Starbucks Racist Arrest Of Two Black Men At Philadelphia Store

Starbucks Racist Arrest Of Two Black Men At Philadelphia Store

The Call that Started it All

On May 29th, Starbucks is going to close its stores for the day for racial-bias training after the arrest of two black men following a 911 call an employee made. Men arrested on the basis of their race. I was outraged when I heard this and had to go on multiple reliable news websites to ensure that it was indeed 100% true and found nothing about the incident excusable.

Starbucks Racist Arrest Of Two Black Men At Philadelphia Store

An Implicit Norm

I was drawn to this because it is clear that there is tension that could resinates in any person of the African American community when just going to public places. You just don't know if you will be viewed as anyone else or as a potential threat. This feeling should not resinate in anyone, yet the news keeps giving good reason to stay worried.

Starbucks Racist Arrest Of Two Black Men At Philadelphia Store

What is Starbucks Going to do about this?

Starbucks is going to offer training but it is clear that it is not because they genuinely feel remorse for the gentlemen regarding the incident and any terror or racial bias they might have felt, rather they merely see it as a fact they can bring up in court to hopefully come across as a company trying to improve or seem better in the public eye, keep customers coming and publicity positive, dust any wrong doings under the rug of protocol.

Starbucks Racist Arrest Of Two Black Men At Philadelphia Store

Who is really to blame?

The real problem is the manager who was in charge at the time of the incident who was dismissed. The men did nothing wrong, they stayed calm and just behaved like, well, people.

Starbucks Racist Arrest Of Two Black Men At Philadelphia Store

A Witness Statement Brings Once Overlooked Discrimination into the Limelight

The Twitter post of a person who video taped the arrest and was a witness of the men not doing anything that a group of white men wouldn't have done, is quoted below. They explained they were waiting for a friend and a white women commented that she was just sitting in Starbucks at the same time not waiting for a friend, just sitting there buying nothing and intending not to buy anything:

The police were called because these men hadn't ordered anything. They were waiting for a friend to show up, who did as they were taken out in handcuffs for doing nothing. All the other white people are wondering why it's never happened to us when we do the same thing."

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  • don't know whats wrong with you Americans, in Pakistan we don't sit and wait in a high-end caffe in Karachi (like these for hours before ordering. If someone did, they would get kicked out.
    I was working on a project with an American recently at a Starbucks and I felt bad for using someone else's business place to conduct my private work so I ordered even though I didn't really want to.

    • @shephardjhon They were not there for hours, they were going to order and they informed the employee of that and that they were waiting for a client who showed up to find the individuals arrested, we as consumers pay for the restaurant to be open and stay open and include "tables and chairs", people should feel comfortable in any establishment that is open for the public. People should not "feel bad" like a child for being where their money is going, this is not a restricted area, this is a coffeehouse.

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    • @HungLikeAHorsefly I agree. This is what pisses me off. But I've been the victim of that too and I'm not black. So saying whites don't experience it is not accurate.

    • @SirRexington who said whites don't experience discrimination?

Most Helpful Girl

  • I dont understand what makes this racist. In high school i was told many times to buy something or leave Starbucks included. But i guess Starbucks has been selling an SJW agenda for years it seems funny that it blows up in their faces once again.

    • The problem with this incident is they singled out the black men, they allowed the white people who where seated in the store to just sit around and do as they like, but when the black men tried to do the same, they called 911 and had them arrested. The policy is fine if it is for everyone, but when it is directed against a group on the basis of their skin, then it is an issue. They might as well had a white only sign on the door, at least that way people could be warned before they are mistreated.

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    • @harr1son But if the rule is to prevent people from sitting around without buying anything to make room for paying customers and to prevent non-paying customers from using the restrooms, then does it matter if they were causing a disturbance?

      The real issue comes down to whether this rule is enforced on white people. Obviously, it is not strictly enforced, but what if two white guys with braids, hoodies, sneakers, sweatpants, etc. were in the same place as the black guys? I have a feeling the manager would have reacted the same.

      I think there was a bias. Not against their skin color but how they presented themselves in a Starbucks. Starbucks typically caters to the professional and student crowds. Rarely does the blue collar worker or casual urbanite go to a Starbucks to buy their overpriced coffee. So it isn't that hard to imagine a person who is dressed or conducts themselves a certain way to be discriminated against when it comes to enforcing this kind of trespassing rule.

    • Like imagine if guys like this were hanging out in Starbucks without buying anything:

      Would be much different than this man:

      I think it is far more likely that a person (s) would be singled out based on their presentation than their skin color. After all, Starbucks generally attracts the young professional crowd.

      On the other hand, an establishment like McDonalds probably gets all types of people hanging out in their restaurants, from street dwellers all the way to white-collar office slave. I also noticed that in cities, most fast food joints have keypads on their bathrooms to prevent non-paying customers from using their bathrooms (the pin is on the receipt).

      This news and the way is being reported is definitely a gut reaction and indicative of leftists pulling the race card.

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What Guys Said 39

  • there is no doubt that you can say their loitering in the store was illegal (technically). there is also no doubt that this starbucks and most starbucks around the country do not enforce this rule. so it is an issue of a manager deciding upon whom to enforce rules which comes down to a clear bias

    • You have no proof that starbucks doesn't enforce the rule. You know they did this time, because people are going crazy, and only because the guys were black. You could easily find white people who have been asked the same, but you wouldn't know because no one cares, and no one talk about it.

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    • @Guanfei They weren't asked to leave; the manager just called the cops.

    • @zagor They were. Both by the cops and the staff. And they refused twice.

  • There’s always two sides to a story. If there is security footage of this incident, they should release it if they haven’t already. I’m personally skeptical that it had anything to do with race.

    Why is every racially motivated incident usually between whites and blacks? Secondly if it was indeed racially motivated, why is there a black police officer assisting with the arrest?

    I don’t mean to offend anyone with this, I’m just thinking critically.

    • Exactly. Very good points

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    • @xXiTacoXx Yeah, my bad. I didn't hear about that until later. Then in that sense, I think it was a dick move, especially since I was treated that way in Barbados. I was told to drink my beer on the beach, because the restaurant is for people who are eating there, even though the place was completely empty.
      I think people everywhere are just becoming more assholish now.
      But I still don't think it was because of their race.

    • @xXiTacoXx What I’m saying is that you can’t automatically assume it has to do with race just because they are black. Maybe it had to do with them being male, we can only speculate since there isn’t any security footage available.

      Obviously based on many twitter posts of this incident, it so far looks like they were indeed just waiting for someone, so under that circumstance it was unnecessary to call the police without a warning. Keep in mind that the policy in that specific Starbucks is that a person must make a purchase to use the restroom, there’s a good chance that the barista misinterpreted that policy.

  • For the record I've been kicked out of places for "loitering", laughing too loud, asking a cashier a question about how much the mudding are while she is with a customer... And I'm fucking white. I'm sorry this happened and it sucks that racism was the cause, but if you try and tell me white people don't get discriminated against either I'm sorry but you are just as ignorant.

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    • @madhatters4 You are right it is not the same situation, because he left when he was asked to. They had every right to kick him out.

    • @Jackblue why should they leave because they arrived early to business meeting (as is evident in the video when the business man they were meeting asks why they are being arrested)? as opposed to the poster of this opinion who discusses being disruptive in an establishment versus these two guys sitting quietly waiting for the 3rd person of a meeting

  • I wasn't fucking racist, dammit. They stayed there without ordering anything, which is against their rules. They were asked to live, by the staff, and later by the police, and they refused twice.

    Just because they're black doesn't mean everything happening to them is racist.

    • Exactly. All too often leftists spin a story to fit their narrative. It is race baiting and identity politics. It is very shallow to look at this at only face value. The guys are black therefore it was due to their skin that they were removed from Starbucks. Yet, as you pointed out, there is more going on here that has nothing to do with race. In most cases where the left becomes outraged due to "racism", it has nothing to do with race.

      As long as minorities feel they can use their victim status to lash back at authority, they will continue to paint this picture of racist police and white privilege. What would be better is to stop complaining about things we can't change and start working on the things we can -- ourselves.

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    • @freakyzeaky Ok so lets assume that i'm in a situation where there is real racism. What kind of things and signs should I look forward to if I suspect there is real racism involved?

    • @OjosOscuros2 Ignore him he is not worth your time, consider this Take a newspaper article, it informs, that is it. Comments that it sparks are just statements that do not hold any basis. Also many questions can't be answered, some you have to find within yourself, not everyone can give advice that suits everyone, actually no one really can.

  • They went to business, refused to buy anything, and didn't leave when asked. Tough. They were loitering and then trespassing. Then the cops asked them to leave nicely several times and they refused.

    They weren't arrested for being black. They were arrested for being assholes. The two just strongly correlate in the USA.

    • You wanna explain that last sentence?

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    • @SketchForger

      1. have a mutual relationship or connection, in which one thing affects or depends on another.
      "the study found that success in the educational system correlates highly with class"
      synonyms: correspond to/with, match, parallel, agree with, tally with, tie in with, be consistent with, be compatible with, be consonant with, coordinate with, dovetail (with), relate to, conform to; informalsquare with, jibe with
      "postal codes correlate with geographic location"

  • yo, do you believe these two massive guys just stood there calmly reading 1984 novel when they were told to order?
    a friend just told me about a 4 year old boy attacking them with a broken glass bottle when they told the boy to behave.
    a 4 year old boy.
    6'3 guys being told to order...

    It's a business, you can't let people come in and simply use your tables to sit around even if it's waiting.
    Your business falls to pieces. How much should they allow you to wait? Should they allow you to do it just because you think you have the right to do so?

    If you want to wait, then wait outside on the sidewalk as white people do.

    And how much racism in that comment from twitter: "why doesn't it happen to us white people".

    Who are you people and why can't you just be fair about things that happen in your lifes? Why every time someone says NO or that you cannot do that or that you need to respect the law, that you need to respect the common sense, you suddenly disregard everything and blame it on the "Racism towards blacks" card and suddenly expect everyone else to back off.

    How many white people haven't been called "white boy" by blacks? How many Asian people haven't been called nicknames and were made fun of because... asian?

    Let's not monopolize racism and also, let's not overuse it to counter everything that happens in your life that you do not agree with.

    And yes I'm a white man and I entered this coffee shop with my then colleagues. My colleagues ordered something, it was my turn. I asked for a croissant as I did not eat a thing up to that point and it was the middle of the day. It was the only thing to eat in there.
    Waitress: we don't have it.
    Me: Ok, then thank you, I'm not looking to order anything else.
    Her: "no, you have to order something".
    Me "I did, but you do not have it"
    Her "the house rules say you need to order"
    Me: it's not like we are taking up space for nothing, my colleagues ordered.
    Her: showing me the bouncers lined up at the bar.

    I left. I stood up and left. So did my colleagues.

    Fucking white and while I did hope their business burns down, I did not take it that far into blaming the arabs for the stupid idiotic rules of the arab owner running the coffee shop.

    I'm starting to get more and more outraged by outraged people that do not hesitate to place a "racist" label on everything, simply because it suddenly entitles their anger and protest and deviates the discussion from common sense.

    It wasn't racist and that's rather racist to make that assumption. Do you just assume that all white people are racist? Or just most? They where loitering, that is the policy of almost every single store, if you do not buy anything then you are not welcome. That's it, their is nothing racial about this. Its really repulsive that you would be so incredibly racist. They where loitering, the police came, they spoke to the men for awhile before arresting them because they where trespassing. Your not allowed to do what ever you want to do, you don't get to ignore rules just because the color of your skin.
    Also do you think that being a police officer makes you racist because their was a black police officer that was part of that arrest so unless he is racist towards himself, your conclusion is horribly flawed and is based only on your own extremely blatent racism.

  • Lol, progressives boycotting Starbucks. Please. They couldn't survive one day without their over-priced caffeine fix. Most don't even know how to make their own coffee.

  • There may have been white patrons who were loitering in there, but these men drew extra attention to themselves, by requesting to use the bathroom without buying anything. The men had refused to leave when asked to by the police three times. A white person who refused to leave I bet would have been arrested and because the police are not afraid of protesters in that case they would have been punished for trespassing. These men got off easy.

    • First, you mentioning the fact that they're "bringing attention to themselves" has nothing to do with the point. They said that they were waiting for a friend and said they were going to buy something. Second, you have to truly find proof of the fact that a white person who was sitting is going to get asked to leave/arrested. I'm not mad that this stuff happens, I'm mad that it keeps happening to the same people.

    • @harr1son White people are often asked to leave if they are loitering. Just read some of the comments below.

    • @harr1son As for them saying they would buy something a promise of a purchase isn't money. All they needed to do was buy the cheapest thing on the menu.

  • Jeezus, what if the manager was black? Would it be biasing then too? Or what if the people arrested were white? Would the liberals finally make their own coffees then? LOL.
    The police were called because these men hadn't ordered anything. They were waiting for a friend to show up, who did as they were taken out in handcuffs for doing nothing. All the other white people are wondering why it's never happened to us when we do the same thing."
    This statement makes me laugh, how many starbucks do you think there are in the country? Do you think if a white guy was arrested, the media would make such a big deal? The media directs all its sewage water to you folks and you drink it like its honey. Don't believe everything you hear. See multiple sides before you draw such a drastic conclusions.

    • @Chief16 If the races were switched the police would not have been called in the first place, I don't have to explain it because it is obvious. They singled these men out, the other people were free to do what they wanted, no threats, no handcuffs, but they did the same thing, only difference, their skin color.

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    • @taleswapper they were waiting for a business partner I still don't agree with their actions but still. It wasn't that they were focused on staying at starbucks for no reason.

    • @Caaarl Which does't alter the fact that they could have either bought something, or left; both of which would have solved the problem. The two men provoked the incident; they got what they deserved. Not because of their race, not because they weren't buying something, but because they refused to leave when asked. If two white guys had done that, they'd have been arrested, as well.

  • You gotta start making examples of freeloaders at some point. If they arrested a white dude, then the blacks would feel emancipated for not being the center of attention.

    • emancipated (freed) for not being the center of attention?

    • @Liisjak what kind of statement was that, people are not even trying anymore, tell this statement to your mom because I am not catering to your stupidity, honestly.

  • They got arrested for loitering... I personally don't find loitering to be that big of a deal, but it's the managers decision to give a shit, and a policeman's job to arrest them.

    Those are the facts, and we don't really know the full story. They were committing a crime, it's plain and simple, is policing a problem when it comes to racial profiling? Yes, absolutely, but this is probably the most petty example.

  • I've been asked to leave places of business before for not purchasing their product and/or requesting access to the bathroom. Know what happened? I left.

    • You do know it's not apart of Starbucks policy to kick someone out just for being in a store without purchasing right? Do you also know that they were waiting for a business partner to arrive before they were going to order right? I guess not knowing the entire story would cloud your judgement.

    • @xXiTacoXx I know the whole story. From beginning to end, the whole situation was too perfect, like it was staged. Only a matter of time before it comes out that it was a setup.

  • I'm surprised they didn't arrest the barista cause Starbucks prices are basically robbery

  • Notice how the lady said she sat there the other day for an hour and nobody asked her to leave? Well she's a she, DUH! This is race baiting pure and simple. You can bet they'd ask snow white to leave too if show white was a he. If anything I'll go with gender biased not racial profiling.

  • Well it sure is fucked up what SB did, put why are people puttin on the blame and the hurt on the police? Sure there are problems with cops in the States, but these guys got a phonecall. Came in, and took those boys with them without making a big fuss. Those policemen just did their job.

  • The Starbucks manager wasn't fired, She was transferred to a different location to reduce any publicity for her. She can't be fired because she followed procedure in calling 911.

  • I couldn't disagree more. I can't imagine being in a business and refusing to leave when asked. How many times were they asked? They should still be in jail. Has nothing to do with race. the cop was black, I guess you can fire him for racism, lol

  • You guys are talking about racism?

    • here is how it goes and how it will go.

      you: here is evidence
      Me: you're racist.
      you: what? look at facts and evidence and here they are. (gives links and documentation).
      Me: you're racist. (screaming)

      Society: Me wins, because he called the "racism" card.

  • If I'm not mistaken a business has the right to refuse service, to pretty much anyone they want for any reason they want.

    • They arn't even refusing service, they told them to leave if they arn't going to buy anything as the seats are for customers. And they didn't want to buy anything or leave.

    • @Arne123123 Yeah, they have the right to tell them that. Starbucks isn't a park or public library. Did they fuck up and not tell the white female doing the exact same thing to leave, yeah, that's bullshit. But they are well with their legal right to ask them to leave.

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  • This hits close to home because it happened in my hometown in an area that I frequent, in a Starbucks that I've been in many times. Here's the thing:

    1. I know several people that work or have worked at Starbucks and I've seen multiple comments from other baristas on different posts of this video that say it's against company policy for them to ask a customer about ordering anything.

    2. I'm a writer that also happens to be a Starbucks Gold card holder. I'm ALWAYS in a Starbucks. And I'm an observer with anxiety. So I'm always people watching. I've seen people come and not order anything and sit with their laptops for hours. I've seen people come in and sit and wait for others to come and THEN order. People hold interviews in Starbucks all the time. Sometimes they order, sometimes they don't. Never once have cops been called.

    3. I've been in certain Starbucks where I've come in and asked to use the bathroom and had no problems. And I've gone to other Starbucks where I've been told that I had to buy something to use it.

    It all comes down to policy and training. There needs to be a final decision made on whether or not the bathrooms are open to nonpaying customers, and then it needs to be taught to the employees. It shouldn't be on a store by store basis or left up to a manager to decide based off her personal preference. Same goes with "loitering/trespassing". You can't say you asked them to leave because they didn't purchase anything if they were waiting for a friend and asked to use the bathroom while doing so because if that's the case then the policy needs to also be changed to include that you must make a purchase before obtaining a seat. It'll get real tricky, real quick.

  • Here's the thing, Starbucks is a business. Businesses need to make money. And loitering is frowned upon as it may deter people from entering your business. All understandable.
    However, Starbucks doesn't have a firm policy on loitering. Policies are determined on a store to store basis. I've never been in a Starbucks in which a "No Loitering" sign or policy is posted, nor have a been in a store where people weren't loitering.

    I know that it is hard to understand the full story from a short video but these men weren't fighting the arrest, it's hard to believe that they were being disruptive beforehand.
    To deny them the bathroom is fine, if that's the store's policy. All that needed to be said was "You can not use the bathroom without making a purchase." Calling the police over the matter is absolutely ridiculous, especially after they were only there for 2 minutes, if that is what happened.

    These men were waiting for a friend, who is to say that they wouldn't order something after their friend got there? In my experience, when you go to a restaurant you wait until the whole party is there to order. You don't order your food and start eating before everyone else shows up.

    Along with the employee training Starbucks plans to do, they should also update their policies so that they are franchise-wide. Every store should have the same policies. If they're going to kick these guys out, they are going to have to kick out all of the students and professors that sit around for hours at my college's Starbucks without buying anything.

  • Well im white and according to my fellow whites im not tanned enough.. the other thing is, here in south africa if you're white you're in bigggg trouble cause people get raped and killed in their own houses. So i dont think its such a good thing to be white nowadays. I wish people can stay busy enough to not think about what races we are all day and start respecting each other a bit more. This world is super childish

    • nobody cares about whites in South Africa. Get out of there fast. There is no racism when whites suffer and the fact that black leaders in African Countries sing "kill the boer" it means a lot, yet UN - UNICEF - whatever NGO... they don't care. Even if you as a South African come forward and say you are suffering, nobody will care and will think you are biased or sour towards the mighty culture of black people. You might even get in trouble for being racist.

      I'm reading some horrible stuff about south Africa and when I told my SJW colleague at work, that South Africa is not safe at all, she suddenly started being aggressive. I just wish that some day she will actually get to travel to South Africa or move there for a while, so she has the chance to see the bad parts of the apple.

      Europe will soon fall down unfortunately. I was looking to say move to Europe, but in 10 years time, you'll have to move again.
      But go to New Zealand. Seems safe for now. Take care

  • And thank you for posting. I didn't get to the nitty gritty of what this was all about but I am so glad you did this MYTake.
    *Close them down for Good, Why Stop there? If it Starts with Something like this, God only knows what else is on the Star*cks' "Main Menu."xx

  • Were they wearing thug clothing and did they look like thugs? Would they have been arrested had they both been wearing a suit and tie and carrying briefcases?

    • Thug clothing? You saw the pictures, they weren't wearing bandanas or gang related clothing. They were normally dressed like any normal people. And even if they were wearing suggestive clothing, if their actions were not threatening then they should not have been arrested. You are the type of racist to use stereotypes against muslim people just because of a turban, or call the cops on black people for the sake of them being black.

    • @harr1son You clearly didn't understand shit that she just said. How is she racist when she's defending them?

  • I know nothing about what took place, frankly neither does anyone on GAG reading this because not one of us was there.
    I hate seeing this type of stuff on GAG, this is about race, GAG is about gender. Inevitably here it is posted by someone claiming to be outraged by whatever took place, and was drawn to it because it is clear there is tension building inside any person of the African American community.
    Even though GAG's claim to fame is 'ask anything " does this unfounded as of now " Racist Arrest " belong on this website?
    Without being there to witness exactly what happened the OP clearly feels it was racially motivated, even with one of the arresting officers being African American.
    To post an article such as this and make statements that until now are unfounded isn't what I expect to see when I click on GAG.
    I then ask you, what's the point?

  • isn't it because they didn't order anything?

  • just learned of this news. :-(

  • dont let facts get in way of you screaming racism...

  • This is not racist.

  • I think it's the manager's fault not the company since it's just a name. The manager should have at least warned the men that she was going to call the police. Who knows what lies she told 911 so they'd come over.
    I heard the officers didn't even read them their rights!

  • One of the cops himself is black.
    Funny how it is assumed that Starbucks (the entire chain) is racist and perhaps KKK based on the call made by one employee and, of course, the entire police force as well, since they made the decision of handcuffing two innocent men solely based on the colour of their skin.

    I think I will go with the "they disrespected the rules and the police", which sounds much more believable.

    • Why do you think one of the cops being black has anything to do with this? This is the employees fault. I'm black and I just think that the guys should not have been arrested. They should've been allowed to wait.

    • @harr1son I think they may have done or said something that granted their arrest.
      Either way, black or white, if the staff asks you politely to leave, why would you feel entitled to stay? Because it's Starbucks?

      As for the black police man, I just thought it's much more difficult being discriminatory against a certain group if one of them is part of your own.

  • I dont buy they high azz coffee anyways but at least theyre gonna train them not to pick on someone who being black. Im black and first time i went into starbucks to ask for a job application, they rushed me out of there. I tried not to think too much into it. I really just wanted to come out smelling like coffee haha. Screw them


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