Dear Rioters--something you didn't realize.

Dear Rioters--something you didnt realize.

Yes. You have successfully made quite a few cities even more of a hellhole. The long term effects of driving away tourism and business will be even more interesting down the road as businesses asses the risk of having locations in these... diverse, areas.

As a rioter put it, every action has a reaction. Plenty of cowards will indeed try to placate the antifa and blm movements, whatever the cost. In any group, a certain percent absolutely will be cowards. It's inevitable.

Yet as the cities burn over a police officer either through negligence or stupidity or malice causing the death of a convict who was trying to use counterfeit money then was too foolish to just comply with arrest and get an attorney to fight the charges... mobs are quickly undoing the what a generation was taught about how decent and good inner city, or should I bluntly say black and hispanic people, are. Outside the cities, white suburbs are watching grim reality with fear and gun dealers are selling out like it's Black Friday and 1720p TV's were just reduced to $25 each. Violence begats violence, it's true.

White people aren't completely stupid. They see leftists politicians pushing for gun control as angry antifa and BLM mobs torch and loot and destroy cities.

And more importantly, they see something that the rioters are showing now. Remember all those threats Democrat politicians made about people who would resist gun control?

Here's the amazing thing the rioters have shown to Right Wing America, which is still quite literally about 50% of the population.

Despite all the bluster...

Dear Rioters--something you didnt realize.

There's literally nothing there. The police and the government literally does not have the spine or the stomach to defend their own police stations and city halls from a mob of angry thugs.

Which means... let's say Joe Biden wins the white house in a few months. See, the Left is currently normalizing mass extreme violence, and showing it to be massively successful. What happens when the opposition sees that lesson and decides to play the same game? As a rioter's sign said... "For Every Action there is a reaction."

Dear Rioters--something you didnt realize.
Dear Rioters--something you didn't realize.
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  • Tiffany_Taylor_Made
    I am baffled at the sheer amount of people that seem to be more concerned about the riots rather than the reasons that the riots occurred. Simply put, the primary reason that people riot is based on a reactionary response to an event. In this case, the riots occurred as a result of police misconduct resulting in the death of George Floyd, which was proven on video. Thus, if people oppose riots occurring, they should oppose the police misconduct that results in these riots. Property destroyed and/or stolen during riots could easily be replaced. Businesses and tourism could be restored overtime. However, human lives taken by police officers based on misconduct cannot be replaced. Therefore, the solution is simple. If you want the riots to stop, focus more on holding police officers accountable for their actions and ensure that they follow their own codes of conduct. The taxpayer pay the police officers' salaries so that they could "protect and serve" us, not suffocate us when we're handcuffed.

    Instead, as long as police officers continue to defy their own code of conduct and escape justice after killing unarmed Black people, the job of a police officer would become even more attractive to racists that wish to get away with murder. As for the suspect, video evidence shows that George Floyd was unarmed, not resisting arrest, and was handcuffed when the police officer placed his knee on his neck. He was also begging for help and trying to inform the officer that he couldn't breathe. A police officer is responsible for whatever happens to the suspect if he or she is already handcuffed and detained. No evidence proves that George Floyd even attempted to pay for his items with a counterfeit $20 bill. Even if he did attempt it, that still doesn't warrant an arrest because police officers can't prove that he was aware that the bill was counterfeit. Of course, someone could have easily gifted him or bought something from him using a fake bill at some point. Even if he did purposefully attempt it, fraud is not a crime that should conclude with death. Stop attempting to demonize George Floyd, as he did everything that a detainee was supposed to do. The only person who should be demonized was the man that killed him due to police misconduct.
    • Anonymous

      Darlin the cop was arrested and awaiting trial. Imagine if white people rioted and attacked blacks over tessa majors or justine damond.

    • I'm aware that he was arrested. That's a good thing, but it would only be better if was actually sentenced to life in prison for murder. As for the other part of your comment, in that situation, people would be singing a different tune. If White people started rioting and attacking Black people over those issues, then the reason that the riots occurred would suddenly matter more than the actual riots.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah darlin when white people peacefully protest it's labeled terrorism by the media. If white people acted like the antifa and blm today the left would be screaming for the military to kill us all.

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  • SaraSmithishere
    Yeah, it's all terribly annoying at this point. The looters broke into this store called Nordstrom Rack and destroyed. Who knows when they'll be able to reopen. Oh, and did I mention that probably 80% of the people who work there are BLACK? So now they should be out of work indefinitely because some punks wanted free shit?
    • dc-refugee

      It's not "annoying", it is extremely dangerous. The rioters are attacking law and order and the fabric of our civilization. These violent criminals do not care about the race of those whose lives they destroy.

  • Smashingdoozy
    I stopped reading after "too foolish to just comply with the arrest"

    He was cuffed and arrested a street over, walked to the car and then he was knelt on. He was Detained for multiple minutes BEFORE his neck was knelt on.
  • Asad1ONE1
    I regretfully say that this is a nation falling from within. One whose very foundation was built on European thievery, piracy and crime. How can we expect a racially and ethnically diverse nation at peace if it's very foundation is flawed? Did I mention it's headquarters is named the "white"house? LOL. Despicable.
    • Anonymous

      Lol there has never been a successful "racially diverse nation" in history.

    • dc-refugee

      Diversity is not a strength after all, it would seem. We are all learning that the hard way. Our boomer parents are delusional or liars (or both).

  • Keyboardkat
    The peaceful protesters have an absolute right to protest peacefully. The rioters who are smashing windows and looting businesses are not protestors. They are thugs with zero sense of right and wrong and zero interest in the cause the protestors are fighting for. They are opportunistically using the protests. They have NOTHING TO DO with protesting the murder of this man
  • angryllama
    Why can’t Europeans just go back to there country and leave the indigenous and kidnapped alone. White oppressors are Nothing but abusers, liars and murderers that want sovereign to land that isn’t even there’s. Makes no sense stop abusing and neglecting the people and expecting them not to react. You can’t kidnapped, in slave, dehumanized, degrade and oppress people and then turn a blind eye bc your rapist great grandfathers are dead so it’s not your responsibility to stop and give vindication to people who are hurt. White Oppressors please go home to Europe.
    • Guanfei

      What kind of racist bullshit is this?

    • 8lutty

      @Guanfei kind of ANGRYllama

    • Anonymous

      Because the same bullshit is going on in Europe. 😂 why leave? We should just stand and fight.

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  • supercutebutt
    What a bunch of bullshit.

    You should be ashamed of yourself, anonymous coward.
    • ranger56

      I suppose you will be posting your real name/address/place of employment if you wanna use that argument

    • dc-refugee

      If you support BLM you have joined a hate filled cause based on a lie. How many unarmed black men were killed by police officers in 2019? 9. More blacks died of drowning than by police officers. You're part of a violent, Marxist group whose goal is political revolution. BLM originally arose out of the Michael Brown shooting and the Ferguson, MO police officer was exonerated by the Obama DoJ. Brown attempted to kill the officer by wrestling for his gun, then ran away from the car, turned and charged the officer. That officer had to defend his life from that violent criminal who was attempting to murder the officer. You must understand that.

    • @dc-refugee The reason why you are a fucknut is because you lump all of those cases together, like they are one. Michael Brown was a dickwad and died in the process of being a dickwad. But in numerous instances, that wasn't the case. Sometimes absolutely no crime was taking place. In others, it was a rather minor infraction, like in the George Floyd case. He was handcuffed for a phony $20 bill. OK, whatever. But then he was physically abused and eventually killed for some reason that nobody can understand. I guarantee you have done worse than that and you weren't murdered. So here you are, allowed to post your ridiculous bullshit and we all have to suffer. You are 100x worse than that guy and here you are, torturing all of us with you irrational hatred.

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  • Thatsamazing
    Dear you-- no one you are attempting to address with this post is going to read it. "The rioters" are not reading this post, so don't address it to them. We are reading it. Address it to us, about this topic.

    Second, if you're white, and presumably you are, your assertion that "white people aren't completely stupid" is an assertion that isn't backed up by anything else you wrote, sadly.
  • abc3643
    What would you call the people on the boats throwing tea into Boston Harbor?
    Rioters or Patriots? ... or both?

    Thank rioters... they gave you The United States of America.
  • Compassiondude101
    The rioters are a disgrace to America. How is this going to fix the corrupt police system we have? We need to protest the court... they’re the ones who let officers get away with all this cruelty. If Derek were a civilian he’d be in jail for life and maybe be on death row. Fighting injustice doesn’t start with robbing innocent people. It’s like saying I’m going to fight bullying by abusing my pets, rather than confront the bullies myself. I say kill Derek and the nation can get a little break.
  • ryancg
    Kinda sounds like you're taking advantage of a shitty situation to push a political agenda.
    • Anonymous

      It's simple. Our government is letting masked lunatics torch cities like we deserve it as penace. Why should the rest of us play this game?

    • ryancg

      It's also rather delicate, unless you're insinuating that they should just send in the national guard and slaughter all the rioters. The goal is to end it with as few bodies as possible, so rolling in there with force is a last resort.

    • Anonymous


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  • Djaay
    That's right , stupid does what stupid is.. . unfortunately , you can't fix stupid. The devil is here on earth to rob, kill and destroy and guess who's demeanor and voice they honor... the devil.
  • Jaximus-Lion
    Greatest nation on earth the americans call it. I saw how "sad" people were for Floyd while stealing!!! Sorry looting from stores.
  • Mossberg500
    You really think these people care? They are selfish, shameless, hood rats. They certainly don't give two squirts of piss about this George Floyd character.
  • KrakenAttackin
    You are suggesting the use of logic to a bunch of rabid animals. The only thing you can do with a rabid animal is put it down (humanely, of course).
  • RolandCuthbert
    I didn't know that rioters hung out at GaG.

    Thanks for the info.
  • lightbulb27
    I'm hard pressed to find another animal that destroys it's own nest when it is upset. Maybe a dog. Humans are special, the creative mind which enables such amazing achievement is also it's own destructive force. Maybe we need more Buddhists since Christianity, Judiasm and Muslim isn't working so well...
    slight sarcasm. but there is great teaching to produce calm inside... and we need that in addition to many other things
    slight sarcasm. but there is great teaching to produce calm inside... and we need that in addition to many other things
    For this speaks to the reality of the delema... AND FEEL GOOD ABOUT IT!!!
  • Not the most efficient thing to do, or at least I wouldn't think so...
  • 0oGreyo0
    Your message would be true if you didn't force your agenda
  • darkcloud1945
    Just think if sleepy Joe becomes president. He will be made gone by the party within 6 months. The female vice president becomes president the house speaker becomes vice president holy shit we become a shit hole country within 6 months. Our jobs go to China our manufacturing goes to China all the nuts and bolts of our economy goes overseas. The DEMOCRATS giving everything free free free free free no borders so all of South America move north for the free stuff. think we would be in real trouble. I'm just saying.
    • Irrational fear. I know lots of people who decimated their lives cashing out of the stock market when Obama became prez. FOX News told everybody to buy gold. My uncle told me that Rush Limbaugh literally cheered for America to fail. What happened? The economy recovered, jobs came back, The stock market tripled, and the haters missed out. You will do the same thing. There is nothing rational or smart about the American Trumptard. Fear and hatred is never a good strategy... well, unless you want to fuck up your life, which you will most certainly do :)

    • @supercutebutt I'm looking at what OBAMA did same party different day. I am not worried if it will happen but when it will happen. Eight years of OBAMA over 5 million jobs lost thousands of company s relocated to foreign country s. But now the response will be thirty million jobs lost. That is because of a pandemic . More jobs are going to be lost now because assholes used the murder of a man as an excuse to loot and burn stores in his name. Your Uncle was right the jobs never came back , the dollar was worth shit under OBAMA you can keep your doctor OBAMA care prices rose 20 to 25% every year. I think life is a lot better under TRUMP at least for us TRUMPTARDS.

    • My uncle is smart and was right that America thrived under Obama. He invested in our stock market during those magical years and he is a millionaire today. Three of our family friends cashed out due to FOX fears and now they are struggling financially. Sux to be them!

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  • Numbnuts89
    do you believe that if you're not protesting, that, you're part of the problem?
  • American_Centurion
    Good mytake
  • Twinrova
  • Anonymous
    Thank You !! So right!! I live in the rural south, last week I bought another shotgun. I am very affraid of how far this shit will go. After what I have seen last week, there is no telling what can happen now. I never liked Trump and had planned on voting for Biden. But now I am a Trump supporter and will vote for Trump. I don;t trust Biden now, I am affraid he will go along with this Liberal agenda. Every body in my community is buying guns and stocking up on ammo. These groups that protesting/ rioting have a child/ crimenal mentality, if you give them an inch they will want a mile and bad behavior will get rewarded. Humanity as we know it might be doomed.
    • Give it a rest, you anonymous liar.

    • Anonymous

      @supercutebutt you're anonymous too.

    • Not really. People know me as supercutebutt on here and in my walking around life.

  • Anonymous
    but the reason they're being allowed to do it is because those cities are now asking for government money "to rebuild". Their liberal leaders stood there and ordered their police to stand down and not stop the rioting and burning. Just so they could ask for more money. Kinda reminds me of the covid bs. Inflating numbers and asking for more government money based on fake numbers. We see you liberal America. You're right. They done fucked up.
  • Anonymous
    This is one of the most idiotic things I've ever read. Im just glad you're probably not old enough to vote
  • Anonymous
    As MLK said “riots are the language of the unheard”
    • Anonymous

      Oh and guess what the police are the ones also involved in the violence, looting and vandalism, and yes the government really sucks that they can’t even protect their own country

    • But MLK ain't wisdom. It's just an opinion.

    • Guanfei

      Which is stupid. Just because he was right on most points doesn't mean he was perfect, and that quote is the perfect example of it.
      Riots is the language of retarded assholes who go on a destroying spree on innocent people's belonging.

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  • Anonymous
    Just leaving this here
  • Anonymous
    I think it’s the economy they are out to harm. I’m sorry because so many people will lose their jobs and can’t make ends meet. Also, this is already a trying time with the covid 19. Therefore it’s just a bad situation slowly moving from bad to worst. With that said I get why they’re destructive in their pursuit, they want to put pressure in the people in power. When businesses go out they too will put pressure in the government. It’ll also hurt the economy adding more pressure on the government. It may or may not work but hey it’s worth a try.
  • Anonymous
    The U. S. Code of Federal Regulations defines terrorism as "the unlawful use of force and violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives". This has been happening for years...
  • Anonymous
    Plenty know what they’re doing, I think.

    We know it’s out of state Antifa coming in to tear shit up. The point is specifically to cause unrest and harm to economies. They’re violent revolutionaries. This is what they see as their path to power. They think they’re tearing the system down. Make Trump’s America a horrible place to live, that’s their goal, make *feel* like living in capitalism sucks even though it’s not capitalism burning down everyone’s businesses and making their lives shit. There only at these riots to cause damage, pure and simple.
  • Anonymous
    You want justice is fine but you keep destroying your own neighborhoods and stealing from others never ok