Women in Combat? Here's My Solution

Women in Combat? Here's My Solution

The women in combat question has been a hot button issue for over a decade and recently the Obama administration has finally brought the hammer down. So now it looks like our military services have entered into a new and Orwellian gender-bending malaise that satisfies nobody who considers themselves to be a patriot. So where did we go wrong? I think I have the answer:

Given the fact that we live in a post feminist world, I think that women should be required to register for the draft and to fight in combat if necessary. My only issue with this is the policy of forcing women into a traditionally male fighting force. IMHO, the women should have their own separate army, navy, marines and air force divisions which can be deployed when and where needed.

The only reason why we don't have this arrangement right now is simply because the feminist social engineers are actually communists destroyers who are dedicated to the dismantling of our military and who hate the men who are trying to defend our country.

In the real world men's and women's sports are separate. We have men's professional tennis and women's professional tennis. We have men's soccer and women's soccer. We have men's basketball and women's basketball, etc.,..... The same thinking should apply to the armed services.

What is your opinion? Do you think that Donald Trump will try to correct this military gender bender that the Obama administration has shoved down our throats?

Women in Combat? Here's My Solution
Women in Combat? Here's My Solution
Women in Combat? Here's My Solution
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  • miamigirl1970
    I am far from a feminist, and yes women are divided in professional sports, but at the high school levels now with Title Nine, if a girl wants to play a sport and they don't offer it for girls, like football, then she is placed on the boys team. I know of a team where the girl is their kicker... do I think that is right? Probably not, but I do believe it should be all or none... if a woman in any position is put there, she should not be put there as a token. She either earns her place 100%, or she doesn't get it. Not just in the military either. In a time where equal rights and equal pay are on the rise, your idea might be casting aside all the hard work and advancement to date. Good My Take though
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    • Title Nine is about high school fun and games. I'm talking about real world national survival here. However, the Title Nine dilemma is exactly why I think that we need exclusively women's divisions in all arias of the military. The situation, as it stands right now, just isn't working out for the guys and this gender bending is hurting moral and is brings out the worst in our fighting men. Witness the Tail Hook scandal and the many other sexcapades since then. When it gets to the point where our infantry men are actually being ordered to march wearing high heals (and don't laugh, this really happened) so they know how a women feels then you know we have a major problem. The politics in this aria is absolutely disgusting and it's making a total mockery of the real men who are serous about defending our country.

    • I understand Title Nine to be in a different situation, but my point to that is they are instilling the equal theory early on. I believe your ideas to be great, I am not a feminist, but my point is our culture and society are clashing, two ways of thinking, not one solidified way. Women can't be separate and equal at the same time in some views and ways of thought, therefore most would consider your idea one of lacking advancement. Personally, if it has been proven to work in other places, maybe we should learn from that.

    • My theory works great in the sports arena. If Serena Williams had been forced to compete in men's tennis then she'd be a nobody. As it is, she's a strong heroine that I really admire! I'd like to see the women in our armed forces given the same freedom - but without the cohesion.

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  • Phoenix98
    honestly I don't agree with women having combat positions especially when they lower the standards to accommodate them which puts everyone in danger because the training is lowered which results in weaker soldiers. Not to mention there have a been some pretty serious issues with female leaders overseas and in leadership positions and it causes a whole other mess of problems as well.

    call me old fashion but the battlefield is not a place for a woman.
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  • Blitzkrieger
    Kurdistan's all female Peshmerga forces work just fine. They are very successful against ISIS. isn't it embarrassing for western feminists that Muslims do equality better than they do?
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    • Yup! We'd get the best out of our women and men defenders if it worked this way. But, alas, the feminist lobby really does hate our military.

  • cipher42
    Uhhh, kid y'know that feminists are actively fighting against the root causes of these sorts of issues? Also that most of the reason feminists don't support this is because feminists don't believe in the draft at all, not because they think it should exist but be unequal? ALSO, you know that there hasn't been a draft since 1973, and that draft registration hasn't been enforced since 1986? Like, get your facts straight maybe.
    • The draft could always be brought back if a major war breaks out and then how will women be treated? Also, just recently Hillary Clinton was calling for women to be registered and drafted if necessary. But really, this My Take is about completely separating our male and female military personnel, regardless if our military consists of all volunteers or a mix of volunteers and draftees.

    • cipher42

      @castratedwhiteguy: The Department of Justice and Selective Service has agreed to suspend any prosecutions of those who don't register, so not really tbh. But as for the whole thing about separating men and women in the military, your reasoning is flawed. You cite sports as an example, but in sports such gender mixing isn't generally allowed because people actually compete in sports, so it's more fair to separate the categories by gender. But in the military, there's no such issue, so what's the problem?

    • Lowering standards to accommodate women is a problem that hurts our readiness and undermines the moral of many of our fighting men. If we separate by gender then we can begin to remove gender politics and sex scandals from our military ranks. Of don't you care if your tax dollars get spent in the best way possible?

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  • LiveFreeorDieHard
    If a women can pass the same standards held by the men then yes. But I don't think most women could but I think the ones who can should be allowed to.
    • Those women would be much better leaders in an all female fighting force. As it stands now those women are a poor second compared to the best men in our armed services. Better to completely separate the genders.

    • That's not how the army works. It's one team, one fight force.

  • Adigelunar
    goood one
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  • Anonymous
    "women should have their own separate army" yeah, because a troop of women TOTALLY won't lose against a troop of men. Women shouldn't be allowed in combat because studies show that women in combat decreases military efficiency. That puts our entire country - of women, children, and MEN - at risk.
  • Anonymous
    so where I come from women have been allowed in the military for some time and are frequently entering through various quotas and what not. Now I would like to emphasize that our army is more of a peace-keeping force than fighting force. As such having a mix of both genders is highly valuable. You would be surprised how many people will open up more to a woman than a man.

    With that said, the part where men and women are exposed to different standards for the same task is certainly volatile to any army's strength. I know some friends of mine served together with a girl who's backpacks and rations they had to take turns carrying because she was unfit for the task. The girl in question was being fast-tracked to become an officer.

    Now on a related but unrelated note: Women are known to be better snipers than men (as far as the actual shooting goes). The main reason being that women hesitate far less when it comes to shooting your target.