to say is that 'it's not racist if it's true'.
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    • it may be something you like to say. but it's not accurate

    • Luci92

      @madhatters4 okay, open to others opinions, can you explain please?

    • no stereotype is true of all regardless if it's a positive or negative stereotype. to say Asians are bad drivers is racist. to say Asians are good at math is racist. black people are good athletes. black people are violent. both racist. racism by definition is the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.

      i think it is more important to explain how something isn't racist simply because it's true

      racism applies to the notion of characterizing an entire group one way or the belief that one group is inferior or superior

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  • ClassyMe
    Finally someone with logic and critical thinking. I love the post dude. Don't let these retarded SJW pussies get to you. Anyone who is calling you "racist" clearly never read this or a dictionary. Good job dude!
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    • john52461

      first of all this take doesn't have a trigger warning, also the site owners aren't providing a safe space for us to cool down after reading about hate speech like this. Also it's racist, why should he get so many thumbs up for being racist, he should split them with me, I hardly have any thumbs cuz people are racist against me on this site.

    • ClassyMe

      @john52461 how the actual fuck is it "racist"? Do you know the definition of racism? Safe spaces are for pussies! In the real world you won't have safe spaces. If you're at work one day and feel triggered and need to hide in your safe space some bosses will tell you to fuck off. Why does it need a trigger warning? Good grief... the pussification is real. The site owners are providing way too many safe spaces and they need to not have any safe spaces. Don't like hearing truth and facts? Alright then... piss off. This is by no means "hate speech". What this is ACTUAL TRUTH AND FACTS. He's not "racist" at all. He's a truth teller! He gets many thumbs up because he actually has a functioning brain. He also has critical thinking which majority of people don't. You don't get any thumbs because you're a over sensitive fucklet. Your statement made my IQ drop and I lost brain cells because of such stupidity. He shouldn't split it! He deserves them all. People here are not "racist" at all.

    • ClassyMe

      @john52461 please tell me that you were being sarcastic

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  • Other_Tommy_Wiseau
    Well, there's 3 classifications... Well, 4, if you count sjw's
    1- sjw's... We'll exclude them
    2- I'll say normal people. Mostly for a lack of a better term, but whatever
    3- socially ignorant
    4- racist

    Normal are those who aren't sjw's, but have enough common sense to take historical context into the equation. Such as a lot of poverty among minorities being a direct result of decades upon centuries of flat out racism. That, despite being no more flat out racism, there's still tendencies within the system that are definitely skewed

    For the socially ignorant, it falls in the lines that they aren't racist so much as they are... Socially ignorant. Devoid of context. As if the dissipation of flat out racism somehow automatically cleanses and rids the country of its inequalities as a result of that racism despite obvious data and stats that say otherwise. It's like a burning house. The house burns down and the firefighters come and put out the fire. Sure, there's no more fire (racism), but the house is still burned and the people who lived in that house aren't living like they did as if they still have a house... That is to say that, while there isn't any more racism, you're expecting and thinking that minorities are still on the same plain as, say, you or white people as a whole. Some are, some aren't. But the idea of the person who once lived in that burned is living a perfectly natural life despite having no actual home is kinda ridiculous. The dude's house burned down. To think there's no difference between your situation (living in your house) and the person who has the burned down house seems ridiculous. As it relates to race, it's the same concept where racism is the burning house. And while the fire is gone, the destruction and aftermath is still there... Now if you want to argue, I'll use the timeline logic that it took 100 years to end slavery to ending segregation... And it took over 50 years after ending slavery to end slavery 😑

    Then there's the flat out racist. Don't need to expand

    Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending who you are, I guess), those who fall into the socially ignorant or retarded get grouped into racist. Is it racism? I mean anyone can say they aren't racist, technically. So you have to go on action and words said. So is it racial insensitivity? Probably... Which is why I use ignorance. If you wanna get into specifics and semantics like affirmative action, I don't care to touch that shit. I have my own opinions and ideas 😑
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    • But as for me personally, I'll say that I don't care much for race or think that it should be used as a crutch or deterrent, but I think common sense would be to acknowledge the historical inequalities and its effects that still linger in some groups and areas of society, such as inner cities. And the ineptitude of government hasn't really done much, if anything, to remedy it into a place where the mixture of populations is actually congruent to the population as a whole. Like the fact that 13% of the population are black, but 52% are in inner cities, 50% of the poverty line is made up of blacks and Hispanics while 14.5% are white with 65% of the total population

  • Elelei
    What if told you there is no such thing as race. Biologically, there are no human races. That's right we're just too much alike. That said, "racism" exists as a social construct. For example, one group decides that discrimination against them constitutes racism. Religious groups cry racism when they are discriminated against, for example. Often times the "race card" is played as a means of making the accuser look worse than the person who has committed a crime, been caught, and is now attempting to defend an indefensible position. Racism is one of those ideas that needs to be abandoned. Discrimination is the word we should be using since you can discriminate in many ways. You discriminate between computer brands when shopping for a computer. You also discriminate against that shady guy who asks you out for a date by simply saying "sorry I have a boyfriend." And some people discriminate against others because they're not white enough, or black enough, or muslim enough, or christian enough or whatever. There are NO good reasons in this use of discrimination. WE all know at least someone like that and probably more. There are several books published about the nonexistence of human races, challenge yourself sometime to upgrade your human biology, knowledge never hurt anyone.
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    • bbch25

      Challenge yourself sometime.. There are several varying factors - biologically - that make it able to determine the race of someone simply from their skeleton. I have studied this, I have looked at said skulls and seen the differences. This is published work too. There are human differences. Whether we want to call it race or whatever, I don't care. There ARE differences, just like there are differences in immune systems, skin colouring etc for a reason.

  • Starrk
    Short, sweet, down to the point and objective as possible. Just the type of mytakes that I like.

    Also, I agree with everything on this take. :)

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  • LiveFreeorDieHard
    Well some people discriminate on who they date based on skin color. There are girls who prefer to only date white or black guys. I don't insider that racism as that's a preference. People really have no control over what they like. What are your thoughts on that.
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  • legs_n_sheets
    It comes down to this, really. You were able to trim all the fat about this particular subject and still have a very logical and direct point. Great take.
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  • Elarra
    This Take is so misinformed lol, looks like Donald Trump himself wrote it.
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    • What is wrong with it?

    • Elarra

      Your inaccuracies and misinformed opinions. For instance, you assume Affirmative Action means that you have to hire someone who isn't as good just because of race, which is faulty. Affirmative Action actually only means you have to look like you are looking for minorities, but you don't have to hire them. That means so long as you interview a certain amount of candidates who are minorities, you don't have to hire them if they don't meet the qualifications and you can prove it and if you were hiring someone just because they are black, indian, Asian, or whatever, it's actually 100% illegal.

  • fueledbythc
    There are a good number of punjabi Indians who are racist to white people where I live and it's getting really bad now. Some just look at white people with these judgmental eyes, and love staring white people down.
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  • Library
    Yes, you're right. Don't worry about the whole racism thing. I can tell you're not a bad person. Don't need to prove it to others :)
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  • AleDeEurope
    Great Take.

    Prepare for the triggered racists that will flood this Take.
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    • Why do you think it's the girls the most racist ones?

  • John_Lion_84
    you people need to get out of your bubble, stop talking/writing about racism. i see people getting killed not just because of there skin color, but because of religion. he/she black brown whit, him/they Asians. The hell is wrong with you. We are just people... JUST PEOPLE.
    What racism means? It means people who says the word didn't get their asses whiped hard enough
  • VictoriousSausage
    all i can say, is there's a sharp incline of racism in the UK at the moment, in government, and in the people, and it's scary
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  • Brokenheartedx
    We don't have many black people where we live.. we have Muslims though and everythin to them is racist.. having their own religion schools because Catholics have their own schools...
    Doing protests about anti Britain anti whites killing cops.. etc.. even a cartoon drawn in France was an excuse to protest in our streets
    They kick poppies and spit on our war memorials

    But it's Brits that's racist... and Americans think they have problems lol
    Rotherham thousands of underage White gurls were raped for years the police and authorities kept it hushed in fear they were branded racist...

    So ask yourself who the racists are when they think it's acceptable to rape a certain colour in this day and age...
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    • Thats just as bad if not worse

    • Blacks and whites over in America best start working together or they'll be exactly like Europe.. when their kiddies are getting raped in swimming pools.. when they are told they are underdressed.. when they notice more and more everything changing will the colour of skin matter then?

  • Fizpop
    Racism isn't "discrimination based on race". Racism is the belief that one race is superior to another race. Therefore Affirmative Action isn't racism because it does not indicate any superiority between races.
  • Jager66
    Great take.

    The racist shit lords are going to hate it though, you're attacking their sacred cow with Logic and Reason.
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  • LoloWaye
    If you look at me and get scared because you think I'm going to kill you because black people commit more crime, then I'm going to think you're racist.

    Just because someone else did it doesn't mean I'll do it.
  • TadCurious
    Great job with this myTake. The word racism gets thrown around today so loosely that we need people to remind us what it really means. Part of that is due to the fact that being called a racist is such a serious charge that people understandably don't want to be labeled as one. So just as with the terms "homophobia" and "Islamophobia," people who have particular agendas have learned to charge "RACISM!" as an effective means of shutting down any reasoned debate they don't like. It's been a successful tactic, but it's starting to lose its effectiveness as more people (like you) catch on.
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  • anonman32
    you know whats not racism? having a particular preferences. but still you will occasionally hear its racism, but only its not.
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  • YourName123
    this opinion seems to be spot on.

    Additionally, stereotypes dont happen randomly.

    I'm Italian and I AM greasy skinned and love garlic
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  • HonestWhiteGuy
    You are correct and everything you said is logical and common sense.

    Sadly too many of the people in this country don't think logically. And then you have some liberal Whites on MSNBC agreeing with these tards because of political correctness and then they start to think "Hey maybe I'm right, maybe Blacks can't be racist only Whites can".

    I cringe when I see a video of BLM rioting and attacking Whitey people then the media tries to play it off like it was a "peaceful protest" or when liberal White guilt people support it.

    Trumps popularity is in part because of how insane this anti White politically correct nonsense has gotten
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  • TripleAce
    Whats your opinion on racial discrimination when it comes to dating

    Preferences or is it discrimination?
    • cross98

      you know the answer lol. "its just a preference" lol ugh if i see that sentence one more time hhaha.

  • YourFutureEx
    Is it racism to generalise and insult someone for his/her nationality?
    • It's discrimination. Like people call Indian guys creeps? That would be classified as discrimination I think.

    • @RainbowFanGirl Oh yes. Racism is a part of discrimination. White Britishers used to demonize us in the past because of our skin colour. It is portrayed as "racism" in several books, but literally, it is not. It is just simply "discrimination". Yup, thanks for clarification.

  • Dargil
    I am so tired of hearing the word "racist" and the term "racism" that I want to puke. Racism is a belief that one racial group is inherently superior to another such as having a consequent right to control and even own them.
    Was slavery racist? Yes.
    Was the Trail of Tears racist? Yes.
    Was the Japanese internment racist? Partly.

    Now, is forming an opinion about the nature of another race and then judging the entire group based on your opinion racist? No. It is BIGOTRY. But the word is harder to say and spell and not nearly as sexy. But what we are seing at all levels in all directions is BIGOTRY.
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  • Fightingspirit
    Mentioning a fact or an analysis with regards to race etc gives racists exactly the information they need to misuse it. "black people have a five times higher murder rate than white people." Racists might say "black people are murderers". They focus on the race as the issue and not on socio-economics which alos involves white, Asians etc, for example. So where these "facts"are mentioned usually racists aren't too far away. So when such an analysis gets mentioned we shouldn't focus on race, nationality, language etc, but on the actual cause. For example, a lot of black people are starving in Africa, cause isn't race, it's a lack of food. A lot of people are killing each other in the Middle East, cause is extremism, solution remove extremism.
  • Karaas2
    Stats isn't rasist unless someone use it to discriminate others.
  • Derpdeder
    Racism means belief in the existence of race. Nearly everyone is a racist. Not liking a certain people is called ethnicism.
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  • Fathoms77
    All seems pretty logical to me.
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  • Sojex
    Someone finally gets it
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  • Adigelunar
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  • john52461
    no jus ignant fool!
    • What?

    • john52461

      you ignant!

    • How am I "ignant"?

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  • Pilulu
    I'm so done with this shit...
  • Anonymous
    Any one can be a bigot. It transcend any one group of people.
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  • Anonymous
    just another idiot, trying to get away with being racist
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    • I am not a racist, lol.

    • Anonymous

      ya, ya are

    • Anonymous

      only racists, use excuses to BE racist

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  • Anonymous
    To expand on racism and facts, I could say: "Black people commit more crime."
    Which might sound racist, except I *didn't say it was *because* they're black.*
    People often get confused about that. The statement can be read into a lot, so it's best to drop that statement with a ton of context so people don't freak out on you. Anyone paying attention should understand that the statement isn't fundamentally racist.
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  • Anonymous
    Racism was invented as a tool by political elite academics to divide humanity, create superiority and loath each other. The last thing the elite want is people standing up altogether to their currupt BS.
  • Anonymous
    The only thing I disagree with here is the affirmative action, the rest is aight 👌🏼
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  • Anonymous
    White people have zero place or right to tell minorities what racism is. Point blank period. You don't get to terrorize, oppress, brutalize, and systematically disenfranchise a group of people for four centuries then later on tell them what racism is and isn't.

    This post seems more like you and other white people trying to convince and delude yourselves that whatever mentally racist tendencies you have are not really racist.
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    • Wait, so because I am white, I can't have an opinion? Is that not kinda racist?

    • Anonymous

      Did I say, "Because you are white, you cannot have an opinion." ? No. What I said and firmly stand by is that white people have zero place or right to tell minorities what racism is.

      You pretending to be a legitimate, valid victim of racism because someone on the internet said something that you simply didn't like, which was not an attack/racial slur/racial judgment, does not mean that I am racist and you are some poor victim of racism. A lot of white people here automatically, defensively start pretending to be victims of racism whenever a minority doesn't validate them, agree with them, and give their posts a pat on the back.

    • Oh, so I can't say anything about what racism is. Just because I am white.

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  • Anonymous
    In our bill of rights it states that 'a person will not be awarded a job based on merit alone but in a previously disadvantaged background' but that's used to combat racism and than there's this thing called bbbee (broad based black economic empowerment) I would explain but it goes into far to much detail.
    So if you like please tell my country what racism truly is.
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    • Jobs should be awarded on merit not race.

    • Anonymous

      I know but that's how its done here. I think it must be irritating knowing you got a job not because your good but because of your race I would feel pathetic if I was them.

    • cross98

      there's many black people who don't even approach scholarships like the ones i've read about and there's many who find it a backhanded compliment.

  • Anonymous
    actually they have affirmative action scholarships for irish and german men as well... so... yeah.
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    • So, it is still racist. Both are racist.

    • Anonymous

      well, not really... if we're talking about a group of smaller groups are usually poor (since facts aren't racist) or they come from a country as a gateway to escape their way of living and they reach standards. plus, these scholarships have standards... you can't just enter in a scholarship just cause their of certain groups... you have to fit a certain gpa, have a reason why you're applying, plus extra curricular activities as well.

    • Yea, but what is stopping someone that is not part of that race from getting that scholarship? Their race, even though they might be even more poor than another minority that got that scholarship.

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