Advice For Up & Coming Young Women (Trigger Warning) 🥒🥒🥒👌


Remember this is just advice, you can choose to ignore it in an adult way.

1. Never cheat& never be with a cheater.

There is never a reason to cheat when you are in a relationship, if you are unhappy leave, tripping & landing on some other guys dick is not a mistake it's a very deliberate action. You may not think it but any guy you date in the future will easily find out if you have a history of cheating & that will affect the choices he makes about being with you whether to get serious or even to propose. If he thinks you will cheat then you are just the girl he is doing right now.

Never be with a man that cheats on you, you may risk forgiving him but if he's a tool may take that forgiveness as a licence to screw whoever they feel like when their dick is hard.

2. Don't waste your youth, stay off the C*ck Riding Carousel.

Advice For Up & Coming Young Women (Trigger Warning) 🥒🥒🥒👌
Advice For Up & Coming Young Women (Trigger Warning) 🥒🥒🥒👌

This is a controversial one, but it's an opinion that most men share. So many women these days think they can spend their prime attractive years (16-30) living the strong independent female lifestyle of partying, casual sex, college, careers & whatever else( all of which is fine) but then as soon as they hit 30 they expect to find a high quality man ready to marry them & have kids not realising that the odds of that happening have been growing less and less as they've gotten older as those high quality men have already been taken or if still single are interested in younger women. So many over 30 year old single women are panicking trying to find any single man they can settle for before their biological clock stops & their eggs go out of date. Young ladies if you find something good with a great guy don't throw away so easily hoping that you may find it again with another great guy.

3. Save yourself for your future husband.

Advice For Up & Coming Young Women (Trigger Warning) 🥒🥒🥒👌
Advice For Up & Coming Young Women (Trigger Warning) 🥒🥒🥒👌

Your future husband will certainly appreciate it and I always say there is a difference between the women men marry & the women we pump& dump. Studies show the more sexual partners a woman has had, the less likely she is to describe her marriage as happy as studies have shown, which shockingly enough shows women have a deep biological desire to be owned. You as a young woman may think it’s a good life decision to sleep with the hipster gender studies major, but complain that you aren’t sure what they want to do for a career yet you make possibly irrevocable decisions about whom they share your body with. Virginity for a young woman can be power on the sexual marketplace, sluts are A dime a dozen but virgins are rare. Some men will still commit to a woman with a lot of experience, but they never prefer, while most men frankly prefer to commit to women without a sexual past that's basically a census of c*ck. Virgin girls also don’t have to weed through the players. Because she won’t give it up until the wedding night, she knows her man will not bail on her if she lets him hit it on the first date. Most men who date her with sex off the table want more than to just sex, and they will likely be willing to abstain for a year should the reward be great enough. Still in 2019 a woman who is young, sexually inexperienced, domestic, pleasant to be around, maintains her physical appearance, she can pick& choose any high quality suitor she wants. Such virtuous paramour has the right to demand that a man keep his dong in his pants until marriage, and more often than not she will be able to hold him to her demand. Life doesn't always work out like this & when it comes to sex nature eventually wins(which is why there were so many shotgun weddings in the past) but this is something to consider.

4. Never be in a friends with benefits or F-buddies relationship.

Advice For Up & Coming Young Women (Trigger Warning) 🥒🥒🥒👌

Women make this mistake all the time & more often than not get hurt because after a period of time they have developed feelings for their friends with benefits & hope for more but end up devastated when the guy moves on to a woman who is superior to her in every way, the women in the friends with benefits ends up with low self esteem& heart ache. Men & women are different, & sex is different for women than it is for men, there's more emotion involved on the female side. Basically if a guy just wants to be f-buddies or friends with benefits it means he doesn't think you are good enough for anything but casual sex. friends with benefits & F-buddies are nothing knew, they are basically just rebooted words for booty call.

5. Keep your body tight, stay healthy.

Advice For Up & Coming Young Women (Trigger Warning) 🥒🥒🥒👌

No matter how the media & feminists push the whole fat acceptance thing no guy wants to be with an overweight woman and despite the whole "healthy at at any size" baloney you are not healthy if you are fat. Hit the gym, eat right, avoid fatty & unhealthy foods, drink only in moderation, don't smoke, stay out of the sun and get plenty of sleep.

Advice For Up & Coming Young Women (Trigger Warning) 🥒🥒🥒👌

Remember an unhealthy lifestyle of excess & sloth ages a woman, as you get into your 30s your metabolism slows making it easier for you to put on weight so if you are overweight in your teens& 20s & a lazy slob the easier you will pack on the beef when you hit 30, the harder it will be to drop the lard from your butt or even keep your tonnage in check. You may be chunky now but the real battle of the bulge begins at 30.

6. Learn to Cook well.

Advice For Up & Coming Young Women (Trigger Warning) 🥒🥒🥒👌

Ladies nothing indicates a woman is marriage material as much as her ability to Cook, sadly today many women's only talent is their ability to put their legs behind their ears but few can cook well. A potential husband does not want a wife who when it comes to dinner time can only order off a dinner menu or a microwave dinner, he wants someone that rustle up a home cooked healthy meal for the family. The old saying is that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach and that is so true.

7. Avoid unfairly Trash talking or lying about exes.

Advice For Up & Coming Young Women (Trigger Warning) 🥒🥒🥒👌

This can be a real red flag if a girl you are dating can't shut up about her ex. A lot of chicks I dated bitched about their exes but more times than not I found out that they were lying. Now some weren't lying while others were telling absolute whoppers of lies that involved rape, domestic abuse, stealing, drugs, cheating etc. Put it this way I let them break up with me. When your old relationship is over move on and stop trying to muddy the waters or get revenge on an ex.

8. Don't hit a man without expecting a taste of equality.

Advice For Up & Coming Young Women (Trigger Warning) 🥒🥒🥒👌
Advice For Up & Coming Young Women (Trigger Warning) 🥒🥒🥒👌

In 2019 some women seem to have the sexist idea that because of their gender they have the right to assault men without any consequences. We see this more & more whether it be in a nightclub, street protest, Wallmart or in the home where 70% of all domestic abuse cases are instigated by women (in other words they started it). I don't know if its to do with the MSM promoting strong women as the physical equal of men in tv shows & movies where the female "badass" beats up not just one 220 lb guy but 10 or if these women still expect special privileges/rights/treatment in the era of gender equality. Certainly legally the law treats women as if they were children in these matters. In a domestic abuse case where the wife is beating the shit out of the husband in most cases it's the husband who gets arrested when the cops show up. In divorce cases domestic abuse is often faked by the divorcing wife.

A common trick is to wait unti a holiday weekend then call the cops from the bathroom, walk out and instigate a physical response from her husband so that when the cops arrive she has a bust lip or black eye, the cops arrest the husband who spends the weekend in county lock up. While he's locked up she changes the locks, files a restraining order, empties their joint bank accounts, empties his savings, runs up debts on his credit cards and turns his friends against him. All this of course looks bad in divorce court for the husband. Another trick some women use is to get a friend to bear them up a bit around the face, then they go to the police station and get an ex-boyfriend arrested.

Anyway young ladies if you physically assault a person be they male or female expect to get hit back probably harder too.

9. Don't be a homewrecker/sidechick.

To be fair being a homewrecker is not as bad at the dirtbag cheating on his wife & kids but it is still pretty low& shameful. Imagine that was your husband wouldn't you be glad if your man was told by a woman he was hitting on to go home to his wife & kids. If you didn't know it's not your fault but if your some guy's side chick hoping he will leave his wife& kids for you then your are living in a fantasy, even if he did he will do the same to you or worse because he doesn't respect you & probably will resent you in the end as you represent the death of his marriage and why his kids hate him. Also being a homewrecker/sidechick marks you out as untrustworthy to other women & as an easy lay to most men.

10. Use Anti-depressants (unless you need too)

Advice For Up & Coming Young Women (Trigger Warning) 🥒🥒🥒👌

Some studies suggest as much as 1in4 women are on anti-depressants, granted some women definitely need to be but 1in4 is pretty high and more likely linked to the medical industries desire to medicate us all for profit. Some like myself believe that such pharmaceutical drugs are overprescribed in very high doses, that they are linked to suicide, school shooters and high rates of obesity in women here in the US. I've dated women who were on anti-depressants and it was a real rollercoaster especially one who ended up in a mental wellness facility when her meds were changed to a different brand. This is just my view, decide for yourself.

11. Put the effort in when it comes to sex.

Advice For Up & Coming Young Women (Trigger Warning) 🥒🥒🥒👌

Many women frankly put little effort into good sex expecting the man to do all the work while still giving her the most amazing big O she's ever had, even very experienced women who you'd think after years of sleeping around would be better then you realise why you they are still single. I remember one chick years ago though she'd been with quite a few guys I had to teach her what guys like and more importantly what she liked. Ladies being exceptionally pretty just isn't enough and being experienced doesn't mean you are as good as you should be or could be. Ladies if you are inexperienced or have never done it allow yourself and your man to explore each other's bodies and teach each other. Communication is key to good sex so don't be shy.

12. Have a Dowry.

Sure it's great if your Dad wants to contribute towards your future with your new husband in the tradition of giving you away with money or land but here in America no guy is going to pay you to marry his daughter in 2019. For the 21st century what monetary assets bride herself brings to the relationship such as money, property, savings, earnings, an inheritance etc is what I consider a dowry. More & more men in the modern era are less willing to accept a marriage where the bride brings nothing to the table. Sorry ladies but this isn't 1800 you need to be more than barefoot & pregnant to be wifed up.

13. Dress modestly & tastefully.

Advice For Up & Coming Young Women (Trigger Warning) 🥒🥒🥒👌

I shouldn't have to say this but if you dress like a street walker then people will treat you as such.

14. Have some Self-respect.

Advice For Up & Coming Young Women (Trigger Warning) 🥒🥒🥒👌

Don't let others put you down of tell you what you can or can't do, don't let people bully or disrespect you or your family. If you don't respect yourself how do you expect anyone else too. Today it seems people want to be seen as a victim but have some self respect & reject victim culture.

15. Protect yourself.

Advice For Up & Coming Young Women (Trigger Warning) 🥒🥒🥒👌

If a strange man invites you up to his hotel room you should decline, if you come up to his hotel room and he's wearing nothing but a towel alarm bells should be ringing, if he decided to take a shower in front of you why are you still there.

Protecting yourself in today's world is very important and not just for women. I recommend young women learn some Self defence, Brazilian jujitsu is pretty good for women to learn. Some feminists may respond "teach men not to rape" but I'm pretty sure rapists know rape is wrong much like how murders know murder is wrong. I recommend women who live alone to buy a gun and take some shooting lessons. Depending where you live carrying a firearm can be legally difficult or impossible in some states but I recommend it if possible and if you live or work in a bad neighbourhood. I also recommend not dressing lile a slut when going to nightclubs especially if you have to walk home not because slutty looking women deserve to get raped but because they look like victims, the world is not always a nice place and usually life's victims are the people that no one cares about or the a person that looks like no one cares about. Avoid dangerous crime ridden areas and importantly avoid back packing on your own through 3rd world countries. In a night club or house party don't drink until you blackout, never ever accept a drink from a stranger and never leave your drink down- if you do leave it to go to the bathroom just buy another.

16. Have your kids young if you can.

Advice For Up & Coming Young Women (Trigger Warning) 🥒🥒🥒👌
Advice For Up & Coming Young Women (Trigger Warning) 🥒🥒🥒👌
Advice For Up & Coming Young Women (Trigger Warning) 🥒🥒🥒👌

I think we are all waiting too long to have our kids. Think about it if you have your first kid at 30+ when your kid is 10 you will be 40+, when your kid is 15+ you will be 45 and by the time your kids is ready to give your first grandkids at 30+ you will be closing in on 70 and possibly the morgue. I would want to be in the lives of my grandkids. Also getting pregnant, carrying the child, giving birth and recovering from childbirth is much easier on younger mothers than mature mothers. Of course not everybody has the option and kids need a mother and father.

17. Marrying the right man, marry for love.

Advice For Up & Coming Young Women (Trigger Warning) 🥒🥒🥒👌

It seems so many young brides (some grooms too) are more interested in the wedding than the actual marriage. They along with their fiancee spend often a decade working & saving to afford the all singing all dancing wedding, some still live with their parents. Then a year or two after the wedding & honeymoon married life is such an anti-climax and they find they don't actually love their new husband, life is too hard saddled with debt from the wedding, college debt, mortgage repayment, credit card debt, car payments etc that they can't even start a family yet. So many people that went through the big wedding have told me they wish they'd spent considerably less. Anyway the divorce rate is considerably high with women instigating most divorces so be sure you marry the right man.

18. Raise your own kids.

Today in most homes both parents work and many new mothers don't take off much time from giving birth. So many parents are relying on strangers to raise their kids. School teachers, babysitters, day care workers the idiot box. If a couple is lucky they have a retired grandparent to help out. I don't think it's very positive strangers raising kids and I wouldn't trust them too. I think a parent should stay home preferably the mother until the child or youngest child is attending school full time. Truth is most couples don't have this option. I know many working mothers that would love to stay home with the kids but can't afford too.

Advice For Up & Coming Young Women (Trigger Warning) 🥒🥒🥒👌
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  • Unit1
    "1. Never cheat & never be with a cheater."
    "2. Don't waste your youth, stay off the C*ck Riding Carousel."


    "3. Save yourself for your future husband."

    Bullsh. I highly advise to not buy a vehicle without test driving it first. Same goes for premarital sex.
    Otherwise there will be a high risk of sexual incompatibility.

    "4. Never be in a friends with benefits or F-buddies relationship."

    Well... Best would be an official relationship.

    "5. Keep your body tight, stay healthy."

    Fat humans are unattractive for a reason.

    "6. Learn to Cook well."

    This applies for men too.

    "7. Avoid unfairly Trash talking or lying about exes."
    "8. Don't hit a man without expecting a taste of equality."
    "9. Don't be a homewrecker/sidechick."


    "10. Use Anti-depressants (unless you need too)"


    "11. Put the effort in when it comes to sex."


    "12. Have a Dowry."

    No comment since I will never marry even if I wanted to.

    "13. Dress modestly & tastefully.
    I shouldn't have to say this but if you dress like a street walker then people will treat you as such."

    RIGHT ON!!!

    "14. Have some Self-respect."
    "15. Protect yourself."


    "16. Have your kids young if you can."

    Best way to throw your young life away and miss out on all life's adventures outside of the families. It's a bit like prison sentence.
    Unless you never want to travel or explore the world or have fun in your life or build your career - Please don't.

    "17. Marrying the right man, marry for love."

    No comment since I will never marry even if I wanted to.

    "18. Raise your own kids."

    Well, this is true.


    Good points here and there but alright. I think women shouldn't really follow advises if it's really putting pressure on them or going against their own self. However some of these advises are essential for a normal and healthy relationship to start and work.
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    • 10. Shit I meant don't.

    • Unit1

      Depression is a very serious issue. At some point people have to keep using meds. We'll all die in the end.

  • hellionthesagereborn
    I'd agree to all of this but I would also apply it to men. If you can't control your own dick then your kind of pathetic (I mean we would consider you a push over if you did what every one else told you, but if you can't even say no to your own body parts and libido then your really kind of pathetic). The power of no should not be underestimated. I've known plenty of guys who are not unlike these women, they run off to have as much sex as possible and end up in screwed up situations sad and miserable. I don't think their is anything wrong with a man admitting that he wants a stable loving relationship with a nurturing woman (every man wants this and you can tell because those guys who just jump from girl to girl are miserable and bitter just like the women who do this). Otherwise good take.
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    • Let's be real, male virgins are the lepers of the dating world.

    • Maybe, but as I said if you can't control your own dick then your basically a child, incapable of any self control, that's just not a particularly strong willed person. Now I think women should stop being morons and stop shunning men who have not slept around but that's irrelevant to my statement, if you cannot control yourself you are going to be controlled by every one else. That's how women lure men into relationships they don't want to be in, lure them into paying child support for the next 18 years of their life, lure them into relationships where they are taken care of at the expense of the man. Don't think with your dick, just because you like sex doesn't mean you have to be a slave to it.

Most Helpful Girls

  • Mädchen
    My sister fullfiled all that and she still ended up with an abusive husband. I think it was her lack of experience with other guys that made her marry him and stay that long. I recently had a talk with her and she told me in all those years she was married she never had an orgasm. I was schocked lol. Anyways I think people should experience to some degree
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    • All except marry the right guy

    • Mädchen

      She did love him. But I think being together for a year is not enough to really get to know someone

    • But he wasn't the right man.

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  • Anonymous
    What a pile of shit I had to read. Thanks so much. If a guy wants a virgin woman, he better be a virgin himself. Otherwise they have no right to expect their future wife to be a virgin if their dick is falling off from all the girls theyve had over the years.
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    • There's a difference between the women a guy pumps and dumps and the woman he marries. Men and women desire different things from a partner that are often hypocritical but hypocritisy is the human condition and life is not fair.
      As for conflicting advice plenty of people learn to play the piano but never learn to play in well if they don't put in the effort. A committed relationship is where a person gets good at sex and learns how to please their partner and what they like, not sleeping around.

    • Anonymous

      That's fine. The guy musnt sleep around either. Nothing is more unattractive than a guy that has had 20 partners that he shoved his dick in. So if you want a virgin wife, the husband must be a virgin too. If a guy isn't a virgin and expects a virgin wife, he can suck his own d*ck for the rest of his life

    • ... yet women's choices dictate otherwise.

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  • MlleCake
    Advice for up and coming young women: live your life for yourself. Don't listen to any of this crap. You can do every bit of this and still end up abused and unhappy. Do what YOU need, for your own happiness.
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    • True... but the titles are valid from a guys viewpoint

    • Again, it's advise. Girls don't have to take it, but I hope their choices lead them to happiness.

    • MlleCake

      @lightbulb27, we don't exist for men though. Having men dictate how we should live for their utility leads us to losing some of the best parts of ourselves.

      This is also very "privileged" advice, for people who can afford these sorts of things.

      He wants a woman who is ambitious enough to amass her own assets, yet willing to quit working to raise a family. These aren't usually even the same woman, in real life.

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  • MzAsh
    I don’t completely disagree with any of these, but a man has to earn a woman like this FIRST. And most, well, most do not.
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  • OlderAndWiser
    Although I would have expressed some of these thoughts in a different way, I do agree with mst of what you said. Both men and women should think about the difference between traditional values and contemporary values and try to understand why being "progressive" has not created any progress in male/female relationships.
    LikeDisagree 6 People
  • curiousnorway
    I think many of these advice are good and that they can apply to all people; both men and women. I think young people in general speaking would need to hear these advice. Men can do these things as frequently as women.
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    • MzAsh

      Yeah. If all these don’t apply to men too then forget it.

  • CoffeeWC
    Makes sense. I would prefer women who did this.
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  • Smiley_face101
    That has nothing to do with reality. I plan to have children when me and my future husband will have enough money for that, I prefer being slightly older but providing them with what they need.
    Its just very sexist thing to say, you just slut shame women here.
    Women are diffrent, I dont like casual sex, my friends do. It does not make me better then them.
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    • Slit shame how? Also unless you are doing something shameful or something you are ashamed of no one can shame you.

    • Having sex is not something that should be against a woman and yet you claim it make her less valueable

    • In her marraige prospects much like being short, poor or a male virgin makes a man less valuable to women.

  • Ephemera1
    The same goes for men. Bunch of dudes think they can just go hoe around and then get "unspoiled goods"

    Both sexes should be held to the same standards.
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    • But they aren't and do get unspoiled goods as you put it. We both know a male virgin is the leper of the dating world.
      Men and women desire different things from a partner that are often hypocritical but hypocritisy is the human condition and life is not fair.

    • Ephemera1

      You would be okay with your sister marrying some whore of a man after she had saved herself for years?

      Men and women desire different things, but the standards of a good person does not change because of the gender.

    • Yeah I would be fine with that provided he took care of her. My sister's virginity would also be none of my business.
      Gender changes how things are viewed.

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  • Aquariusmystery
    As a young woman myself I find it hilarious that a man is trying to tell us how to live, as though he’s walked even a day as a woman.

    Although I’m not surprised after reading his username, it says everything you need to know - 40 years old, living with his mother and crying over a girl who rejected him when he was 12.
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    • It's merely advice. My mother may be coming to live with me in a few years, she's getting old.

    • Read #14 again please.

    • asd_nasa

      Tf, it’s advice, are guys the only ones who can get advice from a woman and not whine over “ohhh a woman is telling a man how to live their life, eww you fucking sexist”. Gosh use your brain for once and listen to what he has to say rather than making views solely revolve around bias and be a little open minded, ya know?

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  • i1T2daty
    Well, I’m glad that’s been settled for once and evermore. Not exactly the type of girl I date and, as usual, advice coming from white male and how women should comport themselves. Aside from that. Ignore it. I’m not sure how white men have gotten any say in a woman’s reproductive systems but they love to share their opinions.-Or vote them into law.
    Disagree 2 People
    • Women are over 51% of the electorate so women have thrir say by who they vote for, you know democracy.

  • juliaanita
    Ah, wonderful-advice for women-from a man. Imagine that.
    I'll give it all the attention it deserves.

    have a dowry? seriously?
    LikeDisagree 8 People
    • But that's literally every advice women give, to tell men how they have to behave and function? You can't complain about a guy doing this when women do it all the time, its a bit hypocritical (also he is giving the male perspective so you should probably listen to it and at least consider what is being said, otherwise you will never understand men).

    • Lol when I wrote a similar take directed at young men some women went ape shit because it was only for men.
      Is my advice worthless in your opinion due to my gender?
      As for a Dowry if you expect a man to bring something to a relationship shouldn't he expect you to bring something too. It's not 1950, women can't stay at home all day while expecting the men go out to work to keep their lazy asses.

    • juliaanita

      im not sure where you live, but I could make an educated guess that it's either in the deep south or in Morman country. Right or wrong, i own my own mortgage, make my own paycheck and travel out of country for pure pleasure more in one year than you have in your life. As for the women you hang around, if thier asses are lazy, well... if that's the only mate you can find, you should make her pay a dowry.
      Maybe she could bring a couple cows and her embroidery work to the wedding.

  • VaIiant
    While I agree with some of your points, they are contradictory. You want a woman to bring financial benefits to the table, but to stay home to raise children and to have kids young?

    Also, is it just women who should stay virgins orrrr
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    • asd_nasa

      Lmao women need to take care of children as much as men, he’s just saying be a provider for the family, but when it comes time for kids, a woman is the best job for it. Also of course men and women should both save their virginity for the ones who truly matter, but this is advice for girls, not guys, he already did a mytake for guys covering the same issue.

    • Jamie05rhs

      But I don't recall his MyTake for guys including that point.

    • asd_nasa

      @Jamie05rhs damnit I knew somebody would’ve fact checked that. Lol you’re right he didn’t, it would’ve nice if he did, but I don’t believe that the question asked agrees with me on that point

  • FrenchyRomain
    so much religious induced bullshit here it's sickening xD let women live for themselves : have fuck buddies if they want to, dress modestly if they want to and learn to cook if they want to. This isn't the 19th century they don't HAVE to nor SHOULD they listen to what you suggest them to do with their lives.
    LikeDisagree 3 People
    • There's no religion involved. Also it's advice only for women. This isn't 1950 Ike Turner you have no right to suggest that women can't hear a person's advice just because it differs from how you think a woman SHOULD live their lives or that women don't have free will and minds of their own.. Let women read and decide for themselves.
      So much sexism in your response.

  • motownplayer2000
    I like the way you tell women don't sleep around and don't do this and that. But in your line number 11, you said you "... had to teach her what guys like..." if she isn't "riding cock" then she won't know how too... either way some decent points, overall. Not really accurate but decent. But this is your Mytake. So these are your opinions
    Like 1 Person
    • I think i clearly stated that a lot of women who sleep around dont know what guys like.

    • Yes, you did... but your beginning of this whole thing is that women should be perfect, virgins who save themselves for the husbands.. did you not? So, if a woman that has slept around doesn't know what she likes or what she's doing, how would a woman that has never experienced any of it, even begin to know. Conflicting opinion of yours number 1.

      The other major one is, the fact that you expect that of women, but there is no equality in any of it. Which you again stated that women should be the little perfect virgins.. but then you said what you said in opinion 11. Implying YOU have slept around with multiple women, having to show them what they or what a man likes... lol you don't know if you see the double standard here slapping you in the face.. but hey I'm just over here sipping my tea... observing! 🧐

    • Nope. I merely gave advice. There's a difference between the women a guy pumps and dumps and the woman he marries. Men and women desire different things from a partner that are often hypocritical but hypocritisy is the human condition and life is not fair.
      As for conflicting advice plenty of people learn to play the piano but never learn to play in well if they don't put in the effort. A committed relationship is where a person gets good at sex and learns how to please their partner and what they like, not sleeping around.

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  • purplepoppy
    Well that's sucked all the fun out of owning a vagina
    LikeDisagree 12 People
    • Bri070

      lol - really. A lot of this sounds really bad. But I would like to hear why a woman would want a man who did the same things. I've never understood why a woman would want to be #34 on some guys bedpost notch. How is that attractive?

    • Why does it have to be attractive. It's just harmless fun.

  • VanillaIcecream
    And what makes you think I want to marry a man who slept around? I only want a virgin guy.
    Like 5 People
    • Then go for one, the internet is full of male virgins.

    • I will. Maybe you should advice men to stay virgins until marriage too. The Bible condemns premarital sex for everyone. I won’t marry a non virgin guy.

    • I would but is not good advice for men. Male virgins are treated as lepers by the majority of women even vigininal women.

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  • sarahbear1750
    Good myTake. It’s nice to know that there are still guys nowadays who are actually looking for commitment rather than a girl to sleep around with with no strings attached. Wanting premarital sex to test your “Sexual chemistry” is baloney! If you truly love the person and enjoy their company, the sex will always be good!
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  • arodriguez664
    I personally do not agree with your views. I rather be with someone who like me for me, no matter what I have done in the past. I like my freedom.
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    • asd_nasa

      Wtf is wrong with you

    • @asd_nasa nothing, why what is wrong with you?

    • asd_nasa

      Well for one I have major depression, I got held back year because I tried to kill myself a few times. I’m also not the nicest person, I tend to criticize people when they say stupid things.

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  • BrookieCookie0422
    If everyone followed these rules life would be simpler. But better? Who knows.

    Also, I’ve already fucked up according to this
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    • You get it! People are saying nobody should tell anyone to do anything and that women should be free and powerful and such, but that's not the point of this Take, the point is to help make the life of young women simpler and just less tiring and stressful, less chances of that happening.

      And you don't have to fuck up if you did these things, it's not a matter of "if you do that, really bad shit will happen", it's more like how stable you can keep the situation and how you can handle this cause-and-effect dilemma, just increased chances, not a guarantee.

    • @Syrian_survivor yeah definitely. I think this whole mytake is more about taking care of yourself and setting your self up for success in life.

  • djmzes
    Advice For Up & Coming Young Women (Trigger Warning) 🥒🥒🥒👌Advice For Up & Coming Young Women (Trigger Warning) 🥒🥒🥒👌
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  • Pamina
    Not sure why women should take advice from an Alt-Right incel like yourself, but cool. Just don't be butthurt when most women will continue to live their lives as they choose. :)
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