We all pray to different Gods, but you will not pray to another persons God, because they are not your God. But you are being forced to...

Happy Belated Religious Freedom Day. Now bow to your Prophet

We all pray to different Gods, but you will not pray to another persons God, because they are not your God. But you are being forced to...

https://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/ny-trump-school-prayer-guidance-discrimination-lgbtq-community-20200117-zwrkeuenyzhmhkpq4rglfsghja-story.html- Trump celebrates ‘Religious Freedom Day’ announcing regulations that would ‘roll back existing protections for LGBTQ people’

Christian conservatives rejoiced Thursday, on the newly declared Religious Freedom Day, as the president announced from the Oval Office that his administration was taking “historic steps to protect the First Amendment right to pray in public schools.”
Joined by Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen, and a group of students, advocates, and religious representatives, Trump unveiled a slew of proposals that seemed to be crafted to appeal to his Evangelical base.

Ok folks. Here is the thing. REGARDLESS.. The Supreme Court found it UNCONSTITUTIONAL


Dissent: Justice Stewart
Justice Stewart argued in his dissent that the Establishment Clause was only meant to prohibit the establishment of a state-sponsored church, such as the Church of England, and not prohibit all types of government involvement with religion. In particular, he found that the nondenominational nature of the prayer and the "absentee" provision removed constitutional challenges.

McCollum v. Board of Education

The case was argued before the U.S. Supreme Court on December 8, 1947. It noted that the school building, the site of the religious instruction, was funded by taxpayers. Furthermore, according to the court, the school officials were cooperating with the organization in “promoting religious instruction.” On the basis of these findings, the court held that the program was “beyond all question” using “the tax-established and tax-supported public school system” to help “religious groups spread their faith.” This was in direct violation of the First Amendment, which “erected a wall between Church and State which must be kept high and impregnable.” Accordingly, the court found that the religious-instruction program was unconstitutional. The ruling of the Illinois Supreme Court was reversed.

So if you want prayer in school. Pony up the money, send your kids to a private school. This way they get an education you desire...

We all pray to different Gods, but you will not pray to another persons God, because they are not your God. But you are being forced to...

And you get this too :)

We all pray to different Gods, but you will not pray to another persons God, because they are not your God. But you are being forced to...
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  • nerobyrne
    America: "we want liberty and personal freedom"
    Also America: "we want the state to force people to pray to Jesus"
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  • GoodGuyBreakingBad
    Yes, i agree but i wouldn't pray to the Chosen One ( Trump)
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  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Good take
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  • esotericstory
    I agree. Public schools should simply be abolished, every child has a right to the high quality education only private schools provide. I went to private school and public school. I can tell you that discipline is a very high value in private schools, but not in public ones. Public school can't even compete.

    If schools dont want to teach religious values, in my opinion, it ceases to be a center of education.
    • How does "every child" afford private schools? There's a huge chunk of kids that have to be in a free or reduced lunch program at public schools, because even though the school is paid for by tax dollars, their parents still can't afford to buy their kids lunches. If you give every kid private school, guess what it becomes? Spoiler: public.

      Making every public school as good as private schools (which are universally better just because they're private, mind you, but for the sake of keeping this brief) I believe would be an excellent thing to shoot for. High quality education for all, as you seem to be advocating for, requires funding the school system and making it accessible to all.

    • @Herbie_Otch Well I dont live in America so how would I know. Your society is fucked up.

    • Private schools are better because they are private. They don't have to abide to state mandated delusions of egalitarianism. When I went to private school, the school teachers were paid like doctors and competed with other private schools. When I went to a state school, the teachers were underpaid because the state had a monopoly on the whole public school system.

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  • elduderinosupreme
    I'm 100 percent for free practice of religion. But any state funded, backed or bias toward a certain group is not ok by me. I also believe in the necessity of firearms and the freedom to jeep and bare them. I also am in support of free speech 100 percent. I'm also not affiliated with organized religion.
  • fastballsam
    Well, Trump along with his gang of Neo
    Con yahoos are at
    best Religious Zeal-
    ots, and at worst, cult
    leaders who man-
    aged to manipulate
    themselves into power through the sim-
    ple minded voter.
  • pizzalovershouse
    If you had brittany spears types in church or schools preaching you mite see more pervs hanging out its bad enofe the pervs that abuse teens or molest people
  • beldath
    Technically speaking everyone that believes, has the same God. They just have different takes on what God is to them.
  • Exorcist_Rampage
    Donald Trump is not Jesus and ought not be prayed to.
  • sixxx
    There should be only one religion. The world is mixed up with so many options that people become confused and not sure which one is the truth.
  • CharleyQusa
    Freedoms are our constitutional rights. Saying no is damning us and taking that right away. Nobody has to but they can if they want to. To any God.
  • Jltakk
    Thanks God Emperor Trump. May you steamroll the worst dem field in modern history.