I don’t belong anywhere in America

I don’t belong anywhere in America

Race is a serious problem here and people try to downplay it and act blind to it. And as a black girl, I can honestly say the discrimination goes both ways. Majority of people who are white where I live treat me like I’m beneath them. They stare at me whenever I enter a building or they make remarks like “Wow, they just let anyone in here.” I go shopping and employees follow me like I’m going to steal or something. I even graduated college and they still treat me like dirt. I have been spit on, called racial slurs and bullied my entire life for simply being black.

And you would think that maybe other black people who live in my area would try to provide a safe space for me, but no. Instead they outcast me! They constantly say I’m “not black” and that I “act white” simply because I speak differently than they do. They have made fun of my voice my entire life and have even laughed when I went to college. And they won’t even let me have my opinion on situations that happen to black Americans. They keep calling me white.

I don’t belong anywhere in America

I’m just sick of this country. I don’t care what anyone says, the issue of race is the biggest problem with America. And I know a problem like that isn’t going to magically disappear overnight, but I don’t belong anywhere. It hurts so much that I am literally crying as I’m typing this. I don’t belong here. I just want to be accepted for who I am.

I don’t belong anywhere in America
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  • Shamalien
    ah fuck... the classic story of the black person that wanted to better themselves and got outcast by the shitty parts of the black community...

    I would think white people would be all over you though. An educated black woman is a real boon in terms of good public relations in the modern day. It makes a company look very tolerant and progressive. You should have no shortage of work
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    • Anonymous

      I live in an openly racist area. People don’t usually hire black people for PR jobs because they don’t want to possibly upset or offend client or local business.

    • Shamalien

      where in the world do you live?

    • If it's openly 'racist,' why stay there? Protect yourself, hun

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  • CHARismatic110
    First off, there is no such thing as "acting white". I hate when people say that it talking white. Or acting/talking black. Black and white are colors. They cannot speak or act. Secondly, you shouldn't want to fit in. We aren't born to fit in. You should be standing out every chance you get. To hell with what people say and think. Especially when they don't even know you! America is definitely is racist shitshow most of the time, but you'd be giving the people that make it that way what they wanted by just going somewhere else. Nah, let your light shine bright HERE. Screw people.
  • TrulyPink28
    My sweet. I've been there & experience that too. I live in the UK, a Medical Doctor of over 18 years, Mahogany skinned and beautiful, whoop whoop! I've an added dimension to my story as I was adopted at birth to a birracial couple!

    I reside in one of the most expensive boroughs of the country. Despite being well spoken, modest and classically well dressed, people have assumed I was a prostitute 😆.

    I've had store security come right next to me while I pay for my purchases. My own father of over 70 who is a diplomat, respected and influential in his field, has also been followed in a grocery store in my area. Absolutely ludicrous!

    I've also had the 'you're not black,' or 'act white' with the added dirty looks, etc.

    In the UK, those who are of upper class status, are frowned upon by many in other classes as they have felt inferior or treated as thus. Eventhough you may have Queen's English and aristocratic in mannerisms, you remain inferior to the British Upper Class due to heritage. This is what societies have accepted over centuries eventhough this concept is meaningless.

    The truth of the matter is, most black (and other groups of people including white) are not well off and therefore, it's easy for many to place you into the same box they put themselves in. Also, people can be unwilling to dispel the thought that someone who is black could be doing better than them. Ironically, anyone who is not black and who seeks to succeed also gets the same flack & haters. Black people however hold a lot of unhealed pain.

    Have you ever heard of the monkey ladder experiment? This gives one example of why people act or treat those who succeed with negativity. Have a look here:


    With the thinking mind you have, I want to challenge you to consider that the actions towards you are multifactorial and not solely explained by hate or racism.

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    • So, what can you do?

      1. You have to forgive everyone who has hurt you, period. If you keep letting them upset you, you are the one who is in a bind and putting your life on hold. Once you do, let go and be kind to those who act despicably towards you.

      N. B. It can be hard when security follow you throughout a store, but this is not personal. You are not a thief therefore hold your own and act as if no one was there. Do that often and eventually that particular security personnel on your case, will eventually leave you alone. If it gets too much, write a complaint letter to management after you've taken note of all the days and the time frame you were there. At the end of the day, it's that person's problem. Remember, besides issues of race and hate, 1 in 4 people have mental health disorders. I have assessed security personnel in my office who are very unwell. I've also assessed lawyers, policemen and teachers of various walks of life. Just because they wear a particular uniform, does not mean they are sane.

      2. Know yourself well. What you like, what you enjoy, what you respect, what you appreciate. Equally, what do you dislike, disapprove and do not appreciate.

    • 3. Listen or watch people who inspire you. Read books and watch movies which are uplifting.

      4. Be inspired and have goals in life. I want to recommend that you check out Chantelle Anderson, the basketball player. She has a 30 day coaching course and talks about her own challenges and how to grow and develop you. No matter where you are in life & whatever skin tone you have, people will not be for you. Why hide the person you are when you may be just that person who inspires many others with your unique voice, skin tone and look you have?

      5. Surround yourself with people who are open minded and who respect you for all of who you are. Keep away from people who can be draining and unable to be supportive to you and vice versa. Choose your friends wisely. This also includes dating. May I suggest Greta Bereisaite, as a relationship coach? She has a lot of wisdom.
      6. Be at peace & rejoice. You were created in the way you are right now, with the colour tone, way you speak, way you move, for a reason!

      Love you girl, you are where you should be (America) for a time like this. Embrace it and soar xx

    • P. s. Do you remember the two incidents when Oprah was shopping in Europe? Has it stopped her reaching out to the masses and influencing many?

      Flourish and Blossom girl, the world is waiting for you!

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  • broken_heart_at_48
    That's terrible I'm sorry that your having to experience such bullshit. I hate to say when I was young I was racist and I'm ashamed of a lot of things I did when I was young. I grew up in a neighborhood where whites were the minority and I used the excuse of how I was treated for why I hated and I understand the pressure the people around you can put on you for you to be accepted. I was literally one of just a couple white kids that ran around in the neighborhood most of them didn't leave their houses. I've had to fight for my lunch money, my shoes, my bike. I had a sawed off shot gun jammed under my chin when I was twelve by two grown men but all I was doing when I was hating was adding to the problem. Hate won't fix hate. What everyone needs to be teaching our kids is that we can accomplish a lot more together then against each other I mean there's a lot of knowledge that we're missing out on besides the fact that we're destroying America. I don't know the answer to how to heal the past and it's probably going to take both sides of the issue sitting down and putting their brains together and probably a few different generations even. I wish I could give you a hug and just say I'm sorry and I can tell you that the man I am today wouldn't standby and let a group pick on a girl let alone spit on her. We need to try and stop this bullshit of needing to look cool or worrying about what others are gonna think and for those that are leading these type of actions you need to realize that you're not fixing anything you're just making a bad situation worse not just for them but for yourself. Learn from the past. History shows us these tactics are going to benefit anyone you're just making it worse for your kids and grandkids. Look at back in like forties or fifties when whites would get a couple truck loads of guys and try and run the other races out of their neighborhoods by beating them up and worse. All this did was make them unite to defend themselves which later some of these groups became gangs and now all the whites are crying about the gangs that we created. A human being is going to defend themselves and are only going to take so much before they fight back. I don't want this for future generations I hope the future generations will do things smarter and have some compassion. For now we have to take small steps and not let are past experiences be our excuse for how we're acting today. Also I know that I've get followed in stores all the time and just you I don't steal but it obviously is a big problem in stores and you know what else I've been beat up by cops a couple times I'm not down playing how other races are being treated I'm just saying it's starting to be not just a race thing it's maybe a type of person being thrown into the mix now a days. I wish I knew the words to make you feel better but I don't think words will do it. But you do belong here just as much as anyone else. I bet if you start a movement on just being nice to each other or a group of people that just want to understand humans of all walks of life or whatever your heart leads you to I bet you find a shit load of people that feel the same and you guys can stand up for each other and stop the hating by communication and understanding I think you can do great things
  • hellionthesagereborn
    No. That's not true. That is utter bullshit in fact. I'm sick and tired of people claiming we are a racist nation. Your literally making a blanket judgment of white people, their motives and their beliefs and their thoughts and their opinions, which is racist, while proclaiming they are the racist. News flash, your not important. No one is out to get you because you are not important enough to get. No one really is. In a society were almost all interracial violence and crime and hate crimes are commited by blacks against every one else, I refuse to sit here and here some one bitch and whine that they are being descriminated against by whites. No your not. You are racist, so you now take every ones actions as if its an attack against you because you have already decided that this MUST be what every thing do means. If they bump into you, they are racist, never mind that they also bump into whites. If a police officer pulls you over, it must be racism, never mind that you were speeding or had a light out.

    Now that said, their is some descrimination, I can admit to that. For example makeup, the makeup that is for black skin tones in some stores is locked away while the ones for white skin tones are not. But even here you have to ask why? The answer is because that makeup is far more likely to be shoplifted. Some store owners get nervous when blacks enter their establishment, that is descrimination. But why? Because over half of all robberies are commited by blacks. Some times people try to avoid blacks, its true, this is descrimination. But why? Because half of all violent crimes are commited by blacks (despite them being 13% of the population).

    How are you dressed? If you dress ghetto or shittly then your going to be treated differently then if your dressed well, its not because your black, its because that is how EVERY ONE gets treated (a black journalist did an experiment and dressed in a suit everywhere he went and low and behold he was treated well. Then he dressed in ratty clothing, sagged his pants, and low and behold he was treated poorly. He of course claimed this was racism despite the fact that when he presented himself well he was treated well regardless of skin color).

    Hows your behavior? Are you confrontational? Are you looking for a reason to snap at people and accuse them of racism? Guess what, people can read that and they don't much like people who have a victim mentality and are looking for a fight.

    I'm white, I get to be told how I am inherently racist and the scourge upon the earth every fucking day. I get magazine covers with white babies on them with the headline "Racism is in our DNA" suggesting that I am just inherently evil and racist. I get to hear blacks tell me how I am inferior to them all the fucking time, telling me I'm privileged (can't tell me exactly how I'm privileged, but some how I am anyway (don't ask questions)). I just today got to hear several minorities BALK at the idea of a minority women even thinking about dating a white man because apparently we are just inferior in all ways (but don't worry, your not the racist ones (not like blacks are more then 150% more likely to commit hate crimes or anything (oh wait, they are)).

    In short, its not them, its you. You see them as an enemy so every action you take every word you use shows to them and the world that you hate them, that you see them as the enemy and they in turn respond to it. People are animals, like dogs, and they reflect your attitude. You are the problem, so suck it up. Fucking claiming that we are all racist in a nation that voted in a black man into the highest position of power not once but twice (what other nation did that? Oh yeah, none. China has never had a non Chinese leader, and I'd like to see an African nation vote in any one who isn't black (not counting apartheid south Africa of course which had actual racism which you would know nothing about)).
    • As you've admitted, discrimination IS present. It can mushroom into prejudice, ignorance and/or racism however, the underlying motive is unclear. Therefore, we can not discredit her experience. If she was spat out without provocation, no matter who one is, that's disrespectful and uncalled for.

      I understand how you can feel disappointed (and angered) by those who villianise non-minority groups however if one keeps facing hurtful situations, it IS ones responsibility to find a way to cope but this can take much time for people to heal, ignore and forgive negative triggers.

      As I shared, I dress well and modestly however in the borough where I reside (UK), sometimes some security personnel have come right next to me when I've made my purchase and my 70 year old father has been followed throughout a shop. Ironically, it has not been by 'white' security staff but minorities. Work that one out? Ha!

    • @TrulyPink28 Wow that went over your head. I stated yes their is some descrimination BECAUSE IT IS WARRENTED! If I view blacks as being more prone to violence and crime, and knowing that they are in fact responsible for the majority (by population size) of violence and crime, that is me descriminating against them when I want to avoid their neighborhoods. Descrimination is not always unwarranted, if your community is awful, if you defend their actions, if you demand that you not be held accountable then yes your going to be descriminated against because your protecting bad people who do bad things and want to do bad things to you.

      As for dismissing her statement, yes I can. She is LITERARLLY descriminating against whites, she is belittling an entire nation of people who again, saw fit to put a BLACK MAN in the highest position of power twice. TWICE! When you claim they are all racist against you despite Nigerian and ghanian americans fairing better then most white ethnic groups in this nation and you have had a black secretary of state (twice (one man one woman)) and the president of this country was a black man twice, you don't get to claim that your descriminated against, that's fucking stupid.

    • @TrulyPink28 When colleges cater to you, you don't get to claim your being unfairly treated to your detriment. So yeah, I can discredit her statements because 80% of all interracial violence and crime is commited by blacks against whites, you don't get to claim its the otherway around, when blacks are more then 150% more likely to commit a hate crime and black seperatists are the largest and fastest growing hate group in the nation, you don't get to say that your a victim of evil white people. That's fucking stupid.

      Now if you want to say, this one person was racist, sure. I believe that entirely, we have racist people, they exist and they are not going anywhere. But when you say an entire nation, an entire race (again, this is racist) is out to get you because of your skin color and ignoring all the data that says otherwise, then your going to be wrong, period. That's like me saying that all blacks are racist, that's wrong, many are based upon the statistical data, based upon my own personal experiences, based upon surveys done, but that doesn't mean all of them are. So why is the reverse acceptable? Its not, I don't give a damn if people think its okay to lie and slander a group of people, that's not appropriate or acceptable I don't care if its against whites (as is the norm now a days) or any other group.

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  • MittenstheGlove
    Firstly, racism is a problem everywhere.

    Though I do agree that I just feel as if anywhere I go I simply don’t belong.

    It really hurts to feel so isolated when all want is acceptance.
    • :( You however were born for a time like this and must develop healthy coping strategies. You DO belong. Those who are unique have unique purposes in life for greater good, if thsy choose to soar. Many are sheep in mentality. Is that what you want for your life?

  • Steve37
    That's not a problem with America, it's a problem with your community and both of the cultures you mentioned. There are thousands of communities inn America where you would fit in just fine.
  • BeMuse
    You sound like you have an inferior complex and deep seeded racism instilled in you maybe due to jealousy. It doesn’t sound like your community helped much in that regard either. Racism will eat you alive from the inside out. Fix that and maybe you won’t feel like a pile of shit.
  • Snakeyes7
    I don't know what state you live in but I guarantee you that is a very rare spot. People are very rarely that openly racist.
    • She is attention whoring. I don't believe most of what she says.

    • Anonymous

      @KrakenAttackin 1st of all, if I was attention whoring, I wouldn’t have posted this anonymously. 2nd of all, you can comment on someone else’s post if you’re not gonna provide any advice or a suggest a solution to MyTake.

    • MsMusic

      People are that racist where I live. It's disgusting. I've lived the opposite - a white woman growing up in a black neighborhood. Been spit at. bullied for being white, been shot at. Told I think I'm too good for black people if I didn't want to do something that others did. I'm in Michigan.

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  • wilfh1965
    Unfortunately it's worse for Black females being accepted in the Black community my sisters really went through a lot I am mixed with 19 different races my DNA test provided some answers for me I wish there was help but racism is so imbedded in this country and whites fear that minorities will return thier brutality back one day just hold your head high be yourself and hopefully a person will come and support you and stand by you
  • jasco
    For one not the entire country is as bad as that but a good bit of it is yes, however the world is cruel and therefor safe spaces aren't gonna do you any good for a long term solution. I have been in one is good for a little while but eventually your gonna have to put your pants back on and face whatever is happening. I have been bullied and such just like but guess what i do every time someone says something bad about me. I say fuck you and move on cause as long as they don't touch me i can do what ever i want. I don't care if someone follows me, hell you can even take a picture if you want. So in short just ignore those people and keep walking. Same with the black people just ignore them and move on with your life and if you can't do that than stay at home and have everything done threw the internet and barely show yourself to the world if your that scared. America has always been a very racist country and for the time being more than likely will stay that way cause of what black people are doing out there in the streets. Black people are stealing, killing and making a bad rep for any other person of color so you can't blame anyone for simply watching themselves cause of the rep that we have as a race. You can't be upset cause someone is being racist towards you ( however if they touch you, you do have the ability to call the cops). So in short ignore them or become invisible or try voting to get good people so that black people can start getting lessons how to get a better life and how to stop being criminals so that black people won't have a bad rep anymore
  • btbc92
    If you realize this place is not for you like I did, nobody has a right to try to make you stay. This country is just out of control. I don't think what people understand is not so much of where you live, it's a type of people you're around in this country. Is the mentality of this country that you can't stand. It's not just two people. It's bad enough there's no such thing as race and you got to live with this crap. Not me.
  • loveslongnails
    There are places in the USA where that's prevalent, and places where it's not. It's weird place made up of some incredibly stupid people and some wonderful people, all led by mostly corrupt liars, politicians and a the dirtiest potus to ever live. There's a lot of "privilege" sense in the USA, all of it unwarranted.
  • tellmeeverythingplz
    I've experienced these kinds of things. I'm mixed race so both dislike me. I can blend with white better but feel disconnected from everyone. Once someone finds out though the racisms fly. I hear and understand! I'm sorry this happened to you!
  • Rabbit_Hole
    I don't know where you live but that behavior does not represent all of America. The majority of people have moved passed such an ignorant state of mind. I'm half black and I've never had a racist encounter in my life. None that I have noticed anyways. I have been asked by black people "why do you talk so white?" And asked by white people, "Why do you talk so black?" Which is an infuriatingly stupid thing to say.

    My suggestion would be to move out! 🙃 Find a place in the US that you'd like to live in and move there. I live about an hour away from Nashville Tennessee 😬 great place!
  • Djaay
    I'll accept you for who you are. I'm also married to a black girl. Although Hawaii is a territory of America , it's a great place with great people who care about others for who they are. You may p. m. both me or my wife if you wish.
  • akanetuk
    People need to be enlighten that you won't take your country along with you after death, your country is just a place of experience, and every other person has the right to it.
  • Miristheiss
    I know some black people via work that do not come from the USA. They find the US one of the least racist places they have lived... but it is the most obsessed with it.
  • Intactivist500
    Try joining the military. They have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to racism and sexism. You'll have a community/ "family" to back you up when you get in trouble in the civilian world with racist people.
  • I feel for you but I have to agree with Steve37 on this one. I've quite literally never heard someone use a racial slur towards a person of color in my community, nor have I heard implicative remarks like "wow, they just let anyone in here." Again, I feel for you, it's terrible to experience those things. But this evidently jsn't an American thing, you just happened to be in a community with those qualities. I'm not saying there aren't other communities who share those qualities, but I know there are plenty, if not a vast majority, of communities that don't share those qualities.
  • You can always go back to africa and take your chances with the lions. Grow up no one has a safe space. There is no such thing as a safe space
    • You are absolutely disgusting.

    • Lmfao you da man

    • No disgusting is a person who had access to indoor plumbing, electricity , clean water, and plentiful food complaining about how having to fa e a little hardship in life makes such a great nation terrible. Yeah America isn't perfect, fucking news flash no country is. If you think racism is bad in America go live in china where they would disappear your ass and Harvest your organs just for bieng black. Or like I said go live in africa and take your chances with both ferocious wild animals and or ferocious power hungry governments.

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  • ThiccNigro
    Where in America do you live cuz i've never experienced whites just openly being rude for no reason. I have gotten that from blacks because I'm mixed though
  • NYCQuestions1976
    You can't judge an entire country (or even a state or area) based on just one city or community. There are a lot of areas in the United States (cities, suburbs, and rural) that are wonderful to work and live. 👍
  • ZELLxoxo
    What a terrible thing to feel :/
    Why are people so focused on race, there all sorts of people in every race.
    I hope you find the courage to face these racist bullies.
  • HerLucidNightt
    Holy shit where the fuck do you live? That's a very select place and you can't generalize america like that. Come to the East coast! (NY, MD, DC, etc.)
  • OddBeMe
    Do you vote? Can’t complain if you don’t vote. Locally and for president.
    • Anonymous

      I always vote. I strongly believe in voting.

    • OddBeMe

      I wish more black Americans voted in 2016. Not laying the guilt at their feet but there was a steep decline in the Dem vote from 2012.

    • Anonymous

      I agree. It made me upset no one wanted to take it seriously. There were some people I would hear complaining about the outcome of the election and when I asked them if they voted, they said they didn’t know when the election actuall was. Smh. I told them that they could vote early and they all just looked at me like I was crazy.

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  • Gsm24diecast
    Racism exists everywhere, Not just the United States
  • MyHonest2Cents
    Sounds like you live in the South

    How about consider moving to where there are multi-racial?
  • ZombieP1ow
    Be more than the color of your skin. I bet you wake up trying to find another reason to be a victim. This country has more black millionaires and business owners than any other country. So maybe it's a personal problem, not a national one.
  • Carterrrrbby
    Come to my country girl, people here love black people.
  • Exterminatore
    It’s good that you can see discrimination goes both ways, but are these reactions because and solely because your black or does your choice of clothes, body language, and words you use play a part in these perceived discriminations?

    To be truthful I’m tired of the make believe racism many blacks and left wingers say exists. If I had a dime for every time I hear “it’s because I’m black isn’t it” and I want so badly to reply: “no, it’s because you’re doing_______(fill in the blank)”

    People not complying with police commands and being hurt or killed isn’t racism. They get hurt and killed for failure to comply, not because they black. Not getting a job after showing up for an interview in shorts and a tank top is not racism, it’s failure to be dressed appropriately. If one dresses like a thug and walks, talks, and acts like one and that causes suspicion, that’s not racism that’s suspicion of an undesirable character. Yet I’ve personally seen racism blamed on all these things.
    • Every case would have to be considered individually and also the person making the remarks and their past experiences. If a person has dealt with much trauma in their past, their view of the world would be different to those who have not, inevitably. Issues such as poverty, lack of high standard education, dysfunctional backgrounds, environmental influences since childhood, will skew/distort a person's view, naturally.

      Therefore, I agree, race on its own, is not a strong enough argument but equally can not be dismissed because people do like to be provocative and find it difficult to believe that a person/individuals from a certain race 'deserve' a particular position or job title.
      It could simply be an added factor on top of that person's dismissive behaviour.

      Very complex topic:)

    • Cbreezy_

      And YOU my friend, are a racist. Just by hinting black people show up late and dressed improperly for interviews and associating the word “thug” with black people, makes YOU a racist. But you can definitely have a nice day 🤗

    • meesegoMoo

      @Cbreezy_ Is it racist if it's true? It's a common sub-culture in America. Is it any worse than admitting Italians/Russians in big cities might be gangsters? Or that red-necks are often methheads?

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  • SuicidalGuy1
    People are stupid, because you dont act like everyone else... damn people suck, maybe movie towards Canada? Or near Seattle or states up that way?
  • andreasderjuengere
    What keeps you from leaving such a place? This planet houses a few different countries as well.
  • Bananaman177
    You're right that people like you don't belong here, but you're crazy if you think it's because of your skin, and you're even crazier if you think you belong anywhere else in the world either. You think they want your bullshit attitude in Africa?
  • That's bs f them you are better then all of them probably. You belong any where you want to be. You deserve no less than anyone
  • MeatPuppet
    Too Black for Whites, too White for Blacks.

    God that sucks. People can be really shitty.
  • msc545
    It's a shitty country anyway. There are much better places for you, and for me.
  • thisisausername9999
    move further up north. people dont tolerate that up here
  • 0oGreyo0
    Move to southern California and hang out with black people from suberbs
  • KingChromosome
    It may just where you live. I hope that changes are people start respecting you though
  • Jerkface4444
    The us is a big country, I doubt you’ve experienced the whole country
  • yaranzo
    I mean, I'm young, but really the only racism I've seen was from older generations. Mainly just my father, though.

    I don't think It's that prevalent in America, considering most of my generation sort of blindly agrees with posts like these. America is home to a bunch of differing opinions and I don't think it really matters much if a minority of people are racist. There are black people that hate me for being white, and I've witnessed it firsthand, so I won't dismiss your claims, but I really don't think It's that big of a deal. It's never going to go away as long as people continue to have preferences, opinions, biases, etc.

    I think you could just ignore it, honestly. That's what I've been doing.
    I've been called a thin-skinned white boy for saying this exact thing, so It's not like It's just black dudes being insulted. Lol. That's just my personality, though; I don't give a fuck about a lot of things.
  • Levin
    Two words,

    Canada, Or England.

    • Canada and the UK have a lot of social problems too. Developing a healthy coping mechanism everywhere, is key

    • anniisa

      @TrulyPink28 every country as social problems. Some have it more than others. The UK is quite good with its minorities

    • Very true, Anniisa.

  • SomeGuyCalledTom
    Then move.
  • WhereAmI
    You must live in the South.
    • Anonymous


    • WhereAmI

      That tension between whites/blacks is much less in the north. I felt it too when I went to grad school at Geogia Tech. I suggest moving.

  • angryyhedge
    Belong where you chose by being your own person.
  • Twalli
    You can only find acceptance within yourself
  • Okay
  • Sabretooth
    i know the feeling-i don't belong in this time.
  • ermirI
    then come to Europe
    • @ermiri
      You make it seem as if not one single city of all the European countries is racist.

    • Europe is 10x more racist than America.. i will never recommend a black person to go there

    • ermirI

      I shared my opinion ,

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  • Anonymous
    I love how you have made yourself to a good place. You worked really hard to get to where you are. We are living in a very difficult time for the past few months. That is holding you back with jobs and support. That will change... and look how that can help you to help others.
    Go where you can find a job in your field. If its in your own city/area, stay and make friends who are true to you and support you. If its another city where they need you, you go for that job and start a new life to earn a living, make new friends... That is a goal to set and reach for it... once you have that... there will be challenges... it can be anything... and we can always label it as a race thing... i chose NOT to label it as a race thing... again call me ignorant... Move beyond the stuff that hold us back.

    You have the right attitude with setting goals and making it to become better... There will always pepole out there trying to climb over us regardless of race/color... call me ignorance.. i chose NOT to see race and color but build on my ability to seek out and help others and love others.
    You come from a good supportive family... thats 1/2 the battle... the rest is on you to shine your best light for your self and the world with what you can give to others.
    Take that, with that big smile and congure the world of hardship, prejudice... etc.

    I have been beaten down by the society to nothing and have to start over and to love those who depise me... I can use the race remark.. but i chose not to. I chose to rebuild myself and love them.
    I have suffered from at times felt like some kind of mental illness, no medications, no finger pointing.. but self reflect and self awareness. Time... took time to regain that.

    I have been followed in stores, I didn't think or care if its related to race or whatever... I was nice and said I am okay thank you. I move along and go by my day.

    Set a good foundation for yourself. Thats where you belong.