Feminism is bad but whose fault is it?

Feminism is bad but whose fault is it?

So I came across a person saying that feminism should entirely be thrown away because there are women getting enslaved in Libya right now and no one is doing anything about it, and more things are happening worldwide but feminists only care about being able to walk topless and complain about mansplaining.

I do agree feminists like that exist and I'm not a fan of such people either. But I would like you to imagine two scenarios right now and then answer a quick question.

Scenario A: A Feminist social media post that asks for donation or signing a petition that will be used to battle FGM and 'ironing' in the middle eastern and African countries. Or something else like sex trafficking, child marriage, releasing rape victims who are jailed for adultery while their rapists are free etc.

This is one of the few cases like this that ever went viral even though plenty of women are still going through it right now!
This is one of the few cases like this that ever went viral even though plenty of women are still going through it right now!

Scenario B: A Feminist social media post of the picture of a woman publicly breastfeeding her baby, holding a placard that says 'any man who thinks my baby's food is meant for his pleasure is a fucking pig' or something just as scandalous and controversial.

Feminism is bad but whose fault is it?

Question: Which post is more likely to get viral? Which post is more likely to get more attention?

It's us. It's because of our love for scandalous things online that the misandrists get more attention and power. Remember, on the internet and media, any publicity is good publicity because even if you leave hate comments and you tag your friends to show how ridiculous the woman in scenario B is, it's getting more engagement, more reach, and it's more likely to pop up on other people's feed, unlike scenario A that most people just scroll by and it doesn't get much attention even though it's tackling a huge issue.

So it means that no matter how many feminist there are who deal with 'real issues', they never get as much attention as the controversial and scandalous ones do. As a result the scandalous ones are all the kind of feminists you come across online and you think that all feminists are like this when it really isn't true at all. And it convinces other feminist women that they also need to post scandalous stuff if they want to get more publicity, and it goes on like that.

If you want more good feminists, start supporting and donating to feminists who actually care about the issues that you believe should be solved.

Lemme know what you think about it.

Feminism is bad but whose fault is it?
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  • curiousnorway
    I support feminism in moderation, but I don't support people wanting men to have less rights than women - also called "Feminazi" or "Femi-extremists" on the internet.

    The feminism I support is something I prefer to call for "human right activism" or "egalitarianism". I think both men and women should be allowed the same rights and opportunities. That means economically, politically, socially, legally and career wise. Both men and women should be allowed to vote, have their own opinion, be allowed to own property, take care of their own economy, choose their own career path and so on. I also think it's up to people if they wants to follow the traditional gender roles or not.

    I do however not support that women doesn't allow men to have a say in abortion as long abortion is legal. Especially not when the men often have to pay child support. It's both the mother's and father's child - so the mother aborting the child if the father wants to keep it would hurt as much as regular murder. How the father shouldn't be allowed to force the mother to undergo an abortion, she shouldn't be allowed to take one without his say as long there were no danger for her life.

    I don't think "Her body, her choice" is about women's rights. It's more about the children's right. Children doesn't have the right to live by law in most countries before they're old enough; something I think is unfair. I support pro-life feminism, but not pro-choice feminism.

    Why I'm Pro-Life & My Answers To Pro-Choice Arguments ↗
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    • Hey this isn't what the myTake is about 😅

    • Badballie

      The women will walk over you and do as they please.

  • OlderAndWiser
    Sometimes, arguments about feminism occur because of definitions. What I think of as a feminist and what you think of as a feminist may be different things entirely. That should always be a starting point for these discussions.

    The point that you made is an excellent observation. What we read on social media, or what we see in news media, is a horribly skewed sample of information. Of course, the news media wants to propagandize and needs to maintain credibility, so they will try to dispel any notion that they are not an accurate and reliable source of information.

    The news media is not our friend!
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    • The post isn't necessarily about what is feminism or whether or not you are a feminist or agree with feminists. This was simply a response to many people saying that feminists don't care about 'real issues'. I just wanted to say that we are the ones who make negative people or negative content viral.

    • And you made that point very well.

    • Thanks a lot for understanding why I was trying to mean! A lot of people in the comments clearly didn't get it yet.

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  • ranaelucky7
    Our culture creates a black and white - us against them- Men vs women type of thinking that is toxic. And we as human beings think very much like children: “oh I don’t like them because they’re different” we don’t try to understand someone’s whole perspective and reasoning for who they are... so therefore we snap to this childish mode of understanding and thinking fueling a hatred and opposing sides.

    Check out Aaron doughtys videos on YouTube!
    Will change your thoughts forever. He will explain how our thinking is 3D and help you see how higher beings think and live in 4D and 5D - crazy stuff! 🧐🤔😬
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    • Feminism is toxic. It’s wonderful to take pride in who you are.. but bashing men is absolutely unacceptable and no better than the sexist men who they have been mistreated by. 😓 same as rasicm. Don’t stoop - elevate!

    • Feminism might be toxic but so is rape culture, honor killings, sex trafficking and slavery, child marriage, forced marriage, I could carry this on.

  • Goodwifie
    There was a call out to all who could possibly help a young mother on the verge of homelessness.
    She was raped by her step father an estimated of 1800 times over the years, she feel pregnant with his baby and when he found out he tried to beat the baby out of her. She ran away from home, her mother disowned her along with all of her family.
    We all pitched in and raised enough money to get her a decent rental with 3 months rent paid, grocery voucher and furniture.
    This was all started by a journalist Sheree Moody a known feminist doing her best to help this young lady who she had never met.
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    • Too bad people don't pay attention to them.

    • Shezadi

      Thanks for sharing the story.

    • Goodwifie

      @Shezadi I donated all of my kids baby things to my local women's refuge.
      Pram, porta cot, rocker, clothing, toys, blankets, highchair and maternity clothes.
      It took me two trips using my station wagon.
      I did it because I wanted to give to someone who has nothing instead of selling it all off cheap to people who could afford it.

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  • MlleCake
    Feminism isn't bad. Some issues feminists care about are obscure, but that doesn't make feminism bad. Dome feminists are very angry and say angry things. That doesn't make feminism bad either.

    Don't drink the Kool-Aid sister.
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  • hellionthesagereborn
    No because they where pulling this crap before social media. The SCUM manifesto (that called for the emasculation (removal of the penis) of men and shooting them in the streets as well as referring to men as nothing more then walking dildo's) was written in the 70s. Andrea Dwarkin wrote that all sex is rape because women are not capable of consenting to a man was also written in the 70s. The claims that abuse is a "power based struggle" and that men where the "primary aggressors"(even though statistically the exact opposite is true) was also done in the 70s. Now I do agree that the media that is more extreme gets more attention (part of the reason why every on is convinced the world is so terrible when in fact we live in the most peaceful time in our species entire history (for comparison its estimated that between fifty to ninety percent of people where killed by other humans in our hunter gatherer days (based upon current hunter gatherer tribes), currently in the US your chances of being murdered are.005% i. e. negligible. Yet we are told that we live in the most violent of times). So I think that yes that could be a small part of it but ultimately its due to the fact that feminist have infiltrated academics, have infected the sciences (mostly the soft sciences like psychology and sociology but also others (one scientist collected data showing that their was no bias against women in science that the apparent lack of women in stem was due to women's choices and that when they did enter the field they had fewer requirements then their male counter parts and would get higher pay then their male counter parts despite being less qualified. He was promptly boycotted and accused of being sexist (despite him having empirical evidence for his statements)) as well as them teaching it to children at such a young age that they don't question it when they get older. I think that is the real problem with it, the media (and peoples response to it) is just secondary.
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    • I do believe that bias exists for certain reasons.

    • what bias?

    • Bias against women in STEM

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  • Grobmate
    @AlphaGhost is correct. However; I must also point out that the first example is NOT a feminist cause. It may be championed by "feminists", but it is an egalitarian cause.

    Feminism is feminism. Radical is radical. Radical Feminism is a hate movement. A marxist construct to divide society and it is succeeding. To answer your question with a rhetorical question, (which I don't like doing), who owns the Media? The extreme Left, the Feminists. They censor inverse arg uh ments and stories to control what is seen. The reader is not at fault. The publisher is.

    Now that's out of the way, let's explore the actual term of feminist. It seems sooooo many women are confused... terribly confused.

    You CAN root for women's rights without being a feminist! You really CAN!. If you are one of these "Feminists" who ALSO cares for others rights, such as... ya know... ALL PEOPLE'S RIGHTS. Then you ARE NOT a Feminist by definition or identity-political ideaology. You are an EGALITARIAN. Please let that sink in. The world loves you and needs more of you if you are an egalitarian.

    If you are a "Feminist" whose hoky concern is for the rights and freedoms of Women... you are a FEMINIST. Your ideaology is toxic and divisive to humanoty ad society. It is also disproven.. all of it.
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    • No dear. As long as there are still women who need help in this world I will call myself a feminist and I don't care what people think about it. Feminism exists not to hero women over men but to challenge societies against social norms that restrict women and dehumanize them and as long as all of this is still going on I will remain a feminist. Feminism has always been this way and it will be. Only because your definition of it is different doesn't mean that its actual book definition is different too.

    • Honestly, anti feminist people sound like anti vax to me. Just how you can be anti vax just because you don't exist in a generation that didn't see the diseases that vaccination killed and you took it for granted you're looking for things to complain about. Anti feminism is nothing different to me.

    • Grobmate

      Well.. I suggest you get a non-egalitarian scenario at the top them, because you are invalidating your own argument. Another product of social justice misguidedly carrying on without facts. It's a pitty.

      I'm not your dear. I'm not female.

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  • SueShe
    Feminism only came to be because women have always been oppressed, even in our so-called civilized Western culture.

    It started with homo erectus, some 60,000+ years when women were the preys and used as sole objects for procreation.

    If you look back into the 1960's and see some of the reactions that some men display when they talk about women in politics and you hear comments such as

    "women should stay behind the stove and take care of the children. They have no place in politics"

    When you see that Nobel Prize bearer Marie Curie had to fight almost alone against the entire establishment to be admitted into the Université de Paris because she was a woman and basically was not intelligent enough to understand the curriculum, then you have the beginning of feminism.

    When, in 2019 women are still not represented by a minimum of 50% in upper management of most companies, even though they represent over 50% of the world population, then it starts to make sense that women fight for what they believe they are entitled to.

    Extremes are never good but how do you make your point understood if 50% of the population refuses to admit that they have the same rights, the same wages as the other 50% of population.

    What other language must be used to obtain this equal rights?

    If anyone comes up with a solution to reverse a 60,000 years old trend, then I am the first one to adhere to that solution.
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    • cavmanier

      "in 2019 women are still not represented by a minimum of 50% in upper management of most companies, even though they represent over 50% of the world population"

      This is the only thing you said that's relevant today. I'm not sure if you want equality of opportunity or equality of outcome. There is proof that there's in an equality of outcome. To me you have to prove that the outcome is from inequality of opportunity and then I'll be with you on this. Where's the proof though? Can you name me one female start up CEO? I'm involved in that community and I can name one. To me this is a great test because it shows you don't need a system or management to get to the top. You have to persevere. And there's no proof of women doing this here. Prove me owhere is that Apple or Google female start-up person? Why is there a hundred times more males? Is that because of the patriarchy oppressing women? Or is it because women are busting their ass creating stuff?

    • cavmanier

      Fail voice recognition at the ending there. Hopefully you'll understand what I'm saying.

    • @SueShe but modern day feminism is not about any of that stuff it is only about man hating that is what it has turned into

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  • SocialTwerp
    In my opinion feminism in the beginning was pretty awesome but soon it became something that pushes men down and pushes women over them in importance in the popular version of feminism. I more identify with humanism movements because yeah the women in lots of places have awful rights but guys need to be helped too. I agree totally that we are naturally attracted to radical attention grabbing crap. I just wish they would just stop and try to just help everybody.
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    • Feminism was never 'awesome', it always faced backlash and still does. No one ever found feminism amazing or welcomed feminists with flower garlands. That's just the harsh truth of life. Only because people don't welcome it doesn't mean that they don't need it.

    • When I said awesome I mean it fought for ideals that I believe are very important. I'm sorry if I offended you or misspoke.

    • The fact is dear, when feminists advocated women's education, in those days no one thought that it was an awesome cause, they were leaving against those basic things too. It's been centuries since then and it is because those feminists could make a difference that today we feel they did an amazing thing.

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  • morimeme1
    I agree that there are feminists who care about the wrong things and go too far but I feel like you chose a bad example. Making breastfeeding mothers go feed their baby in the mall bathroom while you see practically naked women on any other ad is ridiculous. If a woman breastfeed her child on the bus she gets angry stares or comments, if she does not and her baby cries because it is hungry - again angry stares or comments.
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    • Twenty2

      I will give lovely stare myself 😍 will a mother be comfortable with it? I don't think so.

    • morimeme1

      I did not get what you were aiming at, sorry

    • The point wasn't public breastfeeding being a bad movement, the point was something controversial and scandalous. You can have your own opinions but my only point was that we make viral what we find controversial or scandalous or whatever. I personally don't advocate public breas for several reasons (I'll happily write a myTake on it someday.

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  • SomeGuyCalledTom
    In my mind I view two basic types of feminist:

    1) Classical feminist
    2) Postmodern feminist

    The classical feminist believes in equal opportunities, and fights for women's right in areas and parts of the world they are sorely lacking. They fight for the rights of disenfranchised, abused, and otherwise "forgotten" women.

    I wholeheartedly support the classical feminist movement-- it creates a high tide that raises all ships. Men ultimately benefit from this movement as well as women-- after all, a woman may be a man's daughter, or wife, or mother, aunt, friend, etc. And most men view themselves as having a duty of care for the women in their life. So what's good for the women is good for the men.

    The postmodern feminists however, are a perversion of feminism's original aims. They claim to want equality, but actually their only motivation is power, and by extension, the systematic dismantling of men's rights. Their language is straight out of the Newspeak of 1984. They claim to champion free speech and free protest, yet regularly shut down voices of those who disagree with them (even other women, and especially conservative/ right-leaning women). Their policy is "deplatform, unperson, dehumanise". They reduce everyone down to tribal affiliations along lines of race, gender, age, disability, etc. They want forced equity and inclusion and diversity, and ridicule the idea of meritocracy and "earning one's keep". Their entitlement and inflated egos are entrenched even deeper via social media virtue signalling, targeted harassment campaigns, and college campus faculties whose sole purpose is to enable their toxic whims and Orwellian groupthink.

    The postmodern feminist is "feminist" in name only-- they only care about women insofar as doing so would advance their own movement. As soon as a woman becomes "problematic" towards the group's (often unspoken, yet collectively recognised) aims, then she will earn the full weight of their scorn and cry-bullying.

    These women are far more toxic than the "toxic men" they constantly rail against. And they get away with it coz people are too afraid to speak out and get targeted themselves.

    Men: it's very possible to support classical feminism whilst disavowing postmodern feminism.

    Women: don't let the postmodern feminists drag you down into the muck. Their road to hell is paved with good intentions and virtue signals-- see through the smoke and mirrors, and realise the maliciousness lurking under the surface. They are your enemy, because they don't support women's rights, they only support whatever confers power for their own movement. And as such, they often tend towards misandry, sexism, crybullying, cyberbullying, and all other kinds of awfulness.
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  • illkillu
    Meanwhile in the US the reproductive rights that were gained in the 2nd wave of feminism are being taken away! Feminism in the 1st world isn't obsolete, as long as there are people who want to take away women's rights, we will need feminism to stand against them!
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    • They are being taken away everywhere but I never liked how the attention only goes towards first world countries. Not saying that they don't need to be changed. The current things I'm finding out online are really disgusting and it needs to stop, but so do other things happening worldwide too.

    • boggij

      You have all the reproductive rights you need right on your fingertips.
      You have all kinds of contraception available day and night and you can even prevent pregnancy after you have sex.
      The thing that a lot of people disagree with is when you start to kill unborn children for no special reason right until the birth in some cases. It is highly debatable activity.

  • LogicBomber
    People won't donate to feminist causes because feminist are known to misappropriate funding.

    Would you donate money to the KKK raising money to help feed starving children or would you rather find a group you can trust to give similar donations too?

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    • That's your stereotype that every feminist will scam your money.

    • No, it's my understanding of the facts that most feminist lie and use political bullshit as a scapegoat to get money from stupid government groups and social fundraisers.

    • If you believe the majority is bad then support the good minority!

  • tiffany_g
    To answer the headline question, it's feminism's fault. First wave feminism was a necessity. Second wave on is just a malicious shambling zombie of a once vital institution.

    Women's suffrage and equal pay for equal work are noble endeavors. Once those were achieved the focus turned to securing as a right something that, if it would have victimized any other group of people, would be seen as a human rights violation. In the process they brought about a violation of the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment (women can unilaterally opt out of parenthood, men can only do so with the permission of the woman. Not saying court mandated child support should be abolished, but it does present an issue from a constitutional perspective).

    Now it's no longer about equality for women. It's about the supremacy of women. On a legal level women have a much lower burden of proof to prove a man to be an unfit father than a man has to prove a woman to be an unfit mother. Women draw shorter sentences on average than men for the same crimes.

    On a social level we have the whole "toxic masculinity" thing, otherwise known as that thing that kept our ancestors from being eaten by wolves. Men put their jobs on the line if they politely invite a female coworker to see a movie after work on Friday. If a man speaks to a woman on the street without being spoken to first, whether it's to strike up a conversation to get to know her or merely to ask where the nearest bus stop is he's seen as predatory.

    Frankly it's time to throw feminism into the wood chipper and focus on egalitarianism. I'm getting tired of watching my nephews grow up apologizing for being men. I'm all for ending female genital mutilation in Africa, but I also think we should end male genital mutilation here in the US. My support for topfreedom isn't a feminist issue. I'm not even feminist. It's an equal rights issue period. This one just happens to be a gendered issue.

    If a man leaves an abusive wife or girlfriend or gets thrown out of his home and can't afford a motel room or have anyone to stay with he shouldn't have to sleep on the street. He should have a shelter to go to the same as women in the same situations have.

    Children shouldn't have to endure an abusive or neglectful mother because the courts default to maternal custody and require evidence from the father that often can't be legally obtained. Judges with a bias toward either gender should be disbarred. I personally know a judge who would rather send a child to foster care than grant paternal custody. She shouldn't be a judge.

    Feminism is bad because it outlived its purpose. It gained full equality for women in first world nations, there are still quite a few issues that need worked on in the third world, then created inequality for two segments of the population.

    In first world nations such as the US, Canada, Great Britain, etc. we need to forget about feminism and just focus on human rights period. Female genital mutilation, child marriage, sex trafficking, none of those are feminist issues. They're human rights issues.

    By focusing on the gender of the afflicted you ignore equal atrocities. There are young boys trafficked just like women, then they're often killed when they get too old. There are countries where boys are kidnapped, castrated, basically forced to be trans, and sold off just like the women who are being trafficked. But since sex trafficking is seen as a feminist issue these boys are often ignored, and if they're rescued it's only a side effect of rescuing the women.

    Basically feminism is bad because it focuses on only getting half of the job done.
  • Miristheiss

    I'm not sure, or even what does fault mean.

    Historically, in the American colonies and in the USA, I'm not sure what "oppression" there was vs. myths commonly thrown about.

    Women couldn't vote at one point but to some extent voting rights have always changed. In the beginning not all men could vote either. LAND OWNERS got to vote. Land owners were considered ones that actually had a stake in the countries affairs vs. someone who was just passing through... kind of along the lines of... if it is your OWN HOME who will cherish it, take care of it, fix it up, invest in it... vs. if it is paid for by the government and it really isn't your home... it is someone else's money, you don't really care, you won't take care of it, you let it go and party in it and don't care if it is a dump... it isn't yours.

    Voting laws have always been evolving... women weren't targeted.

    Have women ever NOT been allowed to work? Women have always gone to school here in the USA... was it mainly women didn't need to work (even though some did) or was it mainly a child birth issue and an economic issue?

    Women had babies, that takes them out of the work force to have and raise babies. Remember birth control pills and the sexual revolution didn't come about until the late 60's early 70's. Many women wanted to have families and to be mom's... if they are doing that they can't be gone 40 hours a week. Women not wanting kids is been coming on more the last few decades. Many women that put of families for careers end up not being happy once they get into their 30's.

    Economically, a man used to be able to take care of a family by being the only one who worked. Doubling the workforce by women entering it and the high levels of poor immigrants that come in willing to work under the table to horrible wages kind of pushed the basic, middle class salaries down. Because of that, many times it takes two salaries to support a family now.

    The USA wasn't fully "tamed" and free of overt struggle until the last 100-150 years. Before that... life was SURVIVAL... not oppression of women. People worked all day long to be able to eat. There wasn't vast industrial farms that led us to easy grocery store visits to get food, there wasn't indoor plumbing, refrigerators, computers, HVAC units, electricity... people had to work hard to make it and the women were pregnant... them leaving the house to go to the "city" to work was an idiotic thought.

    Some women have always worked... I'm not aware of it being against the law to work but just not as many did it and they were teachers and dress makers and things like that.

    Society has changed and we've become more free. We have more free time to feel bored and unsatisfied, women biologically had babies and daycare centers in which other people raised your children didn't really exist. If you didn't want kids you didn't have sex. BC pills and condoms weren't everyday items.

    A lot of the "oppression" preached at women now... I'm not sure it really ever existed in the USA like they are led to believe.
    Men were gentlemen more in the past and were to honor women... now that has basically gone away. A woman is just another human. Men owe women nothing different than they'd owe any man they pass on the street.

    I'm not sure what the main issues women of the 60's mainly railed against. Today's feminism is just idiotic. These entitled, idiot 20 year olds in colleges in the west... having the gall to act "oppressed" instead of overtly blessed and entitled to live in a western country and all of the rights, privileges, freedoms, educational, technology, food supply, energy supply abundances we have.

  • AlphaGhost
    There is no way to turn this around now and every female in world that supported the movement is responsible for its current status now. They are raising idiotic points to support their claims,
    1) Young marriages while infact a female can have sex at the age of 13 and can give natural birth. The age of the 16 is very very safe for any girl for anything but still they complain about early marriages based upon the scientific point of view. The science on the other hand supports young marriages but even go as far as to endorse it from reproductive point of view.
    The problem is not with the young Marriage but its infact with the MARRIAGE-THING like She can't study, work and enjoy her life after that with her sole purpose in this world is giving birth to Child.
    #NO we have to update the concept of marriage and force to woman to work but some dead-beat useless lazy woman support it cuz they only want to enjoy the life (Eat and watch Tv).
    Its not the scientific or biological reason but its our social problem we need to work on and update. The female in ancient times used to work their ass-off for their family including crafting but modern supporters are dead beats.
    2) There is problem of the religion in the feminism too like the current movements are exclusively anti-religions and they preach Christianity values and then claim them to be scientifically sound.
    Hijab thing without considering the simple fact in East you can't survive with naked Skin under 52 degree C (130 fahrenheit) and for them being Feminist also means adopting Christianity.
    3) Male and female are not equal biologically and intellectually and they are created for 2 entirely different type of work load with woman having advantage in some fields while Man having advantage in others.
    like Man should become feminine while the females must built heavy muscles and do man intellectual Jobs and then cringe to science to support it without considering nothing in Medical biology speaks in female favour.
    4) Finally "all men are DOGS concept" which technically also makes her father dog and her bitch but we are not here to talk about it.
    There are numerous problems with this ill fated ideology and it failed due to it. I know you will try to attack me but there are HUGE problems that have nothing to do with Equality but only designed to hurt man.

    I am very Happy this ideology is dying cuz now we will replace it with REAL EQUALITY based on the thinking of our own Woman in third world countries with consideration of our own culture and religion working in favour of her. I am not gona lie there are some legitimate idiotic thing in our culture like DOWRY, some MALE'S (not man) hitting their woman and Child Abuses like forcing woman to select subjects that will help her parents to find good match (Woman in medical field) and carrier for good RISHTA thing.
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    • boggij

      Unfortunately this ideology is not dying. It is deep rooted in our educating system and other systems.
      When regular people turn against them , they keep quite for a while. But they are still in control in key areas.

    • AlphaGhost

      @boggij lol nothing is immortal even the Egyptians after the 4000 years of greatness died like nothing and now we desecrate their tombs for their knowledge. The 3rd wave of femi believes man are below us and our slaves and we should keep them there but 4th gen is d/f and girls actually started to care about the crime against the man by woman.
      The concept of Feminism is all about the Modern society and unfortunately we are nearing the WW3 very fast and it will be ultimate chaos after that and all the shit that claim superiority will be again weak and at the mercy of brutal society and Man.

    • AlphaGhost

      I can understand the asker point of view She is not feminazi and I am not speaking against her or specifically targeting her but we need to let it go... to built something better based on mutual respect for eachother.

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  • Shezadi
    I support feminism and we need to create awareness because women still suffer some brutal crimes including female infanticide, honour killings, domestic abuse, forced marriages, acid attacks and flesh trade. Anyone who condemns these acts is a feminist. The sad thing is that most crimes happen at homes like female infanticide, honour killings, domestic abuse and forced marriages.
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  • Oram52
    What exactly is feminism needed for in Western countries?
    Who's fault is it? ... Feminists themselves. Its called PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY.

    First feminist asking for help in scenario 1 is NOT needed, as many organizations do it. Feminists are one of the least likely to do it.

    Where exactly are these moderate feminists by the way in scenario 2, you just just made very poor excuse of bad feminists getting more attention. But where are these good feminists? Are they the ones writing articles in mainstream popular news? Their blogs? Other feminists websites? If that's the case you really wouldn't be making a good case for "good" feminists. If there was so called good feminist we'd simply point to them and say hey see different between radical and good feminists, yet that's not the case.

    Today third wave feminism is a political movement, not an egalitarian one. ACTIONS speak louder than words. In UK only 26% of people support feminism, that pretty much says it all. What exactly has feminism achieved recently? At the moment there main focus seems to be destroying gender norms, that there are no male and female. That's what shapes most of their current perspective. Lets not forget gems like Toxic Masculinity, objectification, rape culture, male gaze, male privilege yada yada. by the way there is NO wage gap, its a myth, myth still sustaining feminism.

    Here's what feminism had problem with recently;
  • chriscdi
    feminism isn't bad in my opinion, thats just women who agree on making things equal but there's women out there that take it too far and try and out rule men on everything and in my opinion thats not feminism anymore, i call those women feminazis, being a feminist is fine in my opinion
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  • Pink2000
    American feminist only “fight” for themselves. They don’t care about what’s going on in the next country.
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    • boggij

      q pink. What exactly are you fighting for?

    • Pink2000

      @boggij I’m not a feminist. I fight for what I believe in. I’m passionate about a lot of things that I’m currently working on.

    • boggij

      @ Pink. That is good.
      Young people should be passionate , but it can be difficult to find out if the cause is worthy.

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  • MedievalDestiny
    We have the ability to say what we want to say and human beings do tend to gravitate toward the scandalous, I agree. Personally, I struggle to see the war on women, and who is taking away their rights locally, in my real life. I do struggle with people who are so impassioned Ofer hypothetical situations that could happen in our world but haven’t yet... so I’m not a big believer in feminism. I may be shortsighted, but I know I grew to respect women. I live in a community that respects women.

    That being said, there is a lot of anger in the world, women who are very emotional, and I understand fully the need to stand up for what you believe in and encourage these women to do so, but there is a right way and a wrong way to do things. It’s sad that today’s world responds better to snark and crass messages and quick humorous memes than with thought-out, responsible positive messages.
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    • Many people complain that there aren't any feminists that do anything about real issues that women face and all regarding slavery and sex trafficking etc. Truth is, they exist. People just don't know them.

  • Passinggas
    Too late, nothing will ever turn this but a full catastrophic societal collapse. All men and women can do now is just try to save oneself and see if they are one of the survivors in the end.
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    • It's never too late. Change doesn't happen overnight it happens overtime.

    • Passinggas

      You are right. Rome took many years time to collapse.

  • xyz94
    No, feminism is not "bad". Why should women not have equal rights and not be treated in the same way men are, i. e. not objectified and confined to certain roles (stay at home mum/wife)?
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  • GuidoThePizzaMaker
    The biggest mistake in history was granting women suffrage.
    They actually lost political power due to it (I know this seems contradictory but its true)

    The 2nd biggest mistake was allowing all women to enter the work force, We essentially doubled the work force which has decreased wages and increased competition!

    3rd biggest mistake was sexual liberation of the 1960s. which turned western women into floozies

    Its totally mens fault for allowing women to do as they please.
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    • I can’t tell if you’re serious or if you’re just a troll.

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