What happened when I went looting Saturday

I live in a poverty stricken city in NY state, probably one of the most poorest cities in america. According to statistics top ten. I didn't even know people in my city were rioting! I only saw the riots in Minneapolis. That night around 11 or 12 my sister woke me out my sleep to watch my niece because her and her girlfriend wanted to go loot. Here's the thing, me and my sisters come from a rural predominantly white town so the ghetto antics aren't up our alley. However I wanted to see if people were really looting or just a few causing havoc. I have NEVER seen so much chaos I seen at least 3 to 4 car accidents while driving. Tons of glasses broken out of stores, even the bars that block the doors were broken. A bunch of police and police cars on fire buildings on fire and a fuck ton of ambulances. The first place we hit up was a hair store everyone was forcing their selves through a tiny ass display window that was kicked in. Everyone was pushing all of the hair was picked up register open cash gone. A bunch of men stealing hair to steal, we really didn't get anything because the police were getting close. The next place we went was to metro pcs empty nothing. People in hoodies and face masks running out pumped with adrenaline. The last place we went was the liquor store where i got hurt.

What happened when I went looting Saturday

The bottom part of the doors were kicked in so we had to crouch, alcohol everywhere on the ground pools of it. I ran in to chase after my big sis because she's super tiny and i'm big. By the time I got in she was out on the way out pushing past people I fell on my hand into a bunch of glass all i could see was tissue and the outline of my bones underneath. We ending up smoking weed to calm me from crying and spazzing I was so angry. All of this rioting was so stupid I regret it. They dropped me off at the hospital drunk and high lol i got 7 stitches and my hand is SWOLLEN. Don't do stupid shit I would post my injuries but its probably too graphic. Saturday was a FUCKING movie. thanks!

Photos from my city Rochester, NY
Photos from my city Rochester, NY
What happened when I went looting Saturday
What happened when I went looting Saturday
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  • Hermes-Paris
    How come nobody ever loots the library? If you did you can only keep the books for two weeks. Library Police are bad.
    Hey it's good you feel kinda bad about it. It shows you know it wasn't cool. But you are just 18. I did some dumb stuff at 18. Makes you better when you get older. All I can say is once this clears up. Pitch in and help someone rebuild. It's good to see life make the circle. Tearing down is for cowards. Building up takes courage.
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  • WhiteSteve
    I’ve been in riots before over much less important shit, so I’m not throwing stones at you here. But you really shouldn’t be looting. If you care about the actual cause, you’re severely damaging it with that kind of behavior. THIS IS JUST WHAT IGNORANT WHITE PEOPLE WANT YOU TO DO. They want to discredit your cause, and this gives them fairly valid reason. I watched my city get trashed last night too. Honestly, 20 years ago, I’d have probably been out there just dumbing out. But I sat and watched with my 88 year old father, and I’ve never seen him so troubled and angry. Everyone is on George Floyd’s side, even the talking heads on FoxNews. When I was a little younger than you, I saw the Rodney King riots go down, and here we are, almost 30 years later, going through THE SAME SHIT. But watching my dad last night, who was on board with charging the cops involved with George Floyd, he said of the looters, “What a bunch of low-lifes. We live in the most free country in the world and they don’t appreciate it. This new generation is the worst I’ve ever seen, and they’re going to be the end of America. I hope you’re ready to learn to speak Chinese.” Now, I don’t necessarily agree with that, but this is the response you’re getting from the people who you need to convince. A guy like me, I’m with the cause, man, shit has been fucked up for a long time, and there needs to be drastic change. But breaking & entering and larceny, which is what they call that if you’re doing it by yourself on a random day, is not going to convince the people who need the most convincing, those people are big on law & order. I understand peaceful protest. I can even understand when there are violent clashes. But there’s just no real good reason to steal, the cops don’t own those stores. I guess what I’m saying is, is that, unfortunately, the message needs to be tailored a certain way to be accepted. Overall, I think it’s a shame that people of color need to be doing things within bounds of what white people think is acceptable, I’d probably tear my hair out over that frustration. But unfortunately, THAT’S the audience that needs to be convinced, and this just reinforces their negative stereotypes. I hate to say it, but it was mostly black faces running out of these stores in Boston, with fucking JORDANS, of all the idiotic shit to steal. And my dad didn’t say it out loud, but I could see in his eyes what he was thinking about black people. He’s wrong, on the whole, but he’s right that those guys were idiots, and unfortunately, he and others are going to run with it how they’re going to run to it, and now we’re back where we’ve started, and a lot of the sympathy that was building has been thrown out the window. That’s just not the way to effect positive cultural and societal change.
    • Trust me I'm ashamed as well

    • @WhiteSteve What did your dad mean about learning to speak Chinese? I don't understand the connection between that and America ending.

    • WhiteSteve

      It’s all good, people make mistakes, it’s all about what you do going forward👍 Hope your hand is ok!

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  • TCredo
    If you truly regret it, you should write a letter to George Floyd's family and every other family who lost a family member like Floyd - and sincerely apologize for being involved in illegal activity that will likely kill any chance of reform. While you are at it, you should also write apology letters to every small business owner who were victims of the looting.
    • I dont think that's completely necessary but I do understand also none of that was because of his death just plain ignorance

    • TCredo

      It's pretty sad... despite the polarized political climate... this was an opportunity to at least see if real reform could be done... but you and everyone who did what you did completely wiped that opportunity off the table and you all created an opportunity for further divide which I didn't think was possible but it's happened.

      On top of that... how sad would it be if the follow-on to all of this is a rekindling of COVID-19 to send everything into a tailspin again... you and your sister and everyone else didn't think of any of that either I bet...

  • funride74
    Violence and looting... How and why should it make any changes? And how should police react really to that. It's stealing and destroying done just as having fun event. Jesus I thought there might be. kre civilized than others
  • legalboxers
    This was going on in NYC itself. Im no longer a front line worker, but I do pray for them who deal with this. They are other ways to do things. Why loot? I still dont get it.
    • Honestly I think it's just the opportunity

  • DanOh2018
    Sounds like you got some instant Karma. Shameful behavior.
  • angryyhedge
    Too bad the cops didn't waste your ass along with the others.
    • Awwww that was cute did you get the confidence you needed for today

    • Another punk ass white guy being tough

    • I did actually. Feels good to call out hoodrats.

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  • SunnyCaliGirl
    Karma is most likely coming to all those who looted and burnt employment to the ground
    • I believe so too even cop cars...

    • I was so disappointed in myself just for riding with my sister.

  • MysteriousDarkness
    What you did was stupid and I do not have respect for you. I do not care if you regret it or not.
    • That's fine I'm sorry you do not respect me. But thank you for not being disrespectful

    • @BlckGrl
      What you did had nothing to do with the George Floyd incident. All it accomplished was ruining the city and hurting innocent people by destroying their business. There is no excuse for rioting and or looting. People who engage in riots and or looting think it will solve whatever roblem the initial protest was about but it just ads a lot more negativity and problems. That is why I do not have respect for you.

    • Trust me I'm well aware

  • Rangers
    You're lucky you didn't get pepper balled, tased, shot with rubber bullets, or beaten by other terrorists there.
    Black people loot because it's like a movie
    Great mytake, gives us an inside look at how the mind of looters work. Some people aren't looting they just enjoy chaos
  • swettannie
    We all do stupid things. And your reaction was natural and understable in your situation.
  • andreasderjuengere
    If this were from a movie, I might like thathttps://www.youtube.com/embed/WyeH0V0Gvao
  • Didn't your parents join in
    • You look like... let me stop I might really hurt your feeling fr

  • adidas0169
    You got what you deserved
    • Aww lol I hope this comment made you feel better

    • adidas0169

      And the ones that disagree let me guess you support rioting and looting? rioting is violent protesting is peaceful 2 completely different things.1 of them i support the others i hope each and everyone of you guys gets whats coming bc KARMA is a bitch.

    • I don't support looting or rioting read again. I don't care what you think i'm over here living my best life lmao

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  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Good take...
  • Glad you got out safe
  • standingUP
    YOU"RE F'n TRASH !
  • monkeynutts
    Haha, your a silly sausage.
  • jimmy2
    God bless you.
  • CT_CD
    You were living your best life
  • Anonymous
    Glad to hear you regret it. I hope you've learned to stay away from this kind of criminal activity.
  • Anonymous
    You and everyone else who looted and protested violently are an embarrassment to your community, and to society in general. I’m embarrassed for you.