Most Annoying Stereotypes I Deal With on a Daily Basis


Stereotypes are everywhere! It's stupid and it's pissing me off.

I'm Mexican, so:

1. "You fucking illegal go back to where you came from!"

First off, I was born here so I'm American whether you like it or not, so you're stuck with me. :p

2. "What's up ESE?"

No, I'm not a "cholo" and I don't deal drugs. I'm just like you (but better if you thought this) and I hate that people immediately assume I'm a ghetto drop out cholo that doesn't have a future just because I'm Mexican smh

I swear I don't listen to this garbage! People like them just make the stereotypes grow:

3. "Mexicans are dumb AF!"

I'm a straight-A student and probably have a bigger future than you, so fuck off!

I'm a metalhead, so:

1. "Emo faggot!"

No, I'm not emo. I just like REAL music that takes REAL talent and has REAL lyrics. STFU; you listen to Little Wayne, you asshole! Plus, I'd rather be emo than to show my ass to the world!

Oh look this song talks about problems in this world! What am I saying?

2. "Satan worshipper!"

No you dumbass, listen to the lyrics before you jump to conclusions. And how the fuck does that make me a satanist anyways?

3. "You're not a real Christian and you will burn in hell!"

Since when is listening to music a sin? And I'm Catholic whether you like it or not; I'm just not as stupid and narrow-minded as you.

Okay, the screaming is brutal I admit, but that doesn't mean shit. Listen to this song; turn down the volume if this just ain't your thing but I just want you to look at the LYRICS:

4. "He's insane, don't talk to that kid."

I'm not crazy. I'm not demented. I'm just like you except I don't go around stereotyping. I have had people stop talking to me because I listen to metal, no joke.

I'm not insane! :p

I'm quiet, so:

1. "He's socially awkward."

No, I just don't talk as much as you.

2. "He will kill you."

No, you dumbass come talk to me and I'm the nicest person you'll ever meet. πŸ˜‚

Yeah I deal with this shit a lot. Please stop believing stereotypes and be a nicer human being!


Most Annoying Stereotypes I Deal With on a Daily Basis
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  • Phoenix98
    Well I'm a gypsy so you could only imagine all the stereotypes we have lol and harmful shows like big fat gypsy wedding, American gypsies etc that portray us poorly and lump us in with the travelers and use broad stereotypes and generalizations

    It's so much fun being part of an ethic group that's been subjected to constant attacks both physical and verbal, stereotypes, discrimination, racism, hatred, exile and even purges for the last 1,000 years that last even to this day. And during the holocaust we were one of the first victims of it, the Nazi's had orders to shoot us on sight /=

    Here are some stereotypes for you.

    That we don't have jobs.

    That we're uneducated.

    That we dress trashy.

    That we live outside of social norms.

    That we hail from Egypt.

    That all of us tell fortunes and are fortune tellers, which isn't true it's only some of us do and it's really only the women.

    That we trick people out of their money.

    That we marry young 9 ( which is true )

    That we're always on the move ( true ) but it's due to the fact that we're shunned wherever we go.

    That there are no gypsy's in America.

    Those are just some of them lol but despite them I couldn't be prouder to be part of the gypsy culture, it's one of the most well preserved and richest cultures in the world and despite every effort to exile, persecute or stamp it out it's survived for over a thousand years.

    Nice take though.
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  • helloitsmethere
    Those Mexican and music taste stereotypes... smh.
    People are full of horseshit sometimes.
    I really HATE stereotypes.

    Here are some I deal with on a daily bases:
    "Oh your Jamaican? Did you live in a hut?" Yes... even though we are hurricane and earthquake prone, we are smart enough to live in huts. Dumbass our building codes are stronger than yours. -_-
    "Your 'type' is always the 'type' who think they are better than people and not appreciate when nice guys come around. Smh light skinned girls are such bitches." People assume I'm full of myself and that I think im better than them because i'm a light skinned black girl, when really I might be the most insecure thing to walk the planet... lol. Didn't know that my melanin count would determine my personality... sorry I am not 'black enough' for you?
    "Yo... she is so skinny! Does she ever eat?" Bruh... don't even get me started on this one. Someone told me that because I'm black I should be 'thick' (another stereotype) lol im done.
    The list goes on... people need to realize that stereotypes don't make a person.
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    • Mario21

      I totally agree with you :)

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  • lushbomb
    WOW! i read the title and I was going literally rant about how people stereotype Mexicans so much!!! They stereotype me big time! Although I am brown a lot of people tell me I look Italian. I ve heard some people say mexicans are short and that im one of the "odd ones" like what? since im like tall lol. Mexicans come in all shapes and sized tbh. Also, the way I talk. I sound like a straight up white chick, but I'm really not. I've been surrounded by white people my whole life.. like in school in stuff.. people dont know i speak Spanish or they assume I'm one of those non-spanish speakers until they hear me talk in Spanish.. theyre amazed because they even say I sound so clear when I speak Spanish... like as if I was a straight up mexican born in mexico without an American accent trace in sight (relating to my voice lol). So i guess I got the accent pretty well in both languages. I hang out with my white freinds and call them ese as a joke lol. I call my mexican friends ese or wey too lol. its funny because we try to act like cholos, but we will probably never pull it off. we're pretty nerdy in my opinion hahah :) #nerdforlife! haha Maybe the accent part has to do with the fact that I learned both languages at the same time I started talking. who knows. this one time this chick was doing her Spanish hw and i obviously zoomed through it like the proud mexican I am lol and i asked if she needed some help and she literally thought I didn't know how to speak the language because of how I talk in English. AHH!! LOL! I just find it offensive !!! like people assume we all talk a certain way! Mhh one more thing... MY MUSIC TASTE! I'm into everything.. I mean everything... blink-182, yellowcard, all time low, fallout boy, all American rejects, my chemical romance, mayday parade, luke byran,, dan & shay , hunter hayes, cam, drake, chance the rapper, kanye west, all the way to banda banda banda. tamborazo. I've been listening to a lot of rock music lately, (i also joke around with my friends on how emo we are because of how many rock bands we listen too haha and how we all relate) but as you can see my music genre is everywhere. I'm very proud to be mexican and people should defiantly stop stereotyping Mexicans tbh. sorry this is all over the place im typing this from my phone :) - you're emo chola white sounding mexican chick ! lol
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    • lushbomb

      by the way sorry for the misspelling! my phone was recently cracked and i can't see half of the screen

    • lushbomb


    • lushbomb

      also you're music taste is sick!! im catholic too.. but I also have friends who are like interested in all that devil shit and theyre also mexican and im like why!! Like they make fun of me because I am catholic and like pray and stuff. so this situation is kinda twisted lol. then my other friends do say that I listen to crap and that its just a phase. im like woah my music is not a phase! I dont listen to anything scremo tho... the hardest I go to bring me the horizon , but im mostly into blink-182, yellowcard, panic at the disco, boys like girls and other punk rock bands hahaha I JUST LOVE ROCK MUSIC i think it my favorite lol

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  • Paris13
    I have Dealt with it All, On Gag and Off, @Mario21.
    It Just goes on and on. It never will Stop.
    However, being as Nice as you are, Let it Go in One Ear, dear, and Out the Other. It's Today's Society and Who is in Office.
    Good luck and Thanks for Caring and Sharing. xx
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    • Paris13

      *Great My take!! xx

    • Mario21

      :) πŸ’œ

    • Paris13

      Thank you for the Like, @Mario21, and purple Heart will always get you far from the Start. xx

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  • alaysatlorp
    Dude I'm sorry for u but that song u posted isn't better then this by the guy you dissed
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    • Mario21

      No don't get me wrong even I listen to him (sadly lol) but I'm just saying he influences kids to be "thug" and swag and whatever the fuck he says to be. And have you met kids these days? It's sad tbh but I know I know I shouldn't blame it on him but u can't deny he is a bad influence

    • He's def a bad influence with his drugs and hoes but tbh I like his music

  • hotstuffSRD
    Stereotypes are everywhere
    People will judge you no matter what
    I'm Indian and idgaf about any stereotypes related to us cause it's not true it may apply on some people but not on most
    Most people likes me and if they don't they better stay away
    Nice take 👍
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  • RainbowFanGirl
    I didn't know you were Mexican. :( You should see all the bullshit people think I follow.

    "Omg you're black! Is that your real hair?"

    "You must be ghetto."

    "You're chubby you must not work out!"

    And more. It's shitty. 😒 People are not a stereotype they are individuals.
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    • Triss

      Gosh those people are just clueless so I wouldn't pay much attention
      I'd rather be friend with a black person who is chill and has a great heart than with a white person who is dumb asf pftt

    • @Triss thank you Triss 😘

    • Triss

      You're welcome 😊😘😘

  • ThisDudeHere
    "and probably have a bigger future than you so fuck off!"
    -But you don't prove yourself any better by dissing them.

    "I just like REAL music that takes REAL talent and has REAL lyrics."
    -Again, how are you any different if you also insist that your music is objectively better when it's all about your own personal opinion. Although I like metal, what if I just say that alternative rock is the 'real' music that takes 'real' talent and has 'real' lyrics? What then?

    "I'm just like you except I don't go around stereotyping."
    -But what have you been doing thus far in the take? Stereotyping.

    "Please stop making stereotypes and be a nicer human being!"
    -lol stop worshipping Satan first
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    • Mario21

      By real music I meant music that doesn't talk about drugs and sex and party time. And not only that they use computerized beats and not to mention the god awful auto tune in excessive amounts. Listen to Future and tell me wtf he's saying. I don't mind the music its just that I get offended when they talk shit about my music. And this nigga got no talent and rich AF while other artists are working their ass off with true talent yet don't get the recognition they deserve

    • "Deserve"
      -No one deserves anything. The ones that sell the best are the ones that are at the top. It's the way it is. I don't like his music either and I don't have to listen to it to know it sucks (can't anyway, don't have audio) - but I still can not in all intelectual honesty claim that his music is objectively inferior since that would still be my own opinion.

  • ProbablyTooMature
    I grew up white in "disadvantaged" areas. Sadly, it doesn't matter who or where you are, if you're the "minority" for the area you'll constantly have shit flung your way. It's sad really. I don't let color cloud my judgement, I don't understand why people still do. Fuck, I don't understand why they ever did.
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  • Saoirse_Nua
    Great take - I have learned a lot about you today - People who deal in stereotypes are not worth dealing with - In any interaction I have with people, I always go "Will this be positive/constructive for me", if not I ignore it as much as possible, can't be bothered with the drama.
    Just a final point I have a seen you around on GaG and as far as I recall, any interaction I had with you was positive.
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  • udolipixie
    In my opinion people are inclined to stereotypes as it gives them a sense of 'normalcy' ie something they can 'trust' will happen. Those stereotypes can be negative or positive however I imagine most people believe in stereotypes.

    "I just like REAL music that takes REAL talent and has REAL lyrics"
    Good god damn this is why as much sh*t 'mainstream' music gets I find the listeners to be way more enjoyable. There's not this seeming elitism, judgement, and music snobbiness of 'my music is real music' or 'only musicians of this genre have real talent'
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    • Mario21

      I just don't think songs with drug sex and violence deserves the attention it gets even tho even I listen to it too

  • FinnishBeautyGirl
    Yeah I get that shit too

    I'm blonde:
    If I'm blonde does that mean I'm stupid? No.

    I have glasses.


    And the list goes on.
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  • capabolicoius
    'Mom', " all guys in highschool just want sex, I don't want you to date until you're in college when the guys mature". " Relationships don't even don't last in highschool". 😑😑😑
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  • Triss
    Ehhh this is so bad man
    But I can guarantee you that stereotypes are everywhere.
    Even tho I live in a country that doesn't have many other races except of albanian people still bully me. Most of them are extremists muslims. But thank god I have a lot of friends muslims as well that support me
    So I wouldn't give a flying fuck about what dumb clueless people say
    I'm also judged bcs I like rap music
    Weird asf
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  • Ahmed_Sy15x
    same thing, I'm an Arab who was born in Persia, but people still believe I'm Arab.
    most of those stereotypes are jokes
    and OMG, Christians have the same thoughts on listening to music? i thought it's just Muslims who think like that.
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  • Luci92
    :/ sorry you have to endure through that.
    They exist for everyone, and sometimes they're not inherently bad, but the negative ones really suck.
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  • Jan1ssary_
    Go beat their asses holmes ! For Pancho Villa foo'..

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  • reixun
    All the somali pirate jokes, terrorist jokes, black person jokes, women jokes.
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  • JustWorthlessMe
    LOOK OUT!!! the Trump supporters here will want to run you out of the country!!!

    Because hispanic and black men make them feel small and weak.
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  • Afrochick
    I've barely heard of like half these stereotypes lmao.

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  • OrdinaryGentleman
    Killing people's bad mmmk.
    Racists are everywhere and all races have been victims of violence some more than others relating to race.
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  • txdiie_
    Omg the black stereotypes tho!!! Too much to handle.
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  • CupcakeQueen2000
    YES!!! Preach Mario!
    About 96% of those happen to me!
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  • Autumn-Bunny
    I'm sorry to hear that. Who cares though? Don't pay attention to bitter people.
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  • CorvetteGirl
    I know you're a nice guy. ☺️ Just from your profile pic you look sweet
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  • Dave20154

    something this country was built on
    religious freedom
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  • LadyTerror
    Nice take! 👍
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    • Mario21

      Thank you :(

    • Mario21

      * :) wrong emoji lmao

    • hahah I think this is the first time I've seen an "emoji typo".

      Do you live somewhere where there is actually a decently big critical mass of Mexicans?

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  • JoyGirl
    Well done! 👏
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  • John_Doesnt
    And yet you still support Trump as a "Mexican".
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    • Mario21

      Who said I did?

    • you do. you always come on this site talking about how Trump will make america great again.

    • Mario21

      No you fucking dumbass I say #MakeGaGGreatAgain or stuff like that to make fun of him... and no I don't support crooked Hillary either

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  • YourFutureEx
    Full support!
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  • SuicidalTeen
    Stereotypes are such bullshit
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  • iFarted
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  • Adigelunar
    dGood post