"Blackfishing" I am proud to reject this societal pressure and be a strong serene White Queen👑💎❤❤❤❤❤

I'm sure we've all noticed the called "blackfishing" trend in which white women try to make themselves appear as not white, to me these women appear very neurotic and full of self hate so much so that the pretend to be another ethnicity.

Commonly perpetrated by females of European descent (white) which involves artificial tanning (spray tanning and tanning booths) and using makeup to manipulate facial features in order to appear to have some type of Black African ancestry.

The general point of blackfishing is for a female of European descent to appear of African, Arab, or mixed ancestry.

Some consider it to be equivalent to modern day “black face” because it capitalizes off the looks of historically oppressed groups of people by people who come from more privileged backgrounds.
“Emma Hallberg is a beautiful mixed race Swede.”

“No, Emma isn’t mixed race, she’s just blackfishing.”

“They want to be black without being black.”

There has been peer & societal pressure on me for some time from other girls, soceity to wear fake tan, or tan my skin in the sun, listen to black music, get BOTOX for bigger lips, wear coloured contacts , to dress more ghetto, to try to make my ass bigger and to get weaves or hair extensions but I'm happy bein who and what I am. I dont care if others think I'm too pasty white or my butts too tiny, or that I'm to think and need to be thicker, that they don't like my natural bright ginger hair or that my eyes are too blue, they can piss off.

We have White women getting butt implants, spray tans BOTOX in their lips to appear more like black women. Black women getting their skin bleached white, wearing blonde wigs and getting surgery on their noses so as to appear more Caucasian and some Asian women getting surgery on their eyes to appear more western and their cheek bones fixed. It's all crazy, leave yourself alone.
I'm a White Queen and that's how I will stay. Be proud of who you are and where you come from. Surgery, makeup, hair products, hair dye, spray tan, skin bleach, contacts will not change who you are on the inside or your ancestry.

"Blackfishing" I am proud to reject this societal pressure and be a strong serene White Queen👑💎❤❤❤❤❤
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  • Oram52

    People tan because they think it looks good it has nothing to do with trying be ethnic. Other women can have naturally looking thicker lips too not just black women. Its a non-issue, something trivial you're trying to portray as something common. Probably less than 0.1% of women tried blackfishing (something I had no idea actually existed hence my point).

    There is *NO* societal pressure to begin with, that problem doesn't exist to begin with, there is no blackfishing epidemic. So the its kind of redundant.

    You're Take just proves beauty standards vary. Not to mention if as you mention in other countries women trying to be blonde or bleaching skin to look more Caucasian, that negates your argument. You're just trying to find a problem that doesn't exist for reasons that don't exist either. White Queen is just something you conjured up. There are strong serene queens everywhere, be it White, Black, Middle Eastern, Asian, Indian, Hispanic whatever. All beautiful in their own way.

    That's not Ariana Grande by the way in Left pic above unless she got massive plastic surgery, and in second pic she's just tanned. She's of Italian descent you'll find people as tanned in Italy. Here she is in blonde:

    • janna_jcb

      Hate to break it to you but that is Ariana in both pics

    • Britantic

      @janna_jcb "Blackfishing" I am proud reject this societal pressure and be a strong serene White Queen👑💎❤❤❤❤❤
      Adriana Grande 10 years ago

    • Oram52

      Even with that pic its just difference in hair colour and she's tanned. I didn't watch any of Disney stuff :) I think that's how she got popular.

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  • lsjr16

    Hate to say it white people always have trying to be black since hip hop music become mainstream which began in the 1980’s. White people dress black, and say the N word and they get tans. Some say it tans help white people to look better I don’t think so. I am not shock white girls are getting darker. It is cool to be black alongs they don’t experience what it is like to actually be black. Example Kardashian’s and others are got plastic surgery such as getting their ass done why to look like black women , why cause it is attractive. People should feel comfortable in their skin.

    • Britantic

      Black people have been trying to be like white people since the 16th century

    • Shezadi

      Britanic that's true. Michael Jackson is a big example of that. He was originally black but made himself white. He also adopted white parents and married a white woman because he was not proud to be black.

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  • Salmon4056

    People must learn to love themselves. I don't desire to be any other ethicity/race but mine in my skin. I had heard of some Africans and Indians trying to bleach their skin to be light skin, which is sad and strange. And I did hear of these white women you posted in the above pics also Martina big from German. The only people I met who said wanted to change their race was a blond girl from high school who said she hated her race and family and a adopted white woman who mom left her at my bestfriends grandmothers house. I believe some of the people who have these mindsets carry self-hate or want to feel related to those they are close to. still it's all wrong

  • Lauren-green

    I just like to use a light tanner because I'm so pale I glow in the sun 😂 but I'm not trying to be another race or anything, It just makes my skin look nicer rather than be a polarazing white. I only use it occasionally. Although from the pictures you have shown, those girls are excessive with it..


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  • Adam_INTJ

    the amount of stuff you post about being a white queen and how whitequeens shouldn't intermix makes you seem like a white nationalist. Prove me wrong.

    It's stupid that people changing their outward appearance changes their identity at all.

    If you take identity in your race, then you don't have much character. The appearance of a car doesn't change it's functuion, just as you will be just as gross a person regardless of what skin you're wearing

    • Britantic

      When did i say White Queens shouldn't intermix and what do you mean by intermix?

    • Adam_INTJ

      My mistake, you didn't actually say that.

      I wish you'd talk about people as individuals rather than members of their race.

      From how much you speak about the white race and a white heritage, it seems like you want it to remain separated from other cultures--a separation which white nationalists espouse.

      I'm very conservative, so I don't go on any anti-racist crusades like leftists do, but I find white nationalism to be an antiquated idea supported by the most foundational left-wing values which I find abhorrant.

    • Oram52

      "When did i say White Queens shouldn't intermix and what do you mean by intermix?"
      Interracial relationships. If they have kids would the girl still be a white queen?

      I think what @Adam_INTJ is alluding at the way you keep talking about white queens it resembles the same kind of rhetoric white nationalists use.

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  • ShadowofRegret

    I am just going to ignore the "white queen" stuff and comment on the other parts of your take...

    I think people should stop trying to be things they are not, God made each race, whites, blacks, Asians, Spanish, He made them all, so why try to change what He made you to be?

    • Britantic

      Spainish are white.

    • My mistake (I was falling asleep while typing this because of not getting much sleep the night before.)

  • Hating your own race, for whatever reason is the WORST thing anyone can do.
    I've heard of skin bleaching, but have never heard of skin darkening. So thanks for sharing. It's stupid. You can't change your race, only the appearance of your race.
    I don't know why anyone would want to be black. Blacks are the most hated race on the planet and don't have it very good in this world.

    This reminds me of a joke,

    Three white friends are fishing. Suddenly, one of them hooks a gold fish.
    "My friends!"
    "Oh my God! You can talk!" one of the men calls out.
    "That's right! I am a magic fish. Let me go and I will grant you each one wish."
    "Are you serious?" one of the men asks.
    Having nothing yo lose, they let the fish go.
    "Thank you gentlemen, now as I promised I will grant each of you one wish."
    "Okay," the first man says. "Then I wish to be a black man."
    Poooooof, he turns black.
    "Oh snap, this actually worked," the man says with excitement.
    "It DID! Then you know what fishy, I TOO wish to be a black man."
    Hocus Pocus, the man turns black.
    "Oh snap! It worked! Look at us brotha, this is great!"
    "Okay, now YOU sir? What is YOUR wish?" the fish asks the last man.
    "I wish these two nlggers were white again!"

    • Shezadi

      I am a Pakistani and I hate my race, does that make me a bad person? I have good reasons to hate my race.

    • @Shezadi No. Not at all. Pakistani is a nationality, not a race. You don't have South Asian people.

      I'm Polish and I honestly don't like them either.

    • 3 snowflakes were offended by my joke

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  • leahzrc

    lip fillers aren't so that white women can look "more black," it is a cosmetic surgery, just because you categorized that big lips are claimed by the blacks doesn't mean that big lips are done to look like black lips. Lips are gonna be big on all races, lips are gonna be small on all races, don't define the apperence of a race when the definition could only apply to some

  • smg99

    I believe it’s just to look like a Greek goddess and divine as if they walked on clouds and sat in the heavens. Tanning is not to emulate a different race, although indirectly it does achieve this impression.

    However I agree with your sentiments natural beauty as oneself is the best look. Adding to it should be done so subtly not overtly obvious.

  • what is with you and white queens? do you have any other opinions or mytakes? or are you only able to "enlighten us" on the "white queens"?

    • Shezadi

      I am a Pakistani and I disliked your comment.
      Every person likes to talk about his race and issues in his own backyard.
      Just like Muslims who always talk about Islam.

  • SpiderManFan2002

    For once I agree with you.

    Everyone strives to be something they're not, and I believe in acceptance for who you are. The skin everyone is born in is beautiful. You know what they say if it ain't broke don't try to fix it.

    Light-skinned women trying to be darker.
    Dark-skinned women trying to be lighter.

    Just be happy with what you have :)

  • I never heard of the term blackfishing. I thought it was just acting black, blacking it up, being ghetto, or even cultural appropriation. But anyway, I certainly reject blackfishing too. But now why in the world are you featuring pictures White women with Black people? That is a complete and utter contradiction and confuses people. Can you explain why you are doing that? If you are a White separatist like me, please stop showing such photos and be more consistent. thanks.

  • It does seem like everybody wants whatever they don’t have. Fairer skinned women want to be darker and darker skinned women want to be lighter. I think all skin-colours are beautiful and everyone should be proud of their own.

  • As a mixed race European, Europe's s understand nothing of their own true history. If they were properly educated they would never desire to be African.

    It's a sad day when the races of the earth wish to reject their nature.

    • I agree. Why would anyone WANT to be black?
      Blacks are the most hated race on the planet, and don't have it very good in this world, except for in a few countries

    • @ZeussLightningBolt Blacks are not the most hated race on the planet. If they were white men and women wouldn't be imitating them. The truth is they are the most privigled people culturally on the planet.

      They are the biggest Victims, in a culture which worships victimhood.

      These women are painting themselves black due to self-hatred, social engineering , and attention.
      There father's and mothers were never taught to be proud of their ethnic heritage.

    • Does any other race besides white imitate them?

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  • Shezadi

    FOR THE FIRST TIME IN FOREVER, (lyrics from I see the light)
    I agree with you...
    Whites should be allowed to feel proud of their race and country
    It is insane when restaurants are shut for using British flags
    If minority groups hate white people then they should leave white people's country and live in their mother land. Britain first also says, "Love it or Leave it." Simple!

    Love from British Pakistani

  • morrowlow

    it's all true. i live in a country full of women with light brown skin and almost all of them try to look caucasian. they dye their hair blond and try to make their skin look lighter while on the other side of the world caucasian women try the exact opposite. it's crazy and it's all due to low self esteem i guess. people always try to be what they're not and never appreciate what they are

  • RolandCuthbert

    Yeah, I wouldn't know about these societal pressures. Men don't really feel "pressure" about their looks. That is "Black", "White", "Green", "Pink" or other.

    That's the great thing about being a man.


  • MackToday

    With the rise of white nationalism and gen z it's suddenly very cool and counterculture to be white. This will either be short lived or it will be relegated to dying leftist subcultures. I hope ethnic nationalism in general becomes the thing and everyone is proud of their race, it will help move us toward ethnic states and a home for everyone. We can learn about black people in school books or on the internet like nature intended.

  • SkipStop

    What's happening to women these days? Can't trust any of them. Fake looks, fake personalities.

    • Shezadi

      You should watch videos on transformations using makeup.

    • SkipStop

      @Shezadi Oh I did. Especially the Asian ones. They turn into a completely different person. So scary and creepy.

    • Shezadi

      Imagine, if you end up dating one of them? That's why it is a good idea to take your to a swimming pool to make the makeup melt.

  • crazy8000

    Those kind of pics with people of need to show that they do is really fucked up and also shows why they're really doing the volunteer help or help in the first place. it's not for the needed ones, that's for sure.

  • cavmanier

    People tanning, lighting their skin or being into different cultures doesn't bother me if it makes them happy.

    I don't like people feeling forced into these things by social pressures though.

  • mattdzz

    I like my white girls to be just a little tan, if at all, but nothing can beat that lily white tone, in my opinion.

  • First I've heard of it. Seems to be just attention seeking airheads wanting their 5 mins of instagram fame.

  • lucasnabizada

    Honestly thought it's not always a thing with being black and more with tanning ofttimes... I mean I'm super pale, and I went to the sun and got a nice tan, it has nothing to do with me wanting to be black at all, it just makes you look a little bit more lively when you're super pale like me.

  • ManOnFire

    Well, I do agree that I'm sick of white women trying to look and talk black myself. It really is annoying and a form of theft: so you don't want to live the black experience but you want to look black. I really do hate it.

    However, you are still a racist who sees white skin and white beauty as supreme.

  • FatherJack

    This seems to be a variant of the " I want what I can't have " syndrome , " I wanna be somebody that I am not !! "

  • Sevenpointfive

    you can change the color of your skin but you can't hide the genetics... a good example would be tom jones.

    • Tom Jones? Please explain.

    • @JamesRandiDebates i'm glad you asked. there was a lot of debate about his genetics. he has a lot of African facial features and this is not just my opinion. i mean the guy is white, but it does look questionable.

  • We can not only choose our gender but also our race now? And how is this not black face? How are black people not enraged by this?

  • naijagurl

    People just need to learn to accept who they are altogether regardless of race or ethnicity.

  • Excellent analysis, excellent discussion! I agree with @CT_CD particularly

  • I've never met any women that wanted to be darker. All the women in my area try to stay white and youthful looking.

  • FakeName123

    I couldn't care less about what some Instagram Thots do. Low quality women do low quality actions.

    • Shezadi

      this was the best funny ever. Never seen such a honest person before in a world of political correctness.

    • Shezadi

      hahahahahahaha I am looking forward to see many other forms then.

  • Dchrls78104

    Best to be true to yourself in the end. As long as you are not racist, you can and should own your identity.

  • Goodgirl120

    I agree with you. Everyone should be proud of their race.

  • People should be proud of themselves no matter if they are black or white...

  • I don´t understand it either. Why do people wanna appear different than they actually look like?

  • You are who you are and should be proud of it. Cultural diversity is healthy and to be applauded. We have one planet and one human race.

    • Oram52

      I agree but she's not talking about cultural diversity but more racially.

  • Guardian45

    I have NEVER heard of the term. The concept sounds stupid to me.

  • I agree with this mytake. I call this ethnomasochism. People that hate their own ethnicity.

  • lovedejj_xo

    Well I don’t have this problem. I see it... but I carry on.

  • motownplayer2000

    Some good points.. yeah, I understand that some white women want the features a more ethnic woman.. it makes sense, but at then end of the day, be good with who you are, I'm sure white men love the way that they are.. unless these women want to attract other men of different races, which is fine too.. do what they feel comfortable with. I know for me, I prefer more color or pigmentation in the skin of my SO, doesn't mean I won't go for a white girl, just pale white isn't my type of a attractive.. but more power to both women

  • I think tan or n white people looks good otherwise they look pale

    • Shezadi

      No one wants to look like Nawazuddin.
      I can't believe an Asian is talking about tan when we all know Asians are obsessed with white skin.
      Sunny Leone, Nargis, Jacqueline and Katrina Kaif might be talented without a doubt but they are also loved because of their white skin. Asian men find pride in having relationships with white women. Even in films, white women are portrayed as objects.

  • fauchelevent

    This is kinda getting uncomfortable now

    • Lo😂

    • Shezadi

      You stole words from everybody's mouth. I am a Pakistani with fair skin, therefore I can also relate to the article.

  • JamesRandiDebates

    I've never heard the term blackfishing. We always called it cooning (immitating coons).

  • White women are property of black men. So it kinda makes sense that they wanna be blacker...

  • CocoBat

    Stop inviting me

  • _Jay_

    Honestly, I really agree with this.

  • Okay we get it, you like being white, whatever

  • What’s with you and the white Queen nonsense?

  • Jaysonava

    You are so weird

  • cth96190

    Those women are mentally ill.

  • CT_CD


  • Massageman

    Good points! Thanks for the take.

  • MoneyBeets

    America NEEDS more white babies!

    • Shezadi

      LOL! Trump will agree with that.