"Most" Women Love A Gentleman

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So on GAG you often see guys commenting how civility is dead and how feminism killed it etc..

Most Women appreciate these things and this is what you should do for a date..

"Most" Women Love A Gentleman

- Open the door for her.

"Most" Women Love A Gentleman

Most Women love to be treated with respect and like the door being opened for us, Not because we're helpless and can't open the door ourselves but because it shows you're respecting her, believe it or not most women do like this, and will not be rude or offended by you doing this.

-Treat her with Dignity/Care about her needs.

"Most" Women Love A Gentleman

Women in general like to feel special, If you're considerate of her needs and make sure she's happy and comfortable she will appreciate this, look at her body language and check to see if she's doing okay, and she is happy or comfortable with whatever you're both doing.

-Respect her opinions.

"Most" Women Love A Gentleman

Even if you don't agree with her beliefs make sure you don't put them down, you're allowed to have different opinions and not feel the same way about things, but make sure you don't make her feel small or stupid for not feeling the same way as you do on things.

-Offer her your jacket if she's cold.

"Most" Women Love A Gentleman

I love it when guys do this, and know many women who like it as well, most times a guy has ever offered me his jacket i've never actually taken it, but the fact he even offers to give me to begin with is always a sweet nice gesture.

-Buy her flowers.

"Most" Women Love A Gentleman

Not all women like or care for flowers, but it is always a sweet gesture and is certainly not going to do you any harm, most girls i know would like this and would make them feel special and appreciated, so maybe ask her what her favourite flower is to get or if she doesn't like flowers to get her something else as a little small gift.

-Pay on a first date.

"Most" Women Love A Gentleman

This seems to be a very unpopular opinion on GAG but most women i know in person, want the guy to pay for them on a first date at least, if they don't want that then they will offer to spilt with you, but at least offering to pay for them is the gentlemanly thing to do, in every single first date but one i've been on the guy has automatically paid for the date, which i appreciate and think is the chivalrous thing to do.

-Don't expect anything physical.

"Most" Women Love A Gentleman

Being a gentleman means a guy would not be sexually pushy, he will wait until she is comfortable and ready and does not try anything unless she instigates it, not expecting anything until she is ready is important on a date and shows you have respect for her and are a decent guy.

Here is some points for a successful first date with a woman who appreciates these things like myself.

Most Women are NOT crazy feminazis and will like this stuff, So too all the guys that do this stuff, carry on being you because you're amazing and are appreciated <3

"Most" Women Love A Gentleman

Thanks For Browsing :)

"Most" Women Love A Gentleman
"Most" Women Love A Gentleman
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  • OlderAndWiser
    I was taught to do all of these things when I was in a fraternity in college. Except. . . I don't just pay for the first date; I pay for every date. Not every woman wants a gentleman, but the woman I am interested in wants a gentleman because she is a lady.

    Saturday night, I said to my date, "The woman I want knows to wear her pearls on a nice date so she can look like a classy lady and impress a man."

    She paused, glanced downwards, and then replied, "I'm wearing pearls tonight."

    I responded, "Yes, my dear. You certainly are." And the evening ended with a sweet and tender kiss.

    I'll be seeing her again soon!
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    • Arabian911

      i used to be a gentlemen until my first date told me i'm patronizing her and i'm sexist, in that moment i knew the world has absolutely nothing with the movies or all the damn books i read

    • DamnMan

      "I was taught to do all of these things when I was in a fraternity in college. "
      That was the first time I've ever heard anything good about a fraternity. Please tell me more.

    • @Arabian911 If your first date had eaten the feminist pablum, I'm sure that is exactly what she said, but I don't think that represents the majority of women. Most of them will let you slide because they have lowered their expectations but I have talked to many YOUNG girls (early 20's) who say that they want a guy to be a gentleman.

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  • Plumy
    My boyfriend is my ❤️ lovely gentleman and this take reminds me of all the sweet things he does for me, I miss him so much...
    Thanks for writing it 🌟
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    • I am a gentleman because I love doing anal to girls

    • Plumy

      Thank you for the interest in replying me, but it is irrelevant to my opinion ╮(. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)╭

    • I mean if he is gentleman he done anal to you.
      But you sound naive so it means he didn't do anal to you so he is not a gentleman.

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  • JimRSmith
    Well said.

    A lot of the guys who whine on here about not being able to get girlfriends would be surprised at the difference that this kind of stuff can make.
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    • I can tell you're a guy who is probably very well manned and knows all these points!
      I'm sure your girlfriend feels very lucky to have a guy with these values, and this is why you're not one of the guys sitting behind the screen moaning about why you've never been in a relationship before :)

    • I know this stuff and do it (with a select amount of girls) and I'm single. Doing all these things will not guarantee you anything at all in dating. I'm not single because girls don't like this stuff, I just admittedly don't put myself out there that many times a year.

  • Oram52
    ""Most" Women Love A Gentleman"
    >> I agree, I am all for chivalry and men should act like gentleman. Being a gentleman is becoming outdated tradition. However guys should act like gentleman but what should girls should act like? If guys are gentleman what exactly are girls offering in return equaivalent of men being gentlemen? What is girls equivalent of gentleman?

    "-Don't expect anything physical. "
    "Being a gentleman means a guy would not be sexually pushy, he will wait until she is comfortable and ready and does not try anything unless she instigates it"

    Why wouldn't I expect anything physical? Doesn't make me a less of a gentleman. I agree gentleman should be considerate and wait, but there's a limit I am willing to wait. If she is is not into it then simply move on. That doesn't make me less of a gentleman.

    Also what if she was promiscuous? So she was busy hoeing around but now expects a guy to wait? What such guy should simply sit and wait for her command? Don't get me wrong I would never date a promiscuous girl. But point is for such girls it was ok to fuck guys they barely knew yet what now guys should wait?

    Sex is vital for relationship, sexual compatibility is important. I completely agree with her being completely comfortable. But if she seems to be using sex as a bargaining chip then its a redflag. Not wanting to continue dating her at this point doesn't make me a less of a gentleman. I would not stay in a relationship where we're not sexually compatible.

    Girls don't instigate things, girls don't instigate anything. Guys take the lead. So guy would have to take charge. Which doesn't mean he wouldn't take her feelings into consideration but he would still instigate.
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  • englisc
    The thing women like yourself don't understand (and I'm not saying this trying to insult you or to be a dick) is that when men say these things it's because of the way women act when they do these things. Many guys try to be chivalrous and to act like a gentleman when they first start dating because it's what we're taught is the way to impress women. But then those women most often lose interest.

    Perhaps they're not used to it because they've dated a lot of guys who don't act like that (who tend to be more confident, more likely to approach and ask a girl out on a date), and they find it weird. Perhaps they have that feminist belief that chivalry is degrading and sexist so they don't like it. Perhaps they just find it to be a little too old-fashioned. I don't know. We don't know.

    But when you do something over and over again and it doesn't work, well then you're bound to think that it just doesn't work and that they don't really want it. Especially when you see those same girls go for a guy who is the complete opposite.

    Women very often confuse guys because they say that they want something but then they go for something completely different. Another example would be those women who want a guy to open up and to be senstive, to express his feelings. They think that guys are silly for being afraid to do so. But they don't understand that the reason guys don't do that is most likely because they already have done in the past, to girls who encouraged them to do so, and then once they did those girls ran away quick as a flash.

    It's all good saying that you want these things but actions speak louder than words. When girls do this, as in saying they want something then running when guys give it to them, it's so confusing.
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  • Guanfei
    Do everything for her and expect nothing in return because she'll treat you as the "nice guy", aka free meals and gifts.
    Being a gentleman isn't treating every woman like a princess. That is not being a gentleman, that's being a milk cow.
    Being a gentleman is treating nicely women who deserve it. Not every spoiled brat thinking they're entitled to get free stuff because they have a vagina.
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    • Of course, these guys should obviously only treat women who show themselves to be worthy this way, sure.

    • This^^. They have to prove it to you that they're not one of those people first. Trust is HUGE and it's borderline impossible to find nowadays

  • Obfuscate
    i open the door if i get there first, regardless of gender... if someone arrived at a door and waited for it to be opened for them i would, but it would be very odd... car doors are highly variable, but i tend to just do whatever feels most natural in the situation...

    i think everyone should be treated with dignity regardless of gender also, though i don't much like that word respect... if i just met someone, i have no reason to hold them in esteem... respect is a feeling, and telling someone how to feel never works how you think it should...

    i do always offer anything warm i have on to a woman spending time with me or in prolonged proximity (if they appear cold)... if they turn me down, i offer again if they look like they are becoming even more uncomfortable...

    i pay for every date i schedule, and expect to split the bill if it was their idea...

    as for not expecting anything physical, that is kind of like respect... expectations aren't always based entirely on logical thinking... it is easy to have expectations (or a lack there of) based on past experience... having an expectation isn't the same as making a demand... you have no more right to be offended by their expectations than they have to be by a refusal... i think treating people with dignity would mean not trying to force your expectations on others... if people don't behave as other people feel they should (whether that means opening a door or having sex), the other person is always free to not see them again...
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  • BigGuy8
    I like the meme saying "I want a gentleman, but not a gentle man". I feel this is more accurate. A lot of women tend to walk all over "nice" guys who let them do whatever they want. These are the guys habitually cheated on. These are the guys constantly following their significant other around like a lost puppy. These guys open the door for their woman. They always pick up the tab. They put their coat down over a puddle in the road. They suffer so their woman doesn't have to. They let women degrade them in public and never talk back. They don't ever take them on the couch or in a dark alley. They don't rip her clothes to ravage her on a whim. I've tried the whole "gentleman" thing myself, and found most women, while they appreciate the gestures, do not really respect you for it. So I found the middle ground, where I can be courteous, but still aggressive. You want to take care of her, but not sacrifice your own comfort for it. You want to surprise her with sweeping her off her feet and taking her unexpectedly, while still being romantic. You want to take her out to dinner, but have her for dessert. The sad truth is, many men find being a gentleman can make them look weak or directionless. Like you can only do what your woman wants you to or lets you do. She's always first, you are always last. This is why they say "nice guys finish last". It's mainly the man's fault for taking being "gentle" too far, and the woman's for exploiting it every chance she gets.
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  • FýrdracaDócincel
    This all seems pretty straightforward and difficult to argue with ((as much of it is either true or entirely subjective based on the woman in question)). But there are two MAJOR problems here, and one smaller problem.

    1. "look at her body language and check to see if she's doing okay, and she is happy or comfortable with whatever you're both doing."

    At this point, I've given up entertaining this idea that us men have to instinctively know EXACTLY what the slightest hint from you is supposed to mean. I'm willing to try and read things out up to a certain point. But anything past that point is YOUR responsibility to make heard. I've treated girls downright ruthlessly in the past because I misread them at some point and they got pissy about it with me WEEKS after the fact. Spit it out or suck it up. I'm done.

    2. "he will wait until she is comfortable and ready and does not try anything unless she instigates it"

    It's one thing to wait until she's ready, it's another to be sexually reactive. You can spew as much morality crap as you want, fact of the matter is that most if not all women want the man to be the proactive one. This doesn't necessarily mean doing anything to "force" her or even "pressure" her ((newsflash feminists, they're NOT the same thing)). It could mean simply making your desire known and gradually "turning up the heat" until it naturally reaches the bedroom, little by little getting more passionate and stopping if she gets uncomfortable.

    This actually helps guide her out of her shell quicker than if the guy were to simply wait, and helps ensure that, when she does become ready, she's ACTUALLY READY. This is really important because I often see that, in situations where the guy just sat around, the girl is only ready out of a desire to "get it over with" or to avoid losing him ((I guess you could possibly call it a "pressure" ;) )) as opposed to a genuine desire for him.

    Now you could possibly argue that even this will make some girls feel rushed. But those tend to be in the same lot as the girls in point 1, so I personally find it very difficult to give consideration to their stance on the matter.

    3. "Even if you don't agree with her beliefs make sure you don't put them down, [...] stupid for not feeling the same way as you do on things."

    There are opinions and there are facts. If I see logical flaws, I go in for them. I simply cannot be with a woman who lacks a brain.
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  • HelloEH
    I agree and I love it, this beautiful gentleman treats you well especially if it's the kind of want to be in charge.
    BUT, girls, be kind and show him that you feel really pampered, not only after his money (yes, how many women I know with this bad attitude...)
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    • OMG a girl finally said it. Girls have never shown me anything. I've not been accepted by a girl yet.

  • Unit1
    "-Pay on a first date."

    This is *exactly* why I have been single my entire life until even today. Because I could not (financially) afford it I did not even bother.
    No surprise.
    So I'm not a gentleman.

    But at least now my money problem is not so severe anymore. Phew.
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    • Unit, if i really liked a guy and he couldn't afford a date i'd pay for it, honestly its more the principle for me the fact they would.. so i can't be the only women who feels this way.

    • Unit1

      As much as I admire this, I would really prefer dates, that cost almost nothing (public transport not included in costs) and are more about having quality time together.

      I just believe, that those restaurant dinner dates are appropriate at the time as soon as a relationship has been declared as official (this is around the time when couples are starting to have sex (that is if both parties want to have sex)). Kind of like the icing of relationships.

    • I have been on dates which cost nothing as well, its completely fine :), its about the persons behaviour and how they treat you just as much as anything else.

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  • BruceJender
    I disagree with this, almost entirely.

    These are almost all traits a typical "nice guy" would have.

    I'm not saying you shouldn't treat her with respect, etc... but what *most* women want is a man with drive and ambition - a man who is CENTERED.

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    • Sure, everyone isn't attracted to the same thing, but i know me and many other women... find these things very attracted.

    • LOL @ the name "Bruce Jender". Best. Name. Ever.

    • And I thought most girls “don’t know what they want” anyway?

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  • Logorithim
    These are the basic things a gentleman should do. Why wasn't picking her up for a date ad dropping her off at home afterwards not mentioned? Is that not part of being a gentleman?
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    • I forgot that one! totally true :) walking her home or dropping her off.

  • KnightCross
    "- Open the door for her." : if she allows me to walk in front of her, then i would do that for sure, but she is on my side it may happen that she is closer to the door than me so it will not happen

    "-Treat her with Dignity/Care about her needs.": of course, but then a constant dialogue is need, that's not an excuse for your shyness and closedness, we don't read women's mind

    "-Respect her opinions.": I respect as long as she has some degree of expertise in the subject, otherwise an opinion can be as ignorant and limited for her to open up her mind to new horizons. for example: if she doesn't know Economy and keeps claiming that it's better a socialist economy model than a capitalist one.

    "-Offer her your jacket if she's cold.": I will, if she's cold of course, it would be so much annoying to give your jacket to her when she doesn't want that. so girls say what you are feeling

    "-Buy her flowers.": Reasonable, but lads don't do that often. do once in a while only

    "-Pay on a first date.": maybe the best advice here, lads don't do the same mistake i did in the past (i didn't paid our first date and she never wanted to go out with me again hahaha)

    "-Don't expect anything physical. ": we guys have the right to expect it, your shyness should not inhibit a guy to get closer to you. even if it's only a kiss, so be it, do it lads, but for that you need to create the chemistry to make that situation to happen and then she will happily allow you to have a hot make out session

    SOURCE: Wisdom of a man who actually got some experiences with girls
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  • NewEnglandDude
    Sure it's kind and respectful to do these things and I do them all the time on dates. However, I think in today's gynocentric society girls see this as an invitation to kind of walk all over you. Oh he's doing all of this stuff for me, let's see just how far he will be willing to go. The other thing is that dating, at least at the beginning, is sort of a battle for power (not the greatest choice of words, but can't think of anything better right now). If you do all these nice things for girls you're giving them a lot of respect that may or may not be deserved. If you give this respect to women without them earning it I think it makes them see you as beneath them for whatever irrational reason.

    Over time, I've learned that girls need to earn a date and earn this respect from me in order for me to give it to them, and I expect respect in return as well, not for her to take advantage of me. The vast majority of women out there are looking to take advantage of men who act like "gentlemen" or at least that's how it would appear. I'd like to find a woman who genuinely enjoys this but she's going to have to earn my trust and respect first. Us men have value too you know, it's not all about the woman.
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  • _bunny_
    omg this is so sweet what i would love is to find this in a guy my goofball does the majority of these lol but yes some women loooove gentlemen
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  • torken
    I mean, for sure these are good things to do.

    I'm interested, in for the sake of equality, are there any expectations guys can have? I think it is fair for girls to have expectations of us if we can have some of them, but I'm not sure what is fair to expect.

    Honestly asking.
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  • RedRobin
    Yes, these things are very true. I just hate it when guys complain about woman wanting equal rights and wanting to be treated like this. Equality = being treated with respect and not being told you can't do something just because you have better boobs than men. (I don't mean to be all feminist or anything.)
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    • SinghSong

      Including being respected as an equal who's perfectly capable of paying for her own expenses on a date, opening the door for herself, or wearing sensible clothes warm enough to deal with the cold, as opposed to being treated like she's incapable of doing those things herself, or taking responsibility for her failures to do these things for herself, solely because she has bigger boobs? Or is that something completely different? You demand all of the privileges, while refusing to accept any of the responsibilities, and then you wonder why you don't get respected for throwing tantrums about it like spoiled little brats?

  • hasrett
    You just killed feminism.


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    • she did great, she acted like a real women who deserve be treated like queens, i had bad experience with feminists.

    • hasrett

      @lordhossein I agree.

    • thank you, i just spoke what occured to my mind, it madam happy that i read this take, so i can believe there are still nobel girls out there

  • MichaelN1991
    I agree and have always treated women with respect. Some women, don't want all of this though; they want to be independent. A lot of men don't understand these expectations though. It's unfortunate. Likewise, men should the same in respect, and not be taken advantage of either.
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  • Auctor
    Everything that you've described is the perfect fantasy guy. I think the only ones that I don't do up there is buy flowers because it's a waste of money they will just die. And I don't take my coat off because she is cold now. Now I will hold her inside my coat so we can both be a little warm.
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  • JDavid25
    Nice take.. Some women would be surprised when I open the door for them.. I was raised to be a nice gentlemen cause my mama and many women around me drilled it into my head.. LOL.. But I will always be a gentlemen to women.. Men too, but women are my target.. LOL... It's good to know that most women still appreciate it..
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